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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Longest Punt in Super Bowl History

I called former Dallas Cowboys punter Mike Saxon today to check out and O.K. his punting section on my web site. I recruited Mike to walk-on at San Diego State back in the early 1980's. As we were going thru the Art of Punting section, Mike asks me a question about the up coming Super Bowl here in Arizona. His question was, who holds the Record for the Longest Punt in Super Bowl History? I answer you! Simply, because I didn't know and Mike played in a couple of them with the Cowboys.

The correct answer was Lee Johnson! Lee Johnson holds the Record for the Longest Punt in Super Bowl History with a punt of 63 yards. Lee set this record punt while playing for the Bengals. Lee is also on my web site. Lee was a punter at BYU when I coached there in 1980. I tutored and coached Lee many times during his long NFL career. Check out Lee's punting form on http://www.coachzauner.com/

"Lee is one of my all time favorite players and people"

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Coaching Punter Mitch Berger

Mitch Berger had been cut 6 times by various NFL teams. I was the Special Teams Coach for the Minnesota Vikings and convinced Coach Dennis Green and VP Frank Gilliam to sign Mitch as a free agent. Mitch and I had 5 great years together in Minnesota. Mitch worked hard and accepted coaching. Together we created a punting style that was best for Mitch. He has developed himself into a 2 time Pro Bowler with the Vikings.
Last summer Mitch Berger was not in any NFL training camps. He came to Scottsdale Arizona to work with me for several months. We worked to get his punting form back! In November the Cardinals were looking to replace their punter. I heard that they were flying in a couple of punters, so I called GM Rod Graves and Special Teams Coach Kevin Spencer and asked if they would also look at Mitch. I told them Mitch had been training with me and was punting the ball really well. He got a work out and was signed by the Cardinals. Mitch punted the last five games of the 2007.
Mitch is now a Arizona Cardinal and training hard for next season! Hard work, determination and having a kicking coach paid dividends for Mitch. I ask myself, if Tiger Woods, who is the greatest golfer of all-time has a Golf or Swing Coach, why don't most NFL Punters & Kickers? See http://www.coachzauner.com/ to see the number of great punters and kickers I have coached and tutored thru my consulting and coaching career.

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