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Monday, September 21, 2015

Turner Bernard #1 Rated High School Snapper

Turner Bernard Mountain Ridge High School Snapper 
Attends Coach Zauner's May PRO Development Camp!
In July Ranked #1 Snapper In Country by Kohl's Kicking
Turner Bernard At Coach Zauner's 2015 May PRO Development Camp
First and foremost I would like to congratulate Turner Bernard, Mountain Ridge High School Senior Snapper for his #1 Ranking by Kohl's Kicking this summer. At the same time I would also like to extend my congrats to Ben Benard, Turner's father and snapping coach.  Turner's success can be attributed to his hard work and his father passion and dedication to coaching snappers.  Way to go guys!

My First Introduction To Ben Benard Arizona Elite Snapping Coach

Several years ago I had a phone conversation with Arizona Elite Long Snapping Coach Ben Bernard about one of his snappers, Jonathan Weeks (Baylor University). Jonathan was a frustrated and undersized snapper that was making his last attempt to fulfill his dream of  becoming an NFL snapper.  To make a long story short he qualify for my 2009 Free Agent Combine.  He got the exposure he wanted and deserved in front of 26 NFL Teams and is now snapping with the Houston Texans.  
Jonathan Weeks at Coach Zauner's 2009 Free Agent Combine
A year later I had  another conversation about Nick Sundberg (Cal. Berkeley).  After seeing Nick snap repeatedly for me at some of my One on One Punting Lessons I selected Nick to be my snapper when Denny Green hired me as his Special Teams Coordinator with the California Redwoods in the now de-funk UFL Football League.  The following year Nick signed with the Panthers and was cut.  Thee next year he signed with the Washington Redskins where he is currently snapping.
Coach Zauner & Nick Sundberg in The UFL Football League with California Redwoods
Ben's next referral was Kyle Nelson (New Mexico State).  Kyle was an excellent college athlete and snapper that attended my 2011 College Senior Combine.  I was very familiar with Kyle because he had repeatedly volunteered to snap at several of my PRO Development Camps and ONE on ONE Punting Lessons.   Kyle was a hard working young man and a coaches son.  He had brief stints with several NFL Teams but no full-time jobs.  Kyle was on and off several NFL rosters for a couple of years and eventually came to me for some ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons.

Last year  in the off season, Kyle's hard work paid dividends.  He signed a Free Agent contract with the San Francisco 49ers and is currently their snapper.
Kyle Nelson at Coach Zauner 's 2011 College Senior Combine
A little over a year ago I received another call from Ben Benard asking me for a favor.  Ben asked, "Coach, would you please come over to my camp and take a look at my son Turner and give me your evaluation and professional opinion of his snapping potential.  I replied, "No Problem".  Besides it will also give me a chance to match a face with a voice. Through the years Ben and I had talked a lot over the phone about several snappers but had never met. 
Ben Bernard & Coach Zauner
Turner at that time was a high school sophomore at Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale, Arizona.  

When I walked in the gym Ben had Turner already warmed up. It took me only one snap to see that Ben's son was the real deal.  As a high school sophomore he was already better than most high school seniors and many college snappers.   

Ben had done an excellent job coaching and training Turner just like he has done with so many other young snappers.  

Ben Bernard founder of Arizona Elite Long Snapping has a passion.  His passion is coaching snappers. Any snapper that attends Ben's training sessions has to be dedicated and committed just like he is.  Turner is one of Ben's prize prodigies.

Turner Bernard at Coach Zauner's 2015 May PRO Development Camp
In May of 2015 Ben brought Turner to my PRO Development Camp here in Fountain Hills, Arizona so Turner would have the opportunity to be coached by someone else besides himself. 

Turner came to the three day camp and competed with several of the Nations top college snappers. As an elite high school snapper Turner held his own against the field.  However, like most snappers he still needs to improve on his blocking technique.

I exposed Turner and  Ben to Coach Zauner's snapping philosophy.  As I do with all snappers I expose them to my drills and snapping progression.  Ben sat in on each meeting, video session and practice.  Turner was a sponge.  He watched and listened and was a very coachable athlete. 

Part of my continuing evaluation of all Specialists is:  1) Do They Listen,  2) Are They Coachable, 3) Do They Work Hard To Get Better and 4) How Do They Get Along With Other Athletes.  Turner is at the top of his class!

Turner Bernard at 2015 May PRO Development Camp
Since the camp Ben and I have had several conversations this summer about Turner's future college plans.  I have introduced Ben to my network of college head coaching friends and associates around the country.  Turner's ability as an elite snapper will get him a lot of attention this fall. 

Now, I just hope that whichever school Turner falls in love with, will reciprocate with a scholarship offer next year.  He should have a lot of choices. I wish Turner the best of luck this season at Mountain Ridge High School and in the future.

 I hope in four or five more years there will be a photo of Turner in an NFL Uniform!
Snappers Use Coach Bernard and Coach Zauner 
To Achieve Their Goal of Playing In the NFL
NOTE: In the past couple of years Coach Bernard has sent me three of his top college prospects which are pictured above. Why?  I believe we have a mutual respect for each others coaching ability.  Also, Ben has told me that he likes my honesty, professionalism and "eye for snapping talent".  

Coach Benard's Arizona Elite Snapping Program helps snappers earn College Scholarships while Coach Zauner's ONE on ONE Lessons, PRO Development Camps, College Senior and Free Agent Combines are getting snappers exposure to NFL Teams, signing contracts and making NFL rosters.
College Senior Combine Produces Exposure & Results For Snappers
Free Agent Snappers Get Exposure To NFL Teams and Sign Contracts 
Joe Cardona (Navy) N.E. Patriots Attends 2014 PRO Development Camp
ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons Help Snappers Refine Their Snapping & Blocking Technique
Coach Zauner's Arizona High School Camps

Coach Zauner's Programs:
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Joe Cardona, Navy Snapper Makes N.E. Patriots Final Roster

Congrats To Snapper Joe Cardona (Navy) 
For Making N. E. Patriots Final Roster
Joe Cardona at 2014 July PRO Development Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I first met Joe Cardona (Navy) at my Milwaukee, Wisconsin PRO Development Camp for College Kicking, Punting & Snapping Specialist.

At first glance I could tell Joe Cardona had NFL Potential. However, like most young college snappers they all need to learn more importantly to snap and block in a PRO style punt formation. 

In past years I have been very successful helping several other College Specialists make the transition from College snapping to the NFL.  Many of those snappers have been a part of Coach Zauner's Programs which include:  ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons, PRO Development Camps, College Senior or Free Agent Combines.  Most of these snappers attended one or more of the programs.  Those snappers include: Jon Weeks (Texans), Jeremy Cain (Jaguars), Nick Sundberg (Redskins), Morgan Cox (Ravens), Justin Drescher (Saints), Matt Overton (Colts), Christian Yount (Browns), Kevin McDermott (Vikings), Beau Brinkley (Titans), Kyle Nelson (49ers), Andrew DePaola (Buccaneers) and most recently James Winchester (Chiefs).
NFL Snappers That Have Used Coach Zauner's PROGRAMS:
Pro Camps, College Senior & Free Agent Combines
Last summer Joe Cardona and Andrew East were two more snappers that have participated in one of Coach Zauner's Programs and moved on to bigger and better things. 

I don't know how much I thought Joe about snapping but I believe I pointed him in the right direction with regards to selecting the right agent and the "Process".

I believe the sooner I see young College and NFL potential specialists, the better I can help educate them and their parents about "The Process".  The "Process" which includes important information about the selection of an agent, upcoming Bowl Games such as the Senior Bowl, their PRO Day, Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine and the NFL Draft. 
Joe Cardona (Navy) and Andrew East (Vanderbilt) Invited To 2015 Senior Bowl
Last fall I also received a call from the Director of the Senior Bowl, Phil Savage.  Phil and I worked together at the Baltimore Ravens for four years.  Phil called asking for recommendations for kicking specialists.

Joe Cardona (Navy) and Andrew East both received and invitation to the 2015 Senior Bowl. Joe later got invited to the NFL Combine in February in Indianapolis.  Joe's performance at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine produced a 5th Round selection by the New England Patriots. Andrew East was signed as a Free Agent with the K.C. Chiefs.   Joe should be the starting snapper for the New England Patriots this season unless his Naval commitment interferes with his NFL future.

Again congratulations to Joe for his accomplishment and continued success this upcoming NFL season!

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University of Virginia Punter, Nicholas Conte has big day vs UCLA

Nicholas Conte University of Virginia Punter
Just want to congratulate University of Virginia Punter, Nicholas Conte for his big game vs UCLA. This was not just Nick's opening game of the 2015 season, but  also his first college career game.

In Nick's first game he punted (4) times and averaged 50.5 yards per punt.  He also had a fake punt for a first down. Way to go Nick!

 Below, read Doug Doughty Article:
Article About Nicholas Conte University of Virginia Punter

I first met Nicholas about two years ago after Allison Conte, Nick's mother called me about checking out some video of here son during spring practice.  She felt her son had potential but never really had any type of quality coaching.  

After a (1) hour phone consultation evaluating Nick's technique he went back to practice.  Nicholas felt the suggestions I recommended worked but wanted more.  He wanted to meet me for a ONE on ONE Punting Lesson.  A couple weeks later Nicholas, Allison and Nick Sr. were on a plane to meet Coach Zauner in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  

After two years of several ONE on ONE Punting Lessons and PRO Development Camps for College Specialists, Nicholas has improved immensely.  A matter of fact at my 2015 May Camp Nicholas won the punting contest.  Below he is pictured with his snapper during the competition, San Diego State's Jeffery Overbaugh.  Jeffery is a senior this year and will be one of the top snappers coming out for the 2016 NFL draft. 
Nicholas Conte and Jeffery Overbaugh (San Diego State Snapper)
Nicholas Conte working on Nose Down Drop
Nicholas has worked relentlessly on improving his drop and his punting technique.  When he came to Arizona for his ONE on ONE Lessons he had a flat to nose up drop and was a very mechanical style punter.  As I advertise on my website, Coach Zauner teaches a more 'Natural Style of Punting and Kicking'.  

In the last two years Nicholas has steadily improved not only with his technique but in all phases of his punting game.  He has become a good Directional Punter as well as improving his inside the 10 yard line Aussie Drop Punts.  As a former LaCrosse and Soccer athlete, running for a first down against UCLA was also pretty natural. 

Nicholas Conte with 'A Natural Style of Punting'
Once again congrats to Nicholas in his first career college game.  However, with all athletes success is measured with consistent performances.  I believe if any punter has better fundamentals and technique he will be more consistent.  With Nick's improved technique, hard work and dedication I expect more great things in his future!

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College Senior and Free Agent Combines are:

'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

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Long Snapping Lessons

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Coach Zauner's 2015 Free Agent Combine Produces Results for Another Snapper

 Coach Zauner's 
2015 Free Agent Combine Snapper
James Winchester 
Signs With K.C. Chiefs 
James Winchester (U. of Oklahoma) at Coach Zauner's  2015 Free Agent Combine
I first met James Winchester after he graduated from the University of Oklahoma.  He was a Free Agent Snapper looking for work.  He had heard about me through Tress Way who is the current  Punter for the Washington Redskins and Free Agent Kicker, Patrick O'Hara both former University of Oklahoma Specialists and Teammates. 
Tress Way (U. of Oklahoma) After ONE on ONE Punting Lesson
Tress came to me after his senior year for ONE on ONE Punting Lessons and also attended the College Senior Combine.  Tress Way had immediate success signing with the Chicago Bears and later signing with the Washington Redskins. He is the current Punter for the Washington Redskins.  Patrick also came for ONE on ONE Kicking Lessons. He qualified for my Free Agent Combine and received numerous looks and tryouts the last two years. 
Patrick O'Hara (U. of Oklahoma) At 2014 & 2015 Free Agent Combines
In 2013 James Winchester attended my Free Agent Combine and several tryouts and later signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2014 again teams showed interest but there were no openings. He went back to the weight room and kept working on his technique waiting for the next Coach Zauner Free Agent Combine. 
James Winchester Impresses NFL Coaches With His Athletic Ability
This year once again James was one of the best all around snappers at my 2015 Free Agent Combine. Immediately after the Combine the Kansas City Chiefs flew him in for additional workout in front of  their Special Team Coordinator, Dave Toub and quickly there after signed him to a two year contract. 
James Winchester Being Evaluated by NFL Coaches at 2015 Free Agent Combine
James Winchester Showing His Ability to Snap & Block at NFL Standards
Immediate Signings After 2015 Free Agent Combine:
James Winchester Signs With Chiefs
Karl Schmitz Signs With Broncos
Steven Clark Signs With Raiders

Again I want to wish James Winchester the best of luck in the future!  Hope he makes the Chiefs final Roster!
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