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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bucknells Phil Azarik Returns

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday Bucknell's Phil Azarik was back in Scottsdale, Arizona for another One on One Punting Lesson. Phil is a big good looking left footed punter.

Phil came back to show me how much he had improved and had a fairly rough first day in the wind. I told Phil the best punters are not bothered by the wind because they have good technique. Punting on a windy day is a true test of your technique.

So, we proceeded to still work to refine Phil's footwork and drop. The last time Phil was here he kept dropping the ball outside his hip and that caused him to be inconsistent.

On day two it was still windy however, Phil had a good day. At one point he turned over 12 punts in a row into the wind. He turned to me and said, "I don't remember when I ever turned over 12 punts in a row".

At the end of day two Phil and I both agreed he was finally getting his footwork and drop in line. His performance had definitely improved from day one to day two.

Day three it continued to be windy. T.J. O'Leary the long snapper from the University of Nebraska was also in Scottsdale, for some One on One Snapping Lessons. Phil and T.J. worked together for two days and had a good time working together refining their skills. Both were very professional.

Phil started lesson three and first worked his drills. He then started to work on his punting technique with T.J. snapping. He continued to improve on his consistency into the wind. He was now turning over more and more balls (SNO) spiral nose over to his power zone into the wind.

I feel Phil has turned the corner and started to refine his technique where he will continue to have better days. The key to any punters success is his drop. Phil after three days has improved his drop which will ultimately improve his consistency.

It was again a real pleasure working with Phil. He is really a nice young man and really wants to do well. We both believe Phil is leaving Arizona a more confident punter and I wish him the best of luck at his Pro Day.

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