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Monday, November 25, 2013

Free Agent Combine Produces Exposure & Results

A Free Agent's "Field of Dreams"
NFL Special Teams Coordinators & Scouts Evaluate Specialists
All too often, specialists were getting lost in the shuffle when forced to share the spotlight with hundreds of flash-and-dash position players in the NFL Combine. The limited exposure for special teams players and lack of post-combine success stories presented a huge problem for aspiring kickers, punters and snappers.. 
In 2008, Coach Gary Zauner and Joe Marciano started searching for a solution. 

They envisioned a "Field of Dreams" where elite specialists would have the opportunity to compete for roster spots in the NFL/CFL and in 2009, Coach Zauner’s Inaugural Free Agent Specialist’s Combine was born.
Joe Marciano (Texans) Long Time NFL Special Teams Coordinator
Professional scouts, coaches and personnel directors convened in Phoenix, Arizona to evaluate the 41 participants invited to showcase their skill set. The two-day event was a roaring success, yielding the likes of Pro Bowl kicker, Billy Cundiff and proving that Coach and Marciano may know a thing or two about assembling a talent pool.
Billy Cundiff Re Boots career at 2009 Free Agent Combine
Jonathan Weeks (Baylor) Signs with Texans after 2010 Free Agent Combine
Four years later, the Free Agent Specialist's Combine continues to produce results beyond expectations, lending credence to the tried and true benefits of the specialist's “Field of Dreams”.

In 2013, 9 specialists, including Ryan Quigley, Brandon Bogotay and Derek Dimke, signed NFL contracts and an additional 14 participants were invited to NFL workouts or mini camps. 
Coach Zauner has developed a unique eye for talent through coaching and consulting over 100 NFL/CFL athletes. He is well-respected in PRO coaching circles and relied upon because of the quality of kicking, punting and snapping specialists he recommends, not the quantity of combine participants. 
Nick Novak (U. of Maryland) Signs with San Diego Chargers
Teams looking to fill roster spots are looking for PRO-ready athletes and that's exactly what the Free Agent Specialist's Combine offers. For years, some of the best specialists in the country were overlooked because scouts were unable to effectively sift through the talent at the NFL Combine. 
The exclusivity of the Free Agent Specialist’s Combine ensures that every participant is afforded the opportunity to be seen and evaluated by the numerous NFL/CFL coaches and scouts in attendance. 
Swayze Waters (UAB) Helps Toronto Argonauts Win 2012 Grey Cup
Since leaving the NFL, Coach Zauner has dedicated himself to connecting PRO personnel and high caliber athletes of all age levels. Since 2009, Coach Zauner programs have expanded to include the College Senior Specialist’s Combine, High School Kicking CampsPRO Development Camps and One on One Lessons
Ryan Quigley (Boston College) Signs with N.Y. Jets After 2003 Free Agent Combine
The 2014 Free Agent Specialist’s Combine is the "Field of Dreams" Joe Marciano and Coach Zauner imagined in 2009. Now, the country’s elite kickers, punters and snappers have a platform to prove themselves worthy of a roster spot.
But don't take our word for it...
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