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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nico Grasu (WSU) Tune Up!

On Tuesday, Washington State kicker, Nico Grasu was in Scottsdale, Arizona for a quick One on One Kicking Lesson or tune up before spring practices start in Pullman next week.

Because of the bad weather Nico had not kicked for about three weeks and started off a little rusty. He was very disappointed in his effort in the beginning. However, he end up on a strong note to finish the lesson.

Nico is making steady progress in his fundamentals and technique. In the photo below which was taken in December Nico was crunching a lot and punching his kicks. He was not kicking up and through the ball and finishing his kicks. He was not using his hip muscles to finish!

In the photo below three months later Nico is finishing his kicks. He is kicking up and through the ball much better.

By the end of the lesson he was kicking much better. Nico has a very strong leg and now needs to kick a little more under control. He attack the ball and must learn to kick with more technique rather than brute force. He's young and aggressive but he will learn.

It's always a pleasure working with Nico. He's a nice young man and a hard worker. He wants to improve and will improve.

Nico has received excellent training from one of my former kickers, Sean Cheevers. Sean is now a special teams coach himself and is doing an excellent job at coaching the kicking game and developing kickers. Sean should be very proud of Nico's development.

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