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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jamie Hanson Missouri W. State U.

On Saturday and Sunday Jamie Hanson, Missouri Western State University was out here in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Punting Lessons with his father.

Jamie has been an All Conference Punter for the last three years and this year was 2nd team All American in the Division II ranks.

He just recently participated in the Cactus League All Star Game, and decided to come out here to refine his technique and to get my evaluation of his NFL potential.

For a young man from a smaller school he caught my eye. He is well built and compact and explodes up and through the ball. However, like most players visiting, he needs to work on some basic fundamentals.

The first day he really impressed me with some booming punts. He was consistently punting balls with 4.8 hang times and even had one punt timed as high as 5.2 seconds! I could see right away that this young man might have some NFL potential.

Jamie did have a tendency to drop the ball with the nose up so we started working on my 'Drop Progression Drill' to try correct this problem (as seen in the photo below).

However, when Jamie got his drop right and made good contact on top of his foot he hit some excellent power zone punts (SNO) spiral nose over not only high but far.

For two days Jamie was a sponge and tried to learn and absorb as much as he could to refine his technique. If he works hard on the drop progression drill and gets his drop more consistent he will take his game to the next level and impress some NFL Special Teams Coaches and Scouts.

At the end of the workout we also worked on Jamie's holding technique for field goals. All punters should not take this job lightly. Not many NFL teams or Special Teams like punters that can't hold. So if your reading this blog, get your entire game together. Learn to hold for both right and left footed kickers.

Jamie said he will be back in three or four weeks to continue to improve his game. He has a dream and a plan and also that look in his eye. Now it will come down to a lot of hard work and becoming more consistent. Consistency, Consistency and More Consistency! The Key to the NFL.

Click below to listen to Missouri Western State University, Jamie Hanson's Testimonial on working with Coach Zauner.

It was a pleasure working with Jamie and I wish him the best of luck at his Pro Day and in his pursuit of an NFL career.

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