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Saturday, August 1, 2015

College Senior Combine Gives Specialists Exposure and Lasting Opportunities

Coach Zauner's College Senior Combines
Gives Specialists Exposure And Lasting Opportunities!
(Specialists Sign 2015 Futures Contracts)
Coach Zauner 2014 College Senior Combine Produces Results in 2015

One week after my 2014 College Senior Combine I host my 2014 Free Agent Combine. The
only difference is NFL Coaches, Scouts and Directors of College / Pro Scouting can attend
my Free Agent Combine but can not by NFL Rule attend any one's College Senior Combine, unless run by the NFL.  The likes of the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. 

That is why I run Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine immediately after my College Senior Combine.  So, I can give all the (NFL) and (CFL) Canadian Football League Coaches and teams the results from the College Senior Combine plus hand deliver their Combine workout videos and give them my NFL potential recommendations to them. 

It is a system that has worked for the last several years for many College Seniors that did not receive the exposure they wanted, needed and deserved.  The likes of Punters:  Johnny Hekker (St. Louis Rams), Sam Martin (Detroit Lions) and Tress Way (Washington Redskins).  All three of these punters did not play in any after season Bowl Games or get an invite to the Senior Bowl, or NFL Combine.  They received my recommendation and endorsement that they had NFL Potential and should be strongly looked at and evaluated with the other top senior that did get invited to the NFL Combine.

That is why my recommendation early in "The Process" to all the NFL Special Teams Coaches is important.  So the NFL Coaches can find specialists that NFL Scouts missed on in the evaluation process. 
Coach Zauner's College Senior Combines Have Produces Results For These Punters:
Johnny Hekker / Sam Martin and Tress Way
So, after the 2014 Draft many of the specialists I recommended to NFL Coaches were invited to NFL Mini Camps and later signed NFL Contracts.  Every year there is a good number of specialists recommended. Many go to either NFL Training Camps or get invited to CFL Training Camps.  Most of the specialists get pre-season game experience and exposure.  However, all of them got cut at the end of 204 training camp season.  

Some did well enough in camps and pre-season games to sign Futures Contracts in 2015:  The list of Specialists signing futures contracts were:  Travis Coons and Carey Spear both with the (Cleveland Browns), Andrew Furney (New York Jets), Michael Palardy (St. Louis Rams) and Kasey Redfern (Jacksonville Jaguars). Congrats to all these Specialists.
Travis Coons (U. of Washington) Signs Futures Contract with Cleveland Browns
Carey Spear (Vanderbilt) Signs Futures Contract with Cleveland Browns
Andrew Furney (Washington State) Signs Futures with New York Jets
Michael Palardy (U. of Tennessee) Signs Futures with St. Louis Rams
Kasey Redfern (Wofford College) Signs Futures with Jacksonville Jaguars
Also, some specialists from the 2014 College Senior Combine Signed NFL Contracts and later signed
contracts with the (CFL) Canadian Football League in 2015.  Andy Wilder (Northern Arizona) signed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2015 and later in the year signed with the (CFL) Ottawa RedBlacks.  Sergio Castillo (West Texas A&M) was an All-American Kicker and 2013 Fred Mitchell Award Winner signed with the Atlanta Falcons in 2014 and this year signed with the (CFL) B.C. Lions.
Andy Wilder (Northern Arizona) 2015 Signs With Tamp Bay Buccaneers / Ottawa RedBlacks
Sergio Castillo (West Texas A & M) Signs 2014 with Atlanta Falcons & 2015 B.C. Lions

I wish each of these Specialists the best of luck in the future and hope to see them playing on T.V.  someday. 
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