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Sunday, March 8, 2009

T.J. O'Leary U.of Nebraska

On Sunday and Monday T.J. O'Leary (University of Nebraska) was here in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Snapping Lessons. T.J. was the long snapper for the Corn Huskers and was a late invite for the East West Shrine game.

T.J. came here to refine his snapping technique and also to gather my opinion of his NFL potential. He wants to be the best he can be for his Pro Day.

T.J. has good size and is a pretty good athlete. He had never really been coached about his snapping and was pretty eager to learn.

In the photo (above) we worked on his stance and alignment. As with all snappers some times their stance and alignment can cause an inconsistency with their accuracy. T.J was a quick fix!

After working on his stance we worked on his follow through with the 'Elbow Thrust Drill'. He really worked at getting his hands through the snap and focusing on his finish.

During T.J.'s One on One Lessons we went through all phases of his snapping game. Stance, vertical sets, blocking and coverage technique. We also focused hard on his ability to snap 'Perfect Laces' on his field goals. He mastered that technique in two days.

My job is to evaluate and see what inconsistencies kickers, punters or snappers have in their technique and find a way to correct or refine their skills. T.J. has the potential to be an NFL snapper. The road to the NFL will be Consistency like with all specialists.

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For a person who had never been coached on his snapping technique, T.J. was very coach able and was a pleasure to work with him. I wish T.J. the best of luck on his upcoming Pro Day and the ensuing NFL Draft.

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