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Monday, March 23, 2009

LSU Boys Back in Town

On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday former LSU specialists Colt David & Brady Dalfrey returned to Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Lessons. Colt and Brady were here to refine their technique and to follow up on their lessons from about a month ago in hopes of pursuing careers in the NFL.

First up was Colt David. Colt really picked up everything that he learned on his previous visit rather quickly. From the first time I saw Colt kick I knew that he had the 'pop' in his leg to be an NFL kicker, but this time around he really showed the consistency that he needs to take his game to the next level.

Over the next three days I put Colt through two pro style field goal workouts and he performed extremely well. He hit several kicks of over 50 yards and even hit a 59 yard field goal with a brand new 'K" ball.

Also, on this trip Colt wanted to emphasize working on his kickoff technique. Colt mentioned to me that he had never handled kickoff duties in college. In my eyes, Colt is a sleeper!

We worked on his approach and also his plant foot in relation to the tee. During the three days of work Colt definitely improved on his kickoff technique. With the strong leg that he has showed kicking field goals I am confident this will translate into Colt also being a solid kickoff man.

Next up...LSU Punter, Brady Dalfrey.

Brady also has improved. His drop and footwork are much better. On Brady's previous visit we worked a lot on his drop and footwork, however, this time around I could see that he had been practicing! His footwork was much more consistent this time around and it really helped his punting.

We continued working on my 'Drop Progression' drill. However, at the end of the second lesson I noticed that Brady was changing his hand position during his drop. I never like to change a punters drop but for Brady to take his game to the next level I asked Brady to try a different drop. He tried it and boomed a bunch of (SNO) spiral nose over punts and smiled.

I believe that if Brady can continued to improve his drop and be more consistent he will turn the heads of NFL Special Teams Coaches and Scouts. Brady is very close to putting everything together on his punting game. He has a lot of physical tools to work with and with continued hard work I believe can be an excellent punter.

I want to wish both Colt and Brady the best of luck on the upcoming 2009 NFL Draft. Both of these specialists are talented and I believe they have a chance to be in an NFL camp this year.

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