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Saturday, March 14, 2009

DeMarcus Turner & Ty Brown

Evaluations for Two Long Snappers:

On Friday and Saturday I had evaluations with DeMarcus Turner (Southern University) and Ty Brown (University of Arizona). DeMarcus and Ty are both long snappers that came here to Scottsdale, Arizona to improve their snapping skills and also to get my evaluation of their potential.

First up is DeMarcus Turner. DeMarcus is about 5'9 and weighs approximately 225 to 235 pounds. He came with a former teammate of his and a client of mine, Breck Ackley.

I made a couple of minor corrections to DeMarcus as I evaluated him. He has good speed on his snaps but like most snappers he needs to keep working on his consistency. I believe that DeMarcus got a lot out of the time he spent here and I want to wish DeMarcus the best of luck in his pursuit of his football future.

Next Man Up is Ty Brown...

On Saturday Ty Brown came to Scottsdale, Arizona for an evaluation. Ty played for the Arizona Wildcats a few years back and came here to have me evaluate his snapping potential.

Ty started out his evaluation being a little nervous. I told him to settle down and just snap. Some of the players seem to try to hard or get a little nervous in front of me and I have to reassure them I'm just a normal guy like everyone else.

I briefly made some adjustments to Ty's grip on the ball, which seemed to help his snapping. In the brief time that we worked together, I was able to give him some specific drills to refine his technique. The next step for Ty will be to master those drills to improve his snapping and get back to me in three weeks.

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