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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Garrett Hartley, M.Knall & S. Peters

Sunday was a busy day. New Orleans Saints Kicker, Garrett Hartley was in Scottsdale, to work on his kickoff technique. Mike Knall , University of Oklahoma punter was Garrett's roommate and joined in to get a evaluation on his punting technique.

Scott Peters, a veteran NFL offensive linemen with various teams wanted an evaluation on his snapping ability. In addition, Donny Lemieux, College of the Holly Cross kicker was also in Arizona getting some One on One Kicking Lessons.

Garrett Hartley during his shortened season with the Saints was 13 for 13 on field goals. Garrett wants to be the best he can be, so he feels he can improve and get better not only on his field goal technique but wants to improve on his kickoff distance and consistency.

Scott Peters is a big, good looking offensive linemen that has some snapping potential. However, he is a little rough with his stance and snapping fundamentals. But that's why he is here to get an evaluation and determine if One on One Snapping Lessons would benefit him.
In the above photo Scott Peters is snapping to Mike Knall, U. of Oklahoma punter as they both work their techniques together.

Mike Knall who graduated from Scottsdale's Chaparral High School and Scottsdale Community College was also back in town to be evaluated.

Mike has a quick leg with some pop. He has a lot of potential but showed a little inconsistency with a couple of his drops and footwork. As I told him they were correctable.

As you can see in the above photo Mike has some great extension and lift up and through the ball. It was a very windy day but he showed me he can hit some excellent hang time punts.

Like with all players wanting to get into and stay in the NFL. Hard work, dedication and consistency is the key to every one's success.

It was a very busy weekend and my schedule is packed with more kickers, punters and snappers flying in from all around the country. I love it.. however, my blogs will have to get shorter.

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