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Friday, December 25, 2015

Rick Lovato Old Dominion University Snapper

Rick Lovato and His Father Rick Sr. After ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson In Fountain Hills, AZ
First, I would like to Congratulate Old Dominion University Snapper, Rick Lovato for signing with the Green Bay Packers this past weekend. Way to Go Rick... and his father for all his support.

On Monday I received a call from Rick Lovato.  "Hey Coach!  I got good news".  I just signed with the Green Bay Packers and will be playing this coming weekend against the Arizona Cardinals.  My comment back to him was, "Way to go Rick.  All your hard work has paid off and what a Christmas present!"

I first met Rick Lovato about two years ago when he attended one of my Snappers PRO Development Camps in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Immediately I could tell this young man had NFL potential.  But like all college snappers he needed to refine his snapping and blocking technique to NFL standards.
Rick Lovato at Snappers Camps in Fountain Hills, Arizona
After the January Snappers camp Rick and his father booked a ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson a couple of months later.  Over the next two years Rick came to Fountain Hills, AZ or Milwaukee Wisconsin for more ONE on ONE Lessons.  Each time I saw Rick he had improved.
Rick Lovato in Fountain Hills, Working to Improve His Snapping Technique
Rick Lovato in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Working To Improve His Blocking Technique
In 2015 after Rick's final season game he attended the January PRO Development Camp in Fountain Hills, Arizona which is well attended every year by many College and Free Agent Snappers.  Many of these snappers are preparing for Coach Zauner's February College Senior Combine or March Free Agent Combine or their Spring PRO Day.
Sam Rodgers (Syracuse), Winston Chapman (Mississippi State) and Rick Lovato (Old Dominion)
Rick followed up the PRO Development Camp with more ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons to prepare for the 2015 College Senior Combine.  Rick prepared the last two years for this big event because he knew the BEST snappers coming out of this College Senior Combine Showcase Event signed NFL contracts. 
Rick Lovato Making Some Small Adjustments To Take His Game To The Next Level

At the College Senior Combine, Rick turned in an excellent performance.  He was one of the five snappers recommended to NFL teams by Coach Zauner.  
Rick Lovato at 2015 College Senior Combine

After the 2015 NFL Draft Rick Lovato signed as a Free Agent with the Chicago Bears.  After a couple of pre season games he was released like many other College Free Agents.

Coach Zauner's Programs Are 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'
Rick Lovato becomes the 17th Snapper in the past seven years that has made an NFL or CFL roster through Coach Zauner's Programs.

Rick Lovato and Coach Zauner
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Arizona High School Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camps

Coach Zauner's Programs Are Producing Results For Arizona High School Specialists!

Coach Zauner's Programs Include:

One on One Kicking, Punting and Snapping Lessons.
Also, (1) and (3) Day Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camps.
January 2, 2016 (1) Day Camp for Punters and Kickers
January 3, 2016 (1) Day Camp for Snappers
April 22-24, 2016 (3) Day Camp for All Specialists

The Emphasis In These High School Camps Is To Improve
Your Technique and Consistency!
Coach Zauner Resume
* 13 Year NFL Special Teams Coordinator For
Minnesota Vikings, Ravens and Cardinals
* 40+ Years Coaching Kicking Specialists
* Coached, Consulted or Trained 110 + Professional Kicking Specialists
 Including 22 PRO Bowlers
* Wisconsin Football Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee In 2013

Coach Zauner's Programs Are
'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'
Coach Zauner Talks To Specialists At Sunday Kick Around
Throughout Coach Zauner's career he has Coached, Trained and Consulted now over 110+ Kicking Specialist's Including 22 PRO Bowlers.  This resume is unprecedented amongst kicking coaches and kicking camps.
Dylan Browns Works Technique at One on One Lessons and Camps
In the last five years Coach Zauner has started working with more Arizona High School kicking, punting and snapping specialists.  Every year  the specialists are some of the top performers in the state.

This year Dylan Brown (Chandler Hamilton High School) was Rivals Kicker of the Year and Jeff McGuire (Pinnacle High School) Rivals Punter of the Year.  Also, Turner Bernard (Mountain Ridge High School) Under Armour Snapper Award.  

Note:  Dylan will be playing in the Blue / Gray All Star Game in Dallas, Texas in December.

Jeff McGuire (Pinnacle) is only a junior.  I have been working One on One Punting and Kicking Lessons with Jeff for now two years.  I believe he will continue to improve and be an outstanding prospect in 2016. 
Jeff McGuire Works Kicking and Punting Technique at One on One Lessons and Camps
Garrett Boyd (Seton Catholic) Quarterback and Punter is also an excellent College Punting prospect.  He has several colleges looking at his talent as a combination quarterback / punter. 
Garrett Boyd Improves Punting Technique With One on One Lessons and Camps
Also, another specialists Jace Christmann (Houston Memorial High School) received an award as one of the top combo punting, kicking specialist in Texas 6A football. I have been working with Jace for the past two years and he has become one of the best combo kickers / punters in Texas.  There are several big Universities looking at him because of his combination potential. 
Jace Christmann Improves Kicking and Punting Technique With One on One Lessons
Coach Zauner's High School Programs Are Now
'A Specialist's Path To College Football'

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Coach Zauner's 2015 College Senior Combine Produces Exposure & Results

Coach Zauner's 2015 College Senior Combine Produces Exposure & Results For
Specialists & NFL Teams!
Coach Zauner's 2015 College Senior Combine in Gilbert, Arizona 
Coach Zauner's 2015 College Senior Combine once again produced the exposure and results the attending specialists wanted, needed and deserved.

The College Senior Combine is for any draft eligible kicker, punter and snapper that feels he has NFL potential.  It is a combine that NFL Coaches, Scouts and Directors of College or Pro Scouting can not
attend by NFL rule.  Therefore, the NFL and CFL (Canadian Football League) Coaches and Scouts rely on Coach Zauner's Eye for Talent and recommendations to pursue talent that was not invited to the Senior Bowl or NFL Combine.

Example with Punters: Johnny Hekker (St. Louis Rams), Sam Martin (Detroit Lions), and Tress Way (Washington Redskins).  All three of these punters did not get invited to play in an after season bowl game, Senior Bowl or NFL Combine.

Example with Snappers: Morgan Cox (Baltimore Ravens), Justin Drescher (N.O. Saints), Christian Yount (Cleveland Browns), Beau Brinkley (Tennessee Titans), Kyle Nelson (S.F. 49ers) and Kevin McDermott (Minnesota Vikings). 

Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine
 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

On February 27, 28 & March 1, 2015, (86) Specialists participated in Coach Zauner 7th Annual College Senior Combine.  Of those specialists only (70) Specialists wanted their stats posted or given to the NFL Teams that attended my Free Agent Combine held the following week.

Some specialists did very well, others had a bad or poor showing.  That is why I give every specialists the ability or option to post or not post their results.  If a specialists did not have a good showing but showed NFL potential I still gave my opinion to my NFL Network of contacts when asked if that player attended the combine.

I would never want to give a bad recommendation or hurt any specialists ability to have a chance to play professional football.  Especially, when his college career should be highly regarded has his best resume. 

This is a list of 2015 College Senior Specialists That signed NFL Contracts: 
Kickers Signing NFL Contracts: Corey Acosta (U. of Southern Mississippi) signs with S.F. 49ers, Ty Long (UAB) signs with Washington Redskins.
Corey Acosta (U. of Southern Mississippi) Signs with S.F. 49ers
Ty Long (UAB) Sign with Washington Redskins
Punters Signing NFL Contracts: Matt Darr (U. of Tennessee) signs with Miami Dolphins, Kip Smith (Oklahoma State) signs with Philadelphia Eagles, Matt Wile (U. of Michigan) signs with Carolina Panthers.
Matt Darr (U. of Tennessee) Signs with Miami Dolphins
Kip Smith (Oklahoma State) Signs with Philadelphia Eagles
Matt Wile (U. of Michigan) Signs with Carolina Panthers
Snappers Signing NFL Contracts: Rick Lovato (Old Dominion) signs with Chicago Bears, Nate Boyer (University of Texas) signs with Seattle Seahawks.
Rick Lovato (Old Dominion) Signs with Chicago Bears
Nate Boyer (U. of Texas) Signs with Seattle Seahawks
Daniel MacDonald (U. of Guelph) Drafted 5th Round by CFL Toronto Argonauts
This is a list of other specialists that were also invited to NFL Mini-Camps:  Hunter Mullins (UAB), Keith Kostol (Oregon State), Matt Dooley (Indiana University), Jordan Williamson (Stanford), Sam Rodgers (Syracuse Univesity) and Drew Ferris (U. of Florida).
Hunter Mullins (UAB)
Keith Kostol (Oregon State)
Matt Dooley (Indiana University)
Jordan Williamson (Stanford)
Sam Rodgers (Syracuse University)
Drew Ferris (U. of Florida)
There might of been more specialists but these are specialists that informed me of their tryouts and invitations to mini-camps.  Good luck to all the specialist that are pursuing their dream to play in the NFL.
Coach Zauner's Programs
'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

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Arizona High School Camps Producing Results for Kickers, Punters and Snappers

Coach Zauner's Arizona High School
Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camps and Lessons Producing Results
The 2015 Arizona High School Football season is over and the State Championships have been decided in all divisions.  Now, come some of the individual awards and accolades for players that have been either on winning or losing teams. 
Dylan Brown (Hamilton) Kicker at Coaches Zauner Sunday Kick Around
As I sat home watching some college football games last week I received a text from Dylan Browns mother.  Jyl Brown sent me a text that Dylan Brown (Chandler Hamilton High School) was named Rivals 2015 Kicker of the Year.  That was just one more award or feather in Dylan's cap.  He earlier was invited to the Texas Blue / Gray All Star Game in Dallas.
Jeff McGuire (Pinnacle) Punter at Coach Zauner's Sunday Kick Around
Minutes later I noticed on the same page another student of mine Jeff McGuire (Pinnacle High School) had received Rivals 2015 Punter of the Year Award.  I have been working with Jeff for the last two years refining his kicking and punting technique.  Jeff has made vast improvements and this is just frosting on the cake for him and his parents.  His hard work has paid dividends.
Turner Bernard (Mountain Ridge) Snapper at Coach Zauner's Sunday Kick Around
Earlier in the year Turner Bernard (Mountain Ridge High School) and son of Ben Bernard (Arizona Elite Snapping Camps) was named to the Under Armour 2015 All Star Game.  This past summer Ben brought Turner to some of my snapping camps and Sunday Kick Arounds to have another set of "Eyes" check out Turner's technique and progress.  I appreciate Ben giving me the opportunity to help coach his already very talented son.  Turner is one of the top senior snappers in the country.
Coach Zauner and Ben Bernard Discussing Turner Bernard's Snapping Future
That text about some of my students making Rival's Kicker and Punter of the Year made my day, night and weekend.

Since, I retired from the NFL I don't get my high on Sunday's anymore.  I get my high and feeling of accomplishment helping young men like Dylan, Jeff and Turner have success as high school specialists.

I hope in some way my coaching and guidance will help these specialists achieve their dream of some day playing college football.  Who knows maybe NFL!

I wish all the young men continued success!

Coach Zauner's Programs Are
'A Specialist's Path To PRO and Now College Football'

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Jeff Overbaugh San Diego State Snapper Perfect Career

First and for most I would like to congratulate Jeff Overbaugh
for his outstanding and 'Perfect' snapping career at San Diego State
Jeff Overbaugh San Diego State Snapper
In 1980 I was hired by Head Coach, Doug Scovil as the Special Teams Coach at San Diego State.  It was my first full time position and matter of fact I became the first Full-Time Special Teams Coach in NCAA history.  Most college football teams had their staffs coach the kicking game by committee or had a position coach organize their kicking game. I was hired just to coach Special Teams and the kicking specialists.  It was a First!

With that said, about three years ago I had a snapping camp here in Phoenix, Arizona and when Jeff Overbaugh introduced himself to me, all I could think about - An Aztec!  There was an instant bond!  

At the first practice I quickly noticed that this Aztec had some real snapping potential. The previous snapper at San Diego State, who was Aaron Brewer is now snapping for the Denver Broncos. So, San Diego State must be doing something right especially with long snappers. 
Jeff Overbaugh at Coach Zauner's May Snapping Camp in Fountain Hills, Arizona
In the past two years Jeff has worked hard not only becoming a better snapper but also working on his blocking technique and coverage skills.  I told him if he wants to be an NFL snapper he needs the full package.
Jeff Overbaugh works Blocking Drill at Coach Zauner's May Snapping Camp
At the present time San Diego State has a pretty good team and a possibility of a Bowl Game.  I wish the Aztec's and Jeff Overbaugh continued success and good luck in the future.  Go Aztecs!

After the season Jeff will be moving to Fountain Hills, Arizona to start training for his next opportunity either Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine or his PRO Day or Who Knows, Maybe More!
Jeff Overbaugh and Coach Zauner
Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs Are
'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hayden Hunt (Colorado State) Ray Guy Finalist

Ray Guy Finalists - Hayden Hunt Colorado State 46.3 Yard Average
First of all I would like to congratulate Hayden Hunt for being a Ray Guy Finalist.  Also, for his 2015 punting accomplishments.  To date his gross punting average is an impressive 46.3 yards per punt but more importantly his net punting average is 43.41 yards per punt.  He has also placed 21 of his 43 punts inside the 20 yard line in addition to 15 fair catches.  

As a "traditional punter" or NFL Style punter goes, those are great numbers.  I use the term "traditional punter" because many of today's college coaches are having their punters use a running punt or Rugby style of punting.  It works in college football but won't work in the NFL because of the coverage rules.

In college when the ball is snapped everyone can release.  So the running style rugby punt gives the coverage team a little more time to get down field and give them great coverage.  In the NFL the only two players that can release on the snap are the outside two gunners.  
Hayden Hunt Working To Become a More Consistent Punter
In January of 2015 I first met and worked ONE on ONE Kicking Lessons with Hayden's former teammate Jared Roberts.  Jared was invited to the NFL Combine last season but did not make any NFL training camp.

Jared brought Hayden to my July Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this past summer.  At the first practice Hayden hit some excellent hang time punts and I could tell this young man had potential. 
Coach Zauner With Colorado State Specialists: Hayden Hunt and Jared Roberts
I also noticed that Hayden needed to work to perfect a more consistent drop.  The key for most NFL punters is their drop.  During the course of the camp Hayden was a real sponge soaking up and trying to learn as much as he could.  

Hayden who was originally a kicker converted to punting earlier in his college career so he could get some playing time. Well, sometimes things happen in life for a reason.  Hayden's making the most of his opportunities. 
Coach Zauner Shows Hayden The Lever Drop Technique
At the camp this summer Hayden won a couple awards one being the longest punt and the other was best hang time punt.  His snapper was Mississippi State's senior long snapper, Winston Chapman.
Winston Chapman (Mississippi State) and Hayden Hunt (Colorado State)
It's always fun and gratifying to see young men like Hayden come to a camp or lessons and see them improve or take their games to the next level.  There are no more Sunday game days for Coach Zauner. So, I get my kicks from seeing my students or campers improve or make it on a college or  NFL team.  

Once again I wish Hayden Hunt the best of luck next week when they make the final decision on the 2015 Ray Guy Award Winner.  

Coach Zauner's Programs
'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Australian Rules Punters Working To Get To NFL.

Coach Zauner's PROGRAMS Producing Results For Specialists!

In the last couple of months,  I have been contacted by two Australian Rules punters that are looking to not only get better but also get more exposure to NFL teams.  Sam Irwin-Hill, Australian rules punter from the University of Arkansas was the first to contact me.  Next, Paul Jones Australian rules punter from Arkansas State University.  

Two years ago Brad Wing came to Phoenix, Arizona and attended the PRO Development Camp in January to work and improve his punting technique.  Like Nick Novak (Chargers), Matt Overton (Colts), Brandon McManus (Denver Broncos), Brad Nortman (Panthers), Joe Cardona (NE Patriots), Morgan Cox (Ravens), Drew Butler (Cardinals), Kevin McDermott (Vikings) and Beau Brinkley all plus more have attended these camps looking to improve their Punting, Kicking or Snapping technique. 
Brad Wing At Coach Zauner's January PRO Development Camp

I have notice one thing about most Australian rules punters that have come to the United States and have played or are now playing college football. They all have natural foot skills, leg strength but most lack what I term a NFL punting technique. They can run and punt or punt on the run which is a part of their Australian rules football game but lack an, in the pocket NFL hang time punting technique. 

I firmly believe if most Australian rules punters were coached better on a NFL punting technique they would have a better chance of making the transition from the college game to the NFL.

In 1994 Darren Bennett came to San Diego looking to make the transition from Aussie Rules Football to the NFL. He received coaching and played in the 1995 NFL Europe Football League for one season.  He came back from Europe and in his first 1995 NFL Season with the San Diego Chargers, he was selected to the PRO Bowl.

Sam Irwin-Hill and Paul Jones both have selected another path.  Both men have been referred to me by other college specialists knowing they must get better and in need of more exposure to NFL teams.

Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Combines are producing exposure and results for many college specialists NOT invited to the Senior Bowl or NFL Combine.
Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Combines Producing Exposure and Results!
I hope Sam and Paul have benefited from their ONE on ONE Punting Lessons. Paul is looking to attend the Coach Zauner 2016 College Senior Combine and Sam has just qualified for the 2016 Free Agent Combine.

Listen to both of their testimonials after ONE on ONE Lessons with Coach Zauner.
Testimonial By Paul Jones Australian Rules Punter (Arkansas State)
Testimonial By Sam Irwin-Hill Australian Rules Punter (U. of Arkansas)
Coach Zauner's Programs
'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

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