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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kevin Harper U of Pittsburgh

On Friday and Saturday Kevin Harper (University of Pittsburgh) and his father Jay were in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Kicking Lessons. Kevin is a red shirt freshmen kicker at the University of Pittsburgh and is looking to take over Conner Lee's kicking chores next year for the Panthers.

Kevin started his first lesson a little rough by doing some bad warm up drills that I believe give him bad muscle memory and effect his regular kicking technique.

Kevin set a state record 61 yard field goal in his hometown and has a strong leg. His father has taken him to several kicking camps and instructors but has not found anyone who can make him more consistent.

Jay googled my name after he heard about me on Sirius NFL Radio last fall and setup an appointment before spring practice starts.

Kevin was an excellent student and was a quick fix in most drills. In the photos above and below I am working fundamentals drills on foot position and transfer technique.

At the beginning of the first lesson Kevin was pushing and pulling his field goals. After the second lesson he was stripping them down the middle.

We moved to kickoffs at the end of the second lesson and once again Kevin started kicking much better than when he started the day before.

Kevin and his father were both very happy after the two days of One on One Kicking and Kickoff Lessons and said they wanted to come back later this summer.

Click to listen to Jay Harper's testimonial about his son's Kevin One on One Kicking Lessons with Coach Zauner.

It was a pleasure working with Kevin. He was not only a nice young man but was also very coach able and a quick fix on many of the adjustments we made. I wish him the best of luck next year with those Pittsburgh Panthers.

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