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Monday, September 18, 2017

Kameron Canaday Pittsburgh Steelers Snapper

Kameron Canaday Pittsburgh Steelers Snapper

I first met Kameron Canaday (Portland State University) at Coach Zauner's 2016 College Senior Combine.  He along with 26 other College Senior Snappers attended this show case event in late February in Gilbert, Arizona.

Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Combines have been excellent venues for specialists, especially snappers to get exposure to NFL teams.  Why?

Throughout Coach Zauner's high school, college and NFL coaching career has always had a reputation for having an "Eye" for talent.  Not only finding talent but also developing talent. 

At first glance Kameron passed the eyeball test.  He is a big good looking athlete that can snap a football. 

During the College Senior Combine each snapper is tested on Coach Zauner's "Perfect Laces" and "Balls and Strikes" Drills. 

Also, during the punt snapping test they are graded by Coach Zauner on their ability to block.  Many college snappers are excellent snappers but lack the size and footwork to block an NFL size rusher.

Each snapper is also tested in Coach Zauner's Coverage Agility Drill.  This tests an athletes ability to snap, block, start, stop and change direction.  Kameron competed and did well in all phases.

After the 2016 NFL Draft Kameron signed as a Free Agent with the Arizona Cardinals.  He competed in camp and won the snapping job.  Unfortunately, he had a couple of poor, miss timed snaps that caused him to be release. 

To his credit he bounced back and signed a free agent contract in the off season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  In September he was named the starting snapper for the Steelers.

Congrats to Kameron and best of luck this season!

Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs Produce Exposure and Results

Coach Zauner's Programs are 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

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Matt Gay (Utah) and Jace Christmann (Mississippi State)

Coach Zauner's ONE on ONE Kicking Lessons Produce Results for Soccer Players.

Coach Zauner Teaches 'A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'

Jace Christmann and Matt Gay - ONE on ONE Coach Zauner Students
About five years ago I first met Jace Christmann and in April of 2017 I met Matt Gay.  Both of these young men were excellent soccer players in high school.  Both wanted to be football kickers.

Jace was a freshman at Houston Memorial High School in Houston Texas and Matt was a junior at Utah Valley University playing on the soccer team.

Coach Zauner a former NFL Special Team Coach with the Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals and current kicking consultant is known for his philosophy of teaching and coaching a 'Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'.  

Matt Gay During A ONE on ONE Kicking Lesson With Coach Zauner
Coach Zauner Teaches and Coaches 'A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'

Jace Christmann During A ONE on ONE Kicking Lesson With Coach Zauner
During his 40 plus years as a coach and consultant  he has now coached, consulted and trained over 120 plus NFL and CFL kicking, punting and snapping specialists, including 25 PRO Bowlers.

Today as a kicking consultant I really enjoy working with young men at any level.  It doesn't matter if their high school, college, free agent or  professional specialists as long as they are looking to get better.  As a teacher and coach my gratification comes from the improvement and success my students or players achieve. 

Matt Gay and Jace Christmann are a perfect examples of ONE on ONE students that have put a big smile on my face because of their success so far this year.  These two soccer players have embraced Coach Zauner's Natural Style of Kicking.

Matt was a walk-on this year at the University of Utah for Head Coach Kyle Whittingham and is presently after three games 11 for 11 or 100% on his field goal attempts.

Jace was a preferred walk-on last year at Mississippi State for Head Coach Dan Mullen.  Jace for the last month was in a battle with three other kickers for the starting spot.  He started 4th on the depth chart the opening week of training camp.

He has worded hard and moved up the depth chart each week.  He has stayed confident and matured each week as a person and player.  He has competed, stayed focused and believed in his technique. 

This past weekend Jace got his first start against LSU.  I am happy to say Jace was 3 for 3 on his field goal attempts and perfect on extra points. 

Congrats to both Jace Christmann and Matt Gay for their success so far this season.

Jace Christmann - Mississippi State Kicker
Coach Zauner's Programs are 'A Specialists Path to College and PRO Football.

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Tyler Ott Seattle Seahawks Snapper

Tyler Ott Seattle Seahawks Snapper
Tyler Ott at Coach Zauner's 2014 College Senior Combine
I first met Harvard University Tight End and Long Snapper Tyler Ott in January of 2014.  His agent had contacted me about doing a ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson to prepare him for the 2014 Reeses's Senior Bowl.
Tyler Ott Tight End & Snapper at Harvard University
During the lesson we worked on a couple of minor changes in his snapping technique but really focused on his consistency and blocking technique.  We also focused on the Art of Snapping "Perfect Laces" on his field goal snaps. 

Tyler Ott works his Punt Snapping Technique During ONE on ONE Lesson
Tyler Ott at 2014 Reese's Senior Bowl
In January Tyler attended the 2014 Reese's Senior Bowl and performed very well in front of the 32 NFL teams attending.  The Senior Bowl is a show case event for the top college prospects at all positions.

Next, Tyler attended Coach Zauner's 2014 College Senior Specialist's Combine in Gilbert, Arizona in late February.  This show case event was designed by Coach Zauner for best College Senior Specialists NOT invited to the NFL Combine.  

During this combine all the snappers are tested on their ability to not only punt long snap and field goal short snap but also their athletic ability as a football player.  Tyler competed and received Coach Zauner's recommendation as a NFL prospect along with several other specialists.

Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine has produced exposure and results for many College Seniors and especially Snappers.  Below are just a few. 

After the 2014 NFL Draft Tyler was signed by the New England Patriots. He has had opportunities in the last three years with the Patriots, Rams, Giants, Bengals and now the Seattle Seahawks.  He finished the 2016 NFL season with the Seahawks when Nolan Frese was injured.  

In 2017 he competed for the starting job with the Seattle Seahawks and won the battle.   Congrats to Tyler for Ott for his hard work and dedication.  I wish Tyler and the Seahawks the best of luck this season. 

Coach Zauner's Programs are "A Specialist's Path To PRO Football"

Note:  In the last 9 years Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs have now produced 23 Snappers on NFL and CFL rosters.  
Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs Are Producing Results for Snappers.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Jace Christmann Mississippi State University Kicker

Jace Christmann Mississippi State University Kicker

I first met Jace Christmann his father John about five years ago when they came to Phoenix, Arizona for a ONE on ONE Kicking Lesson at Paradise Valley High School.  Jace was an excellent high school soccer player that wanted to become a football kicker at Houston Memorial High School in Houston Texas. 

John had met Josh Scobee, then the kicker for the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars at function and arrange a kicking workout between Josh and Jace.  After the workout Josh recommended he go see his kicking coach, Coach Zauner in Arizona.

John, a man of action made the call and in approximately two weeks was on a plane with Jace for his first of many ONE on ONE Kicking and Punting Lessons with Coach Zauner.

At our first lesson I could quickly see that Jace was a typical high school kicker with a good leg but a very mechanical and inconsistent kicking technique.  

I introduced Jace to Coach Zauner's philosophy of teaching and coaching  'A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'.  Jace was a quick study.  

Jace Christmann - Field Goal Technique as a Freshman in High School
As you can see from the photos above and below there is a dramatic change in Jace's field goal technique and form.  Jace not only became a very successful high school kicker at Houston Memorial High School but also a excellent strong legged punter.
Jace Christmann - Field Goal Technique as a Sophomore in High School
After a very successful high school career in Houston Texas, Jace moved on to Starkville Mississippi and entered Mississippi State as a preferred walk-on.  

Because Mississippi State had a couple of upper class specialists on their roster in 2016, Jace worked hard and made the travel squad but was redshirted.  In spring of 2017 Jace competed for the starting spot with a couple of other kickers.  

He also knew that in the fall Mississippi State would be bringing in more competition. 
Jace Christmann - One on One Kicking Lesson in Fountain Hills, Arizona with Coach Zauner
Jace continued to work hard in the off season to improve his leg strength and his field goal technique and consistency.  He came to Fountain Hills, Arizona in the spring and Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the summer train.
Jace Christmann at Coach Zauner's 2017 July Specialists Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In July of 2017 Jace came back to Coach Zauner's Kickers, Punters and Snappers Specialists Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to compete against some of the countries top college kickers.  In past years this camp has drawn the likes of Brandon McManus (Denver Broncos) and Younghoe Koo (San Diego Chargers).
Coach Zauner's July Kickers, Punters & Snappers PRO Development Camp in Wisconsin
Jace was doing everything in his power to prepare for his upcoming training camp at Mississippi State in late July.

When Jace showed up the opening day at training camp he knew he was in for some stiff competiton.   

Jace is from Texas and he's a fighter and competitor.  He worked his butt off after spring ball because he knew he had messed up during a couple of situations and needed to get better.

During training camp we talked by phone.  I just kept telling Jace to trust his kicking technique, stay confident and compete.  Coaches at all levels like to see how players perform in game like situations.

Slowly, Jace started moving up the the depth chart.  During the first game against Charleston Southern, Jace had an opportunity to kick a couple of extra points.  In the next game against LA Tech he again had a couple of kicks and performed well.

For a month, Jace had competed and performed well.  Next game up LSU. 

On Monday his name was now at the top of the depth chart.  He was pumped up!  However, he knew he still had to perform well in practice to be the starting kicker on game day. 

His hard work, patience, attitude and confidence had paid off.  

The only advice I gave him on Monday was "It's just another game".  It's not a big game it's just another game and keep preparing like you have for the first two.  Stay positive and confident and just keep making your kicks.

As I tell all the specialists that attend my ONE on ONE Lessons, PRO Camps and Combines - The biggest reason or factor for those specialists that make NFL rosters over others is "The Six Inches Between Their Ears".  The key to any kickers success is the mental side of the kicking game.

Jace Christmann In First Game vs LSU

Jace was named the starting kicker.

On Saturday vs LSU Jace was 3 for 3 on field goals.  He made kicks from 30, 45 and 27.  His 45 yard field goal was a big momentum kick for the Mississippi Bulldogs to take a 20-7 lead.  The Bulldogs went on to win 37 -7 against the 12th ranked LSU Tigers. 

I believe Jace learned a lot about himself as a player and person this last month.  He worked hard, competed and stayed true to himself during times of adversity and matured as a kicker. 

Congrats to Jace Christmann, I am very proud of you!

Jace Christmann (Mississippi State) and Coach Zauner
Side Note:  On the same weekend another Coach Zauner ONE on ONE student Matt Gay (U. of Utah) had an excellent performance.  Matt was 4 for 4 with kicks of 27, 56, 50 and 20 vs San Jose State.  To date Matt is now 11 for 11 or 100% in his first three games as a college kicker at the University of Utah. 

Sports Illustrated Video "The Power of Coaching" with Coach Zauner

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Zach Wood New Orleans Saints Snapper

In August of 2016 I was checking NFL Teams for their final roster cuts and I noticed some guy by the name of Zach Wood.  He was listed on the Dallas Cowboys roster as a Defense Player and Snapper.

Zach Wood - SMU Defensive Player
When I called a friend of mine with the Cowboys he said Zach was a undersized defensive football player that had some pretty good snapping ability.  They brought him to training camp because he served two purposes.  First, he could line up on the defensive look team and secondly he served as a backup snapper.  
2016 and 2017 Free Agent with Dallas Cowboys
At that point in time they did not think he had the consistency to be a starting snapper on a NFL team but they thought he had some excellent potential. 

Next, I contacted Zach and told him that I was a kicking, punting and snapping coach and believed I could make him a better and more consistent snapper. 

I mentioned that in the last 9 years Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs had produced 19 snappers on NFL and CFL rosters.  Many had come to Fountain Hills, Arizona for ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons and or attended my Snapper's ONLY Training Camps. 

He said he needed to talk to his family.  Well, a couple of days later he called back and set up a ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson. On October 5th and 6th, 2016 he and mom came to Arizona to work with Coach Zauner. 

My first impression of Zach was that he was a good looking football player.  Well put together and solid. He was a football player that could snap.  Many snappers, that's all they can do is just snap.  Many NFL Coaches like snappers that have a little more athletic ability to snap, block and the bonus is ability to cover and make tackles.  
Zach works Coach Zauner's Line Drill
During our ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson we worked a lot his footwork for blocking.  Many players are good snappers but lack the ability to snap consistently and still able to block a rushing NFL player.  We also worked on his consistency snapping tighter spirals with more accuracy. 
Zach Wood works on Coach Zauner's Perfect Laces Drill
We also worked on on his ability to snap field goals with better consistency with his Perfect Laces. After the two day ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson he and his mom both wanted my opinion.  I told them he had some excellent snapping potential but still needed to improve. 

I gave him his training video and told him to go back and study the video and work on the drills I gave him.  I tell everyone that changing your muscle memory doesn't happen over night it takes weeks or sometimes months.  

I told Zach to go home and practice these drills and come back in a couple of months to my Snappers ONLY Training Camp here in Fountain Hills, Arizona in January.  Come a compete against some of the best college seniors getting ready for the 2017 NFL Draft and other free agent snappers like himself. 
Coach Zauner's Snapper's ONLY Training Camp
Zach came to my January camp and the first day we evaluated his progress.  He had improved on many facets of his snapping game but was still having some issues snapping tight spirals.

As I told him and all snappers "No NFL Team is going to pay somebody three, four or five hundred thousand dollars to snap wobbles. 

We made some minor adjustment with his had position and told him to work with it for a least one practice session at camp. 

He tried it and liked the changes and adjustment.  His field goal and punt snaps were much tighter and his accuracy was better.

During my Snapper's ONLY Training camps we emphasize improving a snappers field goal and punt snapping consistency, footwork for blocking and also his agility and coverage skills.  I try to expose these snappers to what they would experience in any NFL mini or training camp.

I also expose them to various NFL Special Teams Coordinators philosophy on blocking technique.  

Zach left camp more confident with his snapping and blocking technique.  In February Zach again signed a futures contract with the Dallas Cowboys.  He went to mini camp and finished the 2017 Training Camp with some good pre-season game experience.  

He was released after the final pre-season game.  He text me and told me to keep my eyes and ears open.  Two days later he received a call from the New Orleans Saints.  He and several other free agent snappers that were just released from other NFL teams all went in for a tryout.   Zach Won!

On September 7th, 2017 the New Orleans Saints signed Zach Wood to an NFL contract.  Zach was now the starting snapper for the Saints. 

Congrats to Zach for all his hard work and passion for becoming an NFL Snapper.  I appreciate Zach having enough confidence in Coach Zauner and his Snapping Programs to take his game to the next level.  Coaches Coach and Players Play.  All the credit goes to Zach Wood for becoming a NFL player. 
Coach Zauner's Programs are "A Specialist's Path To PRO Football".

Below, check out Sports Illustrated Video with Coach Zauner - "The Power of Coaching"


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