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Friday, August 16, 2013

Brandon Bogotay From College Back Up To NFL Starter?

Brandon Bogotay Back Up Kicker at U. of Georgia Behind Blair Walsh Signs
Free Agent Contract with Cleveland Browns After 2013 Free Agent Combine
On March 26, 2013 I held my 2013 Free Agent Combine in Phoenix, Arizona.  A week or so later
Brandon Bogotay a Free Agent Kicker from the University of Georgia had two workouts lined up with the Seattle Seahawks and the Cleveland Browns.

After excellent workouts both teams offered Brandon a Free Agent Contract.

Cleveland was so impressed with Brandon's 2013 Free Agent Combine and private workouts they offered him a highly unlikely signing bonus.

When Brandon asked me what he should do I replied, "Make decisions based upon opportunity and not money." 

Brandon was flattered with the signing bonus but made his decision based upon where he felt his best chances of being the starting Kicker.  And that would be in Cleveland.

In May I wrote a blog about Brandon Bogotay and 'A Speciaist's Path To Pro Football'.  Click To Read Brandon's Blog.

NFL Special Teams Coordinators Watch and Evaluate Kickers at 2013 Free Agent Combine
Chris Tabor (Cleveland Browns) and Shawn Slocum (Green Bay Packers)

Now, in August Cleveland Sports writers are writing articles about Brandon and his quest to be Cleveland's starting kicker.  Brandon in his first start had a good game kicking a 43 yard field goal and putting his first two kickoffs out of the end zone.  Brandon tweaked his groin on one of his kickoffs and the team decided to sit him out the rest of the game. 

Can Brandon Bogotay Go From The Back Up Kicker At Georgia Behind Blair Walsh
 To A Starting Kicker For The Cleveland Browns?
Click to Read;

Click Below to Listen to Brandon Bogotay's Testimonial after working One on One Lessons and attending Coach Zauner's 2013 PRO Development Camp and Free Agent Combine.

Good Luck To Brandon!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Sam Martin Detroit Lions Punter And Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine producing Results

Detroit Lions Sam Martin Producing Results
I was watching the Detroit Lions 3rd preseason games against the New England Patriots to evaluate
Sam Martin progress from game one.  Sam was drafted in the 5th Round by the Detroit Lions.

However, back in March when Sam attended my 2013 College Senior Specialist's Combine I evaluated and projected Sam to be one of the top two combination Punter / Kickoff Specialists in the 2013 Draft.

After his performance against the Patriots of punting 4 times for a 53.5 yard average with a long of 61 yards with two (2) inside the twenty yard line I believe he is everything the Lions wanted and needed.
Congrats to Sam.
Sam Martin Appalachian State University Punter & Kickoff Specialists Attends
Coach Zauner's 2013 College Senior Combine To Get More Exposure
Sam was one of 27 punters and 73 kicking specialists that attended Coach Zauner's 2013 College Senior Combine, held March 1-3, 2013 in Gilbert, Arizona.
Sam Martin caught Coach Zauner's "Eye" with his Explosive Punting Leg
Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine is producing results for specialists in smaller division schools.  In the 2012 NFL Draft, John Potter (Western Michigan) was Drafted in the 7th Round by the Buffalo Bills.  In this years 2013 NFL Draft it was Sam Martin (Appalachian State University).

Appalachian State University and Western Michigan are two smaller division football schools however, specialists are getting the exposure the deserve and need from my combines.

Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine has become a "Field of Dreams" for several college senior kicking specialists. Some have been drafted and others have signed Free Agent Contracts.  The key is to get the EXPOSURE they want, need and deserve and get into a NFL training camp to compete for a starting job.

The goal of Coach Zauner, LLC and the College Senior Combine is to get any college senior kicking specialists that has NFL potential and was NOT invited to the NFL Combine exposure.

I believe that because I have coached, trained and consulted 22 PRO Bowl and over 95 NFL kicking specialists NFL Special Teams Coaches and Directors of Personnel take notice of the lists, information and videos I gather.

The system is working and I hope it continues to work for the upcoming kicking specialists around the country that have the dream of one day playing in the NFL.  And most hard working specialists say they just want a chance.

Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Combines are giving kicking specialists the chance they want and deserve as long as they are performing at a high level.
Sam Martin Booms One of Many Fifty And Sixty Yard Punts During the Combine

Sam Martin was also, one of the best kickoff specialists during the 2012 NCAA Football Season.
At my 2013 College Senior Combine Sam demonstrated to me why he was one of the top
punter / kickoff specialists in this years draft.  Sam was a late entry to my Combine but I believe he is vert pleased that he attended and got the exposure he wanted and deserved.

Three weeks after my College Senior Combine I held my Free Agent Combine. By NFL rules, NFL Special Teams Coordinators & Directors of Pro Personnel are allowed to attend this combine and evaluate the talent.
NFL Special Teams Coordinators and Scouts at Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine
Prior to this combine I have a meeting with all the NFL coaches and scouts in attendance a give them the results and DVD of all the best specialists that attended my College Senior Combine. Sam definitely got the exposure he wanted and deserved along with 15 other specialists.

Thirteen Specialists that attended my 2013 College Senior Combine went to NFL Training Camps. Coach Zauner's Combines are producing results just like Sam Martins Punting.

Click to listen to Sam Martin's Testimonial after attending Coach Zauner's 2013 College Senior Specialist's Combine:

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