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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Brett Maher Dallas Cowboys Kicker

Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Specialist's Combines
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Brett Maher At Coach Zauner's 2018 Free Agent Combine 
Congrats to Brett Maher (U. of Nebraska) for signing and making the Dallas Cowboys Roster.  For the past three years (2016, 2017 and 2018),  Brett has attended Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine held in March every year in Gilbert, Arizona at Campo Verde High School. 

This Combine was created back in 2009 as Coach Zauner's vision or  "Field of Dreams" for Kicking, Punting and Snapping Specialists.

Every year this showcase event draws an average of 26 NFL and 4 CFL Teams.  Special Teams Coordinators, Assistant Special Teams Coaches, Directors of PRO Personnel and NFL Scouts attend this combine to evaluate the kicking, punting and snapping specialists in attendance.
Henry Sroka - Dallas Cowboys Director of PRO Personnel Takes Note
Brett Maher at 2017 Free Agent Combine
Brett who had just finished playing in the CFL for the Ottawa Redblacks in 2016 season attended the 2017 Free Agent Combine.  Brett had an awesome day competing against (35) other free agent kickers and won the field goal competition.  After the combine Brett signed with the Cleveland Browns.  After being released he signed back with the Ottawa Redblacks in the CFL. 
Brett Mahers Wins Field Goal Competition at 2017 Free Agent Combine
89 Specialists Qualify For the 2018 Free Agent Combine
Every year Dallas Cowboys Director of PRO Personnel, Henry Sroka has been in attendance. I have know Henry for over 25 years and he is one of the few PRO Scouts that loves to evaluate kicking specialists.  
Rich Bisaccia (Oakland Raiders) and Henry Sroka (Dallas Cowboys) Evaluate Specialists

This year once again Brett attended the 2018 Free Agent Combine.   This combine had 135 specialists register.   However, only 89 specialists qualified.  There were (38) kickers that performed in front of the NFL & CFL Teams in attendance. 
Brett Maher at Coach Zauner's 2018 Free Agent Combine
This year after the Free Agent Combine the Dallas Cowboys brought in several specialists.  The Cowboys eventually signed two specialists, Scott Daly (Notre Dame Snapper) and Brett Maher (U. of Nebraska & Veteran CFL player).   

Brett competed with Dan Bailey (Veteran NFL Kicker) and won the job after four preseason games.  Congrats to Brett for all his hard work and dedication to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL.  

Now, Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine has been a "Field of Dreams" for Dallas Cowboys Kicker, Brett Maher.  Congrats and Best of Luck this season!
Brett Maher - Dallas Cowboys Kicker
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