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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coach Zauner's Gifts and Giving


You can tell it’s the Holiday Season. Everyone is bustling about looking for the best shopping deals and trying to decide where they’re going to spend their holiday money.

It’s also the time when people all around the world send their holiday cheer to people they really care about.

With that in mind, I thought I would share this very interesting anonymous e-mail I recently received. Although it’s not filled with the spirit of ‘joy’, it does ‘repeatedly’ talk about gifts and giving.

It’s apparent the person who wrote this e-mail was angry when they wrote it. And that’s really unfortunate. But the really sad part is, I would have loved to have talked to this specialist about the issue he had with my pricing. And I would have wanted to talk with him not only because I try to be sensitive to the needs of kicking specialists, but also because he said he is someone I have worked with.

In all the years I have been coaching, I have never received an e-mail like this. So I have to say I was honestly surprised when I received it. I pride myself on my ‘open-door’ (ok…make that open phone) policy. And anyone who knows me knows that to be true.

So it’s unfortunate this kicking specialist decided to cloak his comments -and his anger- in anonymity. Because by doing that, he took from me any opportunity I might have to discuss his concerns with him.

If I had been able to talk with him (or perhaps if he is reading this) I would have told him I understand the price of my One on One lessons may be out of reach for him - and for other kicking specialists. However, I would have also told him that is exactly the reason I created my PRO Development Camps and the Coach Zauner 'Opportunity For Training Program'.

I created both of these programs with the intention of being able to work with kicking specialists who could not afford private lessons. And this is especially true for the Coach Zauner Opportunity For Training Program.

This Program is built around the concept of helping kickers who have a financial need. It is a program where I ‘invest’ my time (and in some cases a great deal of time) in kicking specialists who would not otherwise be able to pursue their dreams of playing professional football.

And today, some of the specialists in the Coach Zauner Opportunity Training Program are already, after a very short period of time, living their dream of playing professional football. And I think that’s pretty great.

In my PRO Development Camps, a kicking specialist is able to spend three (3) days, four (4) sessions in a small group environment (approximately 20 specialists), receiving instruction from me on fundamentals and drills to take thieir game to the next level. These camps are designed specifically for specialists who cannot afford two (2) days of One on One training.

However, I was not given the opportunity to discuss these things with whoever sent the anonymous e-mail. So I didn’t have the chance to tell him about all of the ways I am making myself available to kicking specialist who cannot afford my One on One lessons.

But hopefully he’ll somehow stumble upon this blog, or perhaps someone will point it out to him.

But most importantly, I hope this specialist -if he is passionate about playing professional football- will find someone who can help him on his journey to fulfill his dream.

And with regards to his suggestion on how I should use my gift? Well, if he’d call me, I‘d be happy to share with him the names of many of the kicking specialists who believe I am already using it wisely.

P.S. In trying to contact this anonymous individual, the e-mail I sent was returned saying it was undeliverable. Perhaps this was because he realized what he said was disrespectful, vulgar, untrue and truly not in the spirit of the holidays! And because he realized this was the case, he closed his e-mail account out of shame.

Or, perhaps he closed his account because he used my name in his e-mail address (zaunerkick@yahoo.com) and realized there could be possible legal consequences if he posted this kind of message on a public forum.

I’m not sure which is the case, but either way it was smart of him to close it down.


This is a anonymous email for coach zauner....

I have worked with you before to help me get better to play at the next level. I thought your prices were a little high but I wanted to take my chances on getting better. I recently looked at your prices now and I cannot believe that you have raised your prices.

I know you make a insane amount of money already doing what you do, but to raise your prices even more is just B¬¬****HIT! this makes its okay for current NFL players to pay and afford, but it makes young athletes struggle to find $1200 for just two workouts. ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING!?

Why dont you use your gift as a teacher, coach, consultant and enjoy what you do instead of stealing money from those who want to succeed. I will never come work with you if your prices will remain the way they are and I will damn sure recommend people to stay away from you.

There are cheaper ways of getting better and being noticed.

HAVE FUN WITH YOUR GIFT INSTEAD OF TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT!!! Wouldnt you want more clients to come and become successful and become regulars to your work?? You are scaring people away and they are going else where. You are one of the most popular consultants out there and you are also known as the most expensive one possible.

I dont know what your reason was for raising your prices but it is complete b****hit and shady of you to do to the athletes who WANT to come work with you. Make things easier and make yourself busier and respected by young athletes.

Just letting you know from my own and others opinion. I am not the only one who is having a problem with this. I have had multiple calls from other players I have met who have thought about working with you.


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Novak Earns UFL Award

Sacramento Mountain Lions running back CORY ROSS (offense), Las Vegas Locomotives cornerback ISAIAH TRUFANT (defense) and Florida Tuskers kicker NICK NOVAK (special teams) have been voted the 2010 United Football League Players of the Year...

'Novak thrived in his first season in the UFL, hitting 15 of 18 field goals and all 24 extra point attempts for a league-record 69 points. He connected on a league-record 54-yard field goal in Week 1 vs. Las Vegas, and had a league-record four field goals and 15 points in Week 4.

During the season, Novak announced that he was pledging $50 per made field goal to the American Cancer Society, so $750 total has been raised so far this fall. He also challenged fans to donate and so far more than 1200 have pledged.

A well-traveled professional veteran, Novak also has played with the Washington Redskins (2005-06), Arizona Cardinals (2005) and Kansas City Chiefs (2008) and the Cologne Centurions of NFL Europe (2007).'

Click here to read article in it's entirety.

Congratulations to Nick Novak on his committment to working hard in achieving his goals!

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Degrees of Desperation

Usually I like to write blogs about kicking specialists.
I’ve been training kicking specialists for over 30 years, and it’s never stopped being fun for me to work with, and talk about, a kicking specialist who has the motivation, and desire, to improve their skills and technique.
And over the last few years -since the advent of blogging- I’ve not only coached a lot of kicking specialists and I’ve also posted a lot of blogs about them.
Working with a kicking specialist and talking about them; that’s my definition of joy.
However today’s blog is not about a kicking specialist, it’s about a kicking coach, and it’s about the business of giving kicking lessons.
It’s also about how -on occasion- the joy of being a kicking coach, can get tainted when the ‘business’ of kicking lessons collides with, and overshadows the act of actually giving the lessons.
And that’s what happened this last week.
It was probably on Tuesday when it was brought to my attention -by both an agent and a kicking specialist I work with- that another kicking coach had used me in an e-mail promotion they distributed.
At first I thought it was odd. I mean, why would another kicking coach want to talk about me while promoting their kicking services.
When I asked for more information, the kicking specialist said this coach was pretty much trashing my services in his e-mail with claims of how much more ‘affordable’ his services were than mine.
At first, I thought it was no big deal. I mean, so what if some other coach needed to trash me in an effort to build his business. As long as the coach was being fair and honest, I have no problem being compared with any other coach giving kicking lessons.
As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been teaching kicking specialists for over 30 years and I have a Masters Degree in education. I’ve had a wonderful 13 year career in the NFL as a Special Teams Coach/Coordinator and have helped many kicking specialists reach their dreams of playing professional football, or have helped them stay in the game.

I have a pretty good track record, and reputation, for being able to deliver results.

And yes, it’s true my prices are higher than most kicking coaches. But I feel quite confident I deliver value for any client who retains my services. And the reality is, I’ve more than a few testimonials on my website; coachzauner.com to attest to that.

So I didn’t think being used as an object of comparison was such a big deal. It is going to happen when you’re in business. As I said, I -and many clients- do believe I deliver value for what I charge. And the reality of any product or service is ‘better’ quality usually comes with a higher price tag.

I mean, I can’t for a moment imagine Butch Harmon worrying about other golf coaches saying his prices were too high (considering the value he delivers). Nor do I imagine his clients complain either!

So I was ready to just let it go as something that goes along with the ‘business’ part of giving kicking lessons. That was until I actually saw the promotion myself.

As it turns out, what this coach said about me and my services was both inaccurate, and in my opinion, quite deceptive.

Not only did he quote my prices wrong -which were listed on my website- but the way he compared his services with my services was in no way based in reality. He was comparing the price of my individual lessons with the cost of attending a kicking camp with perhaps 30-40 other kicking specialists. And then he claimed he was comparing ‘apples to apples’.

He wasn’t.

The fact was -and is- if he had used comparable services, the price he quoted for my services would have been approximately half of what he stated in his e-mail.

Once I saw this I immediately called him, pointed this out, and asked him to correct this. I followed the phone call up with an e-mail requesting the same.

And that is why I am writing this blog.

I am assuming many kicking specialists -and agents- received this promotional material from this coach. And I am assuming that many of them believed the information to be true. However, it is not.

And even though I requested this coach send out a ‘correction’ e-mail, I have no idea if he has, or if he will. Therefore I am taking the matter into my own hands.

I love being a kicking coach. It is what I live and breathe for (just ask my wife Michelle). And I honestly believe I have -and do- bring value to any, and every, kicking specialist I work with.
And that is why the e-mail, sent by this coach, troubles me so much.

It would have been one thing if this coach had actually compared services and prices. That would have been -and in business is considered- a fair practice. But to do that he would have had to ‘actually’ compare the services offered.

And comparing services means not only comparing each coach’s ability to help a kicking specialist improve their skills and techniques, but to also compare each coach’s ability to help a kicking specialist fulfill their dreams of playing professional football.

On both counts, I am willing to be compared with any kicking coach in the market. And I am willing to do so at the prices I charge for my services.

I have no idea why this coach decided to use my name in his e-mail promotion. Perhaps it was because -as one well respected kicking coach suggested- it’s the only way he knows how to promote his business.

Perhaps. But that reminded me of a quote by the famous English writer Anthony Burgess who said, “We all need money, but there are degrees of desperation.”

Well, it’s 76 degrees and sunny here in Arizona. And I am glad to have finished this blog so I can get back to doing what I love most; working with kicking specialists and then talking about them in my blog.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scaccia Kicks into PRO Football

Scaccia followed own path to pro football

Article By David Carpenter
The Sacramento Bee - September 14, 2010

Fabrizio Scaccia did not take the most conventional route to professional football.

The Sacramento Mountain Lions kicker had a scholarship to South Carolina – but never went.

"Right before I graduated (from high school), my mother got into a car accident," Scaccia said. "She ruined her neck pretty bad. My brother was away to school. My dad was in New York. So I had to stay home with her. I couldn't go, so I decided to join the semi-pros so I could keep kicking and stay in shape."

Tonight, Scaccia and the Mountain Lions face a must-win situation against the Omaha Nighthawks. Kickoff at Hornet Stadium is 8 p.m.

... Scaccia worked with kicking guru Gary Zauner, whom he credited for his success in the AFL.

"When I first went to see him, I knew nothing about kicking," Scaccia said. "I owe everything I know to him. He taught me how to stay mentally focused, block everything out. When I kick, I'm in such a zone. I don't hear anything."

Click here to read article in it's entirety.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Patriots Sign Matt Katula

Snap judgment: Katula brought aboard
Article By: Mark Farinella Sun Chronicle Staff

FOXBORO - The Patriots' kicking crew is now 100 percent different than it was last year at this time.
In addition to the signing of placekicker Shayne Graham to replace Stephen Gostkowski, lost for the season with a torn quadriceps muscle in his right leg, the Patriots also jettisoned their malfunctioning long-snapper, Jake Ingram, and signed former Baltimore long-snapper Matt Katula to replace him.
Add to that the elevation of rookie Zoltan Mesko to the punting job this year, and it's a 3-for-3 turnover in the kicking department from this point last November.
Katula (6-6, 265) is a veteran of five NFL seasons with the Ravens, having originally been signed as a rookie free agent out of Wisconsin in 2005. He played in 80 NFL regular-season games and six postseason games, but was waived early in training camp...

Click here to read article in it's entirety.

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Bryson Rose Gives Ole Miss' Consistency

Ole Miss finds consistency in kicker's scoring threat

Article By: Ron Higgins
November 10, 2010

OXFORD, Miss. — No football coach wants to settle for a field goal. But when they do, they want it to be automatic.

For all of Ole Miss' inconsistencies in a 4-5 season, the one nearly sure thing is sophomore redshirt placekicker Bryson Rose, who has made 50-of-52 kicks -- 14-of-16 field goals, 36-of-36 extra points...

It's tough being a kicker in high school and college because most of the time they don't have a well-versed kicking coach who knows how to help them. Most kickers, if they want to succeed, especially in college, have to find an outside source as a kicking coach.

In the offseason, Rose discovered Gary Zauner, an Arizona-based NFL and college kicking guru, who charges $600 per lesson or $300 for a consultation and evaluation.

Rose said Zauner helped his mental game while not ignoring the fine details of a kick.

"I was taught to clear my mind, have no thoughts, just go out there and kick," Rose said. "If you're thinking about what you're doing, about your mechanics, then you're thinking too much. Something is going to go wrong.

"Gary also taught me to take my time lining up, because the main thing is accuracy. If you're off just a hair, it's going to throw you off."

Click here to read article in it's entirety.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Will Snyderwine Receives Recognition

Following is an excerpt from the 'Bear65's Blog' pertaining to kicking specialist Will Snyderwine.

“The summer kicking work helped me particularly on my kickoffs”, #96 said, “I learned to reduce the height and get more depth. Coach Zauner was a big help and I enjoyed passing the knowledge that I had about kicking field goals to the younger campers.” Coach Z, who has tutored big time kickers for 35 years, said "After working just two days with Will Snyderwine and seeing the improvement he made, I believe he will be One of the better kickers in College football the next two years.”

ESPN’s ACC blogger named Will as the special team’s player of the week. He is also a second time semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award; the group of 20 kickers includes all of the big time programs in the BCS category. The award, given by the Palm Beach County Sports Commission, is usually a good predictor of future NFL success. The press release issued with the semifinalist list noted:

Past Groza finalists include current NFL kickers, Nate Kaeding, Sebastian Janikowski, Mike Nugent, Jason Elam, Mason Crosby and Graham Gano.

Click here to read article in it's entirety.

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