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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Real Facts about Snappers

Too often kickers, punters and snappers get no respect!

Since the draft I've read numerous newspaper articles and listened to several talk radio shows referring to the 2008 NFL draft.

I must set the facts straight.

During the draft, the Washington Redskins selected a punter in the 6th round, the NFL broadcast announcers were strongly opinionated. They just couldn't believe the pick. In my opinion, some ridiculous comments were made.

Later, in the 6th round the Seattle Seahawks selected Tyler Schmitt, (photo above) the long snapper from San Diego State. Several of the T.V. analyst's laughed, joked and again made ridiculous comments.

I really felt for the two players. Just think about it. What if you were the parents or a family member of Durant Brooks or Tyler Schmitt and witnessed the media coverage mocking a teams selection of your son or brother who is a kicking specialist. How would you of felt?

Also, some of the T.V. analysts and draft experts, who are extremely knowledgeable, with an incredible amount of facts regarding every player in the draft, made inaccurate statements pertaining to the drafting of snappers.

They made comments about the number of snappers that have been drafted in past years and which rounds. Lets set the record straight.

In the past drafts, snappers have been selected by teams like the Seattle Seahawks, who had experienced snapping problems during the previous season and tried to solve their problem by selecting a snapper in the draft.

History shows, snappers are generally taken by teams with needs, in the 6th or 7th round.

Also, history shows, most teams that use a draft pick on a snapper, usually correct their snapping problems. Matter of fact, most of the snappers that I have listed below were selected in the draft and most have remained with the team that drafted them.

Below, just a few examples of the teams who have selected snappers in the draft and the number of years the drafted snapper has played in the league:

Jason Kyle, drafted by Seattle Seahawks in the 4th Round, currently with the Carolina Panthers, has been in the league for 14 years. Jason also played linebacker. His combination of snapping and playing a position probably played a big factor in him being drafted in the 4th round. He has been an excellent snapper and cover man!

Patrick Mannelly, drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 7th round, has played his entire 11 years with Chicago. Outstanding snapper!

Kevin Houser, drafted in the 7th round by the New Orleans Saints, has snapped with the Saints for his entire 9 years. Excellent snapper!

Brad St. Louis, drafted by the Cincinnatti Bengals in the 7th round, has snapped for 9 years with the Bengals and also, is an excellent cover man! He also played tight end position in college but was drafted to snap!

Brian Jennings, drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the 7th round and has snapped 7 years for the 49er's team. He also played tight end position in college but was drafted to snap. Brian is an excellent snapper and cover man!

Ryan Pontbriand, who was drafted in the 5th round by the Cleveland Browns is one of the best snappers in the league. Cleveland has an excellent group of kicking specialists and it all starts with the snap! Phil Dawson and Dave Zastudil are both very fortunate to have the best snapper in the league and he was well worth a 5th round pick! He has now played 6 years with the Browns.

Most fans and talk show host's don't know the real value of the snapper. Matter of fact, the NFL must not know his true value either, because a long snapper is not on the Pro Bowl ballot.

When I was a Special Teams Coach in the NFL, I coached in the Pro Bowl twice. I couldn't believe that you as a coach or player are in a game that features the best of the best and you as a coach don't have a snapper to snap to the Pro Bowl kicker and punter!

I thought that was a real joke! We actually had to ask everyone on the team, who can snap! Raise your hand! In 1998, together, the special teams coach's made a deal not to rush, knowing both teams did not have a snapper on our squads to snap!

The following year I worked to get the committee to submit long snappers on the ballot, but it appeared nobody really cared, except the long snappers, punters and kickers.

At least now, the Pro Bowl teams, bring a snapper over to the Pro Bowl with a special roster spot. We as NFL coaches realize their importance and have tried to give the snappers their due rewards!

There are 32 teams and every team has a roster spot for a snapper.

I believe the NFL should place snappers on the ballot and vote for Pro Bowl snappers, just like every other position on the team.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coach Zauner's NFL Draft Class

The second day of the draft goes really fast! When I was a Special Teams Coach, this is the pay day. The special teams coaches work a lot of long hours and watch video to have information and input on second day players. If there are two players of equal ability, hopefully a special teams coaches information can get management to draft the better special teams player.

Today, they are going to find out which players their teams are finally going to draft. These drafted and priority free agents are going to be the players, on their Special Teams Units.

However, it can also be a very frustrating day for a special teams coaches if those needs are not met through the draft or free agency!

Sunday is also the day, if your team needs a kicker, punter, snapper, return man or special teams maven, this is the day to get him. It can be done during or immediately after the draft.I would start calling players in the 5th round letting them know that if we don't draft you, we want to sign you immediately after the draft. This is common with all NFL teams.

Even on Monday and Tuesday after the draft certain players might get signed. Everyone has a little different timetable. Today was a excellent day for my first class of One on One trainees. Two of the four specialist taken with draft picks trained with me right here in Fountain Hills, Arizona during the last two months.

The first field goal kicker taken in the draft was Taylor Mehlhaff. The New Orleans Saints with the 178th pick in the sixth round landed the big legged kicker out of the University of Wisconsin. He will compete against veteran kicker, Martin Gramatica. Taylor is a talented, left footed kicker who booms his kickoffs with the best hang times I've seen in years!

The first and only snapper taken in the draft was Tyler Schmitt. The Seattle Seahawks with their snapping woes in 2007 drafted Tyler with the 189th pick in the sixth round to land the San Diego State athlete. Tyler is an excellent snapper and cover guy. The T.V. analyst's on the NFL Total Access station couldn't believe the pick. They made several ridiculous and uninformed remarks. However, I don't think they saw the problems the Seahawks had with their snappers last season. This in my opinion was an excellent pick to take care of not only a need but solve their snapping woes!

After the draft, Gil Scott, the agent for Toledo's punter, Brett Kern called to notified me that Brett had signed as a free agent with the Denver Broncos. He thanked me for my help and assistance training Brett and also for making calls to Scottie O'Brien, Broncos Special Teams Coach. He said my conversations with coach O'Brien plus the One on One workout on the web site really helped! Brett was the punter at Toledo, and I felt he was the best punter I had seen in this years draft. However, Washington took Durant Brooks in the sixth round with the 168th pick. Only time will tell.

Later in the afternoon Glenn Schwartzman the agent for Oklahoma's kicker, Garrett Hartley called to let me know that he had also, signed a free agent contract with the Denver Bronco's. Garrett was very impressive in our two day workout. He was one of the kickers I couldn't believe was not invited to the NFL Combine back in February. This is an excellent opportunity for this young man!

Later in the evening I spoke with Kenny DeBauche, Wisconsin's senior punter and learned he had signed a free agent contract with the Green Bay Packers. The Packers had already signed one free agent punter earlier this spring. However, Kenny had a work out with the Packers two Special Teams Coaches, Mike Stock and Shawn Slocum, up in Green Bay two weeks after his One on One Lessons here with me. Kenny felt he had a great workout and said Coach Stock commented to him that he thought it was one of the best workouts he had ever witnessed. This is a dream come true for a kid from Bay Port High School, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The two NFL teams with the biggest Special Teams needs, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks both drafted and signed some excellent kicking specialist's this weekend. I would like to think my conversations with Seahawks Special Teams Coach, Bruce De Haven and Broncos Special Teams Coach, Scottie O'Brien paid dividends for my 2008 One on One draft class students!

Stay tuned for more of Coach Zauner's Blogs!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday's NFL Draft

Today and tomorrow I'm making contact with all the kickers, punters and snapper I trained this spring and prepared for this weekends NFL draft!

Brett Kern & Nick Jarvis, both were getting ready to get in a round of golf. Taylor Mehlhaff went back home to South Dakota and said it was snowing! Everybody was just trying to relax because this weekend is one of the biggest events that will dictate their futures.

All the guys are excited about this weekends draft. They all know and realize their names won't be called on the first day.

However, the key for all the specialists, is the second day of the draft or after the draft. All teams have different draft needs or ways to build their teams.

First, which teams have needs, second, how many draft picks do those teams have, third, how do they have the specialists rated with other free agents and fourth, roster spots.

This year there is another factor that might effect; teams will either draft or sign. The "80" team roster rule I mentioned a couple weeks ago in one of my other blogs, will mean teams are losing 5 roster spots because there are no roster exemptions this year, like in past years, because there are no NFL Europe teams this year. So, the guys that will be effected the most are the specialists! I believe more teams will be signing combination kicker/punter type players. They will not be signing the best available but the player that can fill a need to rest the older veteran kickers and punters on their team.

NFL Teams with Special Teams needs and my comments!

1) Broncos need a PK and punter - (2 rookies signed, but need better!)

2) Seahawks need a PK and snapper - (O. Mare has not kicked well, last 2 yrs!)

3) Saints might might need a PK - (M. Gramatica is a maybe in my mind)

4) Falcons might be looking for younger snapper to replace M. Schneck

5) Packers need snapper to replace R. Davis (they have a FA signed)

6) Giants need a snapper to do everything (FG snapper has almost cost them)

7) Eagles should look to bring in competition and to rest PK D. Ackers

8) Redskins should bring in a punter to compete with D. Frost

9) Chiefs have signed two PK's but need better!

10) Titans C. Hentrich is getting older, need younger punter to compete

11) Texans M. Turk is getting older, need younger punter to compete

12) Ravens might need kickoff man & competition for erratic Sam Koch

13) Jaguars might be looking for younger snapper to replace J. Zelenka

I wish the Best of Luck to My First Graduating Class!

Coach Zauner's 2008 One on One Training Class:

* Tyler Schmitt - Long Snapper - San Diego State
* Nick Jarvis - Long Snapper - Wake Forest

* Brett Kern - Punter - University of Toledo
* Kenny DeBauche - Punter - University of Wisconsin
* Ryan Weigand - Punter - University of Virginia

* Taylor Mehlhaff - Kicker - University of Wisconsin
* Garrett Hartley - Kicker - University of Oklahoma
* Garrett Palmer - Kicker - San Diego State University
* Michael Braunstein - Kicker - Ohio University

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Calls from College Players

Last week I sent out a mailer to all the Division I College kickers and punters about my kicking consulting services. The mail system works, because 4 days later the phone rang!

This week on Monday I received a phone call from Patrick Fisher, LSU Senior punter. I feel Patrick is one of the top five punters coming out in this years draft. He's about 6'4 and 240 pounds. He has had some good workouts in recent weeks and I've heard some great things about him through various NFL coaches. He's excited about the upcoming draft this weekend.

Tuesday, Romeen Abdollmohammodi, Washington State Senior kicker, called and inquired about my kicking services. Romeen is 6' 23o pounds. Big kicker with excellent leg strength. He's checked out the web site and is interested in some One on One Lessons.

Wednesday, Leon Jackson III, Utah State Senior punter and quarterback called to inquire about my services. Leon was Utah State's starting quarterback and punter. He's an athlete that is trying to find a way to either get into an NFL camp or the Canadian Football League. He is going to talk to his agent and get back to me.

All Three players have checked out and complimented me on my web site! I wish them all the best of luck in this weekends draft.

Stay tuned for Coach Zauner's Blog!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coach Zauner on Sirius NFL Radio

Today on Sirius NFL Radio 'Moving the Chains' with Host Pat Kirwan we talked Return Men!

The first question I fielded from Pat was: Is there another Devin Hester in this years draft? My answer was "No" however, Leodis McKelvin might be close. Depends on the team and how they decide to use him!

My List:

1) Leodis McKelvin - Troy State (8 Career TD's on PR and KOR) 3 TD's
2) Dominique Rodgers Cromartie -Tennessee State (PR or Punt Blocker)
3) Eddie Royal - Virginia Tech (Combination PR & KOR) 2 TD's
4) De Sean Jackson - Cal. Berkeley (Electrifying Return Man!) 1 TD
5) Clifton Smith - Fresno State (#12 in NCAA Punt Returns) 2 TD's
6) Kevin Robinson - Utah State (#8 in All Purpose Yards in NCAA)
Kevin was #1 on PR & #6 on KOR's with 4 TD's, Speed?? Very Productive Player!

Other Returners to Watch:

Tracey Porter (Indiana), Brian Bonner (TCU), Kenneth Moore (Wake Forest),
Antoine Caseon (Arizona), Darrell Blackman (N. Carolina State),
Anthony Russo (Washington), Tom Zbikowski (Notre Dame),
Dexter Jackson (Appalachian St.) and Quinton Demps (Washington St.)

There is always a sleeper in each years class, that has not been a returner in college but was a QB or position player for his team and is now doing whatever it takes to make a team.

Examples: Joshua Cribbs (Free Agent) and Michael Spurlock (Free Agent) both were QB's!

Most players are drafted because of their playing ability at a offensive or defensive position. However, Devin Hester was an exception to the rule! Leodis McKelvin is the best punt returner in this years draft. His or any return man's production will be dictated by the team and the emphasis placed on special teams and the players blocking for them!

Click here to listen to today's conversation and my comments on 'Moving the Chains', the top NFL punt returners in this weeks draft!

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

News From The NFL!

Friday evening as Michelle and I were going to friends for dinner I received great news, bad news and no news.

First the "Great" news. Scott Player, one of my former players called to inform me that he had just signed a contract with the New England Patriots. Scott thanked me for my help and assistance. A couple of weeks ago we posted one of Scott's most recent workouts on my web site. We highlighted his ability to directional punt. I had called several NFL coaches and told them to view Scott's workout on line. Brad Seely the Patriots Special Teams Coach was one of the coaches I had talked to. Scott is a true professional. He has worked hard the last 3 months to be ready on a moments notice for any try out that might come his way and his hard work has paid dividends for him and his family.

The "Bad" news, Mitch Berger another former player and punter I'm training called and told me that Scott Player had won the job at New England. Plus, Mitch had another workout in Denver on Monday and the Broncos signed a rookie punter to go to camp. Mitch is a former two time Pro Bowler and definitely has the ability to still punt in the league. However, Mitch just had a knee scope three weeks ago and might not be 100%.

The "NO" news came from Gil Scott, Mike Vanderjagt's agent, informing me that Mike had a great workout in Denver on Monday but the Broncos were not going to make any decision until after the draft. The previous week Mike had another tryout in Kansas City.

After working with Mike in February and seeing him kick, I just can't believe that Denver or Kansas City haven't signed a quality kicker like Mike to their roster.

I feel good that the guys I'm working with and posting on my web site, One on One Lessons and recommending to NFL coaches are not only getting tryouts but signed.

Again, my congratulations to Scott Player!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Garrett Palmer One on One Lessons

On Thursday and Friday I worked with San Diego State's senior kicker, Garret Palmer. Garrett was here about three weeks ago and we had some very productive sessions. I told him to go home to work on a couple of things and see how things work out. Well in the last three weeks he has really improved!

On Thursday we worked on field goals and also some punting. Garrett is about 6'2, 208 pounds and has a strong leg! He has the talent, in my opinion to be in some NFL teams training camp. However, the scouts have missed on another good kicker. What's new?

This year NFL teams are losing 5 roster spots because there is no NFL Europe roster exemptions. Which basically means NFL teams need to chop 5 players from their training camp lists and you can bet the guys that will be effected the most will be the specialists. Already 2 or 3 Special Teams Coaches have asked me about finding a punter that can kickoff or a kicker that can also punt.

Garrett was also a punter in high school so we spent time working on his punting skills. He hit a couple of big punts, however was very inconsistent!

During Friday's workout we spent time on field goals, kickoffs and punting.

Garrett had an excellent day kicking field goals. He made 18 of 21 field goals kicking in both directions, with and against a slight breeze. He hit several kicks over 50 yards with a long of 56 yards. In my opinion it was a very impressive.

He was a little off on his kickoffs today. He had kicked a lot the last two days and his leg looked a little dead. We finished with some punting technique. We went over some basic fundamentals for Garrett to work on the next couple of weeks to get him to be more consistent. He has the leg and I know he will work hard to get better. This might be the best way for him to get more exposure in the future. He will be a combination guy NFL Coaches are looking for to bring to camp.

Garrett's a really nice young man and seems will do whatever it takes to get to the next level. I will definitely recommend him to NFL Special Teams Coaches in the future. If he does not make it to a NFL camp this year I expect him to be in one next year!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Making Contact

Thursday morning, I spoke with Rian Lindell, Buffalo Bill's kicker to confirm a two day One on One Lesson in May. Again, Rian's agent Paul Sheehy feels that Rian would like some personal enrichment and feels I'm the perfect individual to help him. Rian is 6'3 and 233 pounds and wants to be more consistent hitting his kickoffs. He feels that is the one part of his game that he wants to improve in this off season which will not only help him but his team.

This was great news from the NFL!

Also, this week I have been working on a mailer to all the College Division I kickers and punters to let them know about my One on One Consulting. The players should be receiving my letter early next week.

It's been only two months since I started my consulting business and I feel good in the direction it is moving.

Also, today I spoke with Pat Kirwan to confirm I will be back on Sirius NFL Radio next Tuesday, April 22nd talking Return Specialist for the upcoming draft. I will be on 3:45 PM ET /12:45 PT.

Stay tuned for more of Coach Zauner's Blog!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mark Gronzalski 14 Hour Tour!

Late Tuesday Mark Gronzalski from William Penn University in West Des Moine flew in for a 14 hour stay to get two One on One Punting Lessons. Mark wanted to get some instruction before his NAIA All Star Game this weekend in Kansas City.

Mark got off the plane and we went immediately to the practice field because we had only about 2 hours of sunlight left in the sky.

Mark started punting and I observed. He's about 6' and 220 pounds and has a strong leg! However, his drop was very inconsistent. We worked a couple of drill to correct his problem. We punted until the sun went down and headed to my office to view the video.

Mark has not watched a lot of video of himself. So, as I pointed out what we needed to correct and how, Mark was very happy that we video taped the lesson because he could see clearly what he needed to do to get better.

I took Mark to his hotel so he could get some sleep, on Wednesday we started our lesson at 6:30 in the morning because Mark's flight left at 9:45 AM. This was a world wind tour for this young man.

The second lesson began with several drills to correct Mark's punting problems. He was very good at listening and picking up concepts. He caught on to the drills quickly and had immediate results.

In about 14 hours, we completed two One on One Punting Lessons, viewed the video and got Mark to the airport to catch his flight.

Mark was very pleased with the results and was happy that he made the trip to Fountain Hills to work with me.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coaching Seminar with Vikings

I spent most of last week working and organizing my coaching video library. After 13 years in the NFL as a Special Teams Coach, I sure saved a lot of video. I not only have several tapes of the great veteran kickers, punters and snappers, but also, all kinds of special teams; punt and kickoff coverage, return, technique, drill and highlight tapes. It's quiet the library.

Sunday night I flew to Minnesota to do a one day seminar with the Vikings Special Teams Coaches Paul Ferraro and Brian Murphy.

On Monday we got started early. I basically down loaded all my coverage and return highlight tapes, plus organized folders of video and power point for all my individual and team drills in each phase of the kicking game. I went in loaded down with two computers and an arsenal of information for them, to answer any question they might ask.

We spent a couple of hours on each phase of the kicking game; punt, punt return, kickoff, kickoff return and field goal. We ended the day talking about coaching situations and practice organization.

At the end of the day Coach Childress stopped by to say hi, after a long day of draft meetings. He asked us, how everything went and both coaches commented, that it was really good. When I met with Coach Childress at the NFL combine he loved my creative power point demonstration, and hopefully in the future I will be back to show him more of my animated power point presentations. He and the entire Viking organization were very accommodating.

When I was a college and NFL Special Teams coach, many times in the off season you study video tapes of everyone in the league and try to learn new trends or figure ways to beat your opponents. However, if your coaching by yourself there really isn't anyone to talk philosophy or play war games with.

Part of my consulting business is to offer college and NFL special teams coaches another view to show various drills or critique their special teams system or present options on coverage and return schemes that might give them more versatility and effectiveness.

I really enjoyed working with they coaches in Minnesota and I think they enjoyed my video and power point presentations and the various options I presented them on technique, scheme and drills.

This week I have 2 kickers and a punter coming to town for more One on One Punting and Kicking Lesson.

Stay tuned for more of Coach Zauner's Blog!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Preparing DVD for Coaching Clinics

Last week, Friday, April 4th I spoke at the Wisconsin High School Football Coaches Association Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. There were about 3,400 coaches in attendance. Just wanted to share some photos my niece, Jamie took of the event. Jamie and Todd Reichman, her husband have their own photography business in Illinois. You can visit their web site at http://www.reichmanphoto.com/

At my presentation there were about 300 avid High School & College Special Teams Coaches.
My topics were Kickoff Cover Stop Middle Wedge and Wedge Left and Right Returns. Plus, I showed two DVD's, the first was a One on One Field Goal and Kickoff Lesson with Mike Vanderjagt and the second was Punting Tips with Mitch Berger.

I had a blast talking to the coaches back in Wisconsin. I grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In the photo above on the screen is an advertisement for the kicking camp I do back in River Falls Wisconsin. I have done this camp for 30 years. It was one of the original kicking camps way back when. This year we have Mike Vanderjagt, NFL's Leading FG Percentage Leader as our Pro Kicker, Derrick Frost of the Washington Redskins as our Pro Punter and Matt Katula, Baltimore Ravens as our Long Snapper. The clinics dates are June 21st to 23rd. Contact information; John O'Grady Head Football Coach UW - River Falls, 1.800.228.5613 Email: john.f.ogrady@uwrf.edu.

This week I have not scheduled any kicking or punting One on One Lessons or my session with Sirius Radio. I have blocked this week off to work on my coaching DVD's and prepare for my upcoming coaching clinics and One on One Special Teams Coaching Seminars.

Next week, Monday, I will be visiting the Minnesota Vikings to do a Coaching Seminar with their Special Teams Coaches on various drills. This weekend I must get all my drills and power point presentations ready.

Stay Tuned to Coach Zauner's Blog!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wisc. Coaches Clinic & Sirius Radio

It's was finally Friday and it was a world wind day. Speaking at 2:45 PM for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then at 5:30 PM going on Sirius Radio, 'Moving the Chains' with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan talking Punters and Snappers.

It's been a long week, preparing taxes, traveling and getting my new coaching DVD ready for my presentation,(Drills for Kickoff Cover - Stop Middle Wedge and Stop Left and Right Wedge Returns. Plus One on One Field Goals and Kickoffs with Mike Vanderjagt and Punting Tips with Mitch Berger) all available on the same DVD. In the near future, I will be selling these DVD's on my website.

I gave my presentation and thought it went quite well, of course that's in my opinion!

I had a combination; power point, DVD and VHS presentation. I started by showing the coaches my famous 'Gauntlet Drill", which for 13 years, I have used in the NFL to evaluate all the new rookie players coming into camp. I alternated my presentation with my animation packed power point presentation first teaching the drills, then showing the drills on DVD. Then I showed a VHS highlight tape of best kickoff cover plays, from my days with the Vikings, Ravens and Cardinals.

I finished my presentation with my Mike Vanderjagt One on One and Mitch Berger Punting Tips. I felt it was important the coaches get a little of everything!

The hour and 15 minutes went fast! My presentation was over and I went outside to meet, greet, and reminisce with more of my old buddies I hadn't seen yet.

However, I couldn't afford to relax too long, because, in hour I was scheduled for Sirius Radio, at 5:30 PM I fielded questions from Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan on Punters and Snappers. Click here to listen to Friday's Radio Show!

I was finally done, Michelle and I went to the lobby to continue socializing. Below, on the far left is Bill Collar, he was the Head Coach at Seymour High School for several years, retired from coaching and currently is a Motivational Speaker and Humorist. He is probably one of the funniest men I have ever met. The other gentlemen in the middle is John Brodie, who is a long time legend coach in the Wisconsin High School ranks. John is 75 years young and still coaching at Grafton High School as an Assistant Coach. He loves football and life! He's my long time friend and idol!

Bill Collar, John Brodie and Coach Zauner

The trip was a great success! The presentation went smoothly, attending coaches enjoyed the drills and DVD. The response to my DVD was extremely positive and I hope to sell a bunch of them in the future at other clinics.

Stay tuned for more of Coach Zauner's Blog!

Friday, April 4, 2008

One on One With Uncle Sam

This has been a hectic week. Tax season!

As they say in life, death & taxes are inevitable. I've been doing a One on One lesson with Uncle Sam for the last 3 days and it hasn't been much fun.

After dealing with taxes we headed to Madison, Wisconsin for my speaking engagement at the Wisconsin High School Coaches Association Clinic on Friday.

This is an event I have been looking forward to, as I was born and raised in Milwaukee,Wisconsin. As a sophomore, in 1966, I attended Milwaukee Pulaski High School. For my junior and senior years I attended Milwaukee Hamilton High School.

After graduation from Milwaukee Hamilton, I attended the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse from 1968 to 1972 where I received both my Bachelor and Masters Degree in Education.

Several of my college football team mates, who later became high school coaches, plus other coaching friends are planning to attend the clinic. I look forward to seeing all my old friends!

We checked into the the Marriott Hotel in Middleton, which is a suburb of Madison. As we check in I see Bob Berezowitz, former Head Coach at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Bob and I played against each other in college and he is the reason I was speaking at the clinic this year. He informs me that approximately 3,500 coaches will be in attendance this weekend. This clinic is the largest football coaches clinic in the country. It's even bigger than the Texas High School Football Coaches Clinic... 'That's Big!'

As I move through the lobby I see Greg Dufek, who was the Head Coach at Milwaukee Pulaski my sophomore year in high school. Great conversation. Thursday night was just the beginning, like old home week.

Michelle had a great time meeting several of my old friends and listening to us reminisce about previous playing and coaching stories.

Michelle and I attending the clinic

Due to traveling, my next post will be Sunday night.

Stay tuned to Coach Zauner's Blog!