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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Britt Baumann & Breck Ackley

Over the weekend, kicking friends Britton Baumann (U of Minnesota-Duluth) and Breck Ackley (Southern University) returned here to Scottsdale, Arizona for three days of One on One Lessons. Britt and Breck came here together in early December for lessons and they wanted to return to show my what they had learned and to further improve their skills and technique as specialists.

First up was Britt Baumann. Britt has made really great strides since our last meeting. We worked on some different things to help refine his technique. He has a tendency to 'crunch' when kicking and I worked on helping him kick up and through the ball more.

I worked on his foot to ball contact. The photo above is a great shot of his foot making contact with the ball. Britt has some great 'pop' on his kicks and he really showed some leg strength while he was here. He even kicked some One Step Kicks from 53 yards with some room to spare!

Next up was Breck Ackley. Breck, just like Britt, had definitely improved from the last time I saw him. Back in December we had worked on improving his approach and drop. After the first and second days he was definitely much better this time around.

While he was here we worked on improving his footwork. We used my 'Drop Progression' to work on his footwork. Breck knows the drills to work on and I fully expect him to continue improving.

It was a pleasure working with Britt and Breck. I look forward to working with them again in the future and I wish them the best of luck in their pursuit of taking their games to the next level and their pursuit of a career in the NFL.

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