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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dustin Zink - Thomas Moore

From Monday through Thursday Dustin Zink from Thomas Moore College was in Scottsdale, Arizona for four One on One Kicking Lessons.

Dustin informed me the first day he had not been able to kick a lot because of the poor weather back in Kentucky.

In the first lesson I watched Dustin kick and evaluated his technique. After the lesson and the video review session I pointed out some flaws that I saw in Dustin's technique. I put together a plan to improve Dustin's kicking technique.

For three more lessons I stressed fundamentals. Foot position on the ball, kicking and skipping up and through the ball and transferring his weight back to his kicking leg.

In the above photo we worked hard on foot position drills for Dustin to make better foot to ball contact and impact on the ball to get a better rotation on his kicks.

In Dustin's first lesson he was kicking and pivoting through almost all his kicks. He was kicking at the ball rather than through the ball.

In the photo below Dustin is working on kicking up and through the ball. Dustin made some major strides in his technique from day one to day four.

On Dustin's final day I put him through a field goal workout and wanted to see how he would kick under pressure. He met the challenge. He kicked his final day with much better technique, tempo and rhythm. Therefore his consistency was much better than the previous days.

I believe Dustin was happy with the results of his four day One on One Lessons. He said he was happy and wanted to get together again later in the summer.

It was a pleasure working with Dustin. It's always gratifying as a coach to see a student make improvement. Dustin is leaving Scottsdale a more fundamentally sound kicker.

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