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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Wisconsin Snapping Camps

Coach Zauner's Wisconsin Snapping Camps For
High School, College and Free Agent Snappers

High School Snapping, Punting & Kicking Camp
In the last 8 years Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs have now produced 24 snappers on NFL and CFL rosters.

In the last couple of years Coach Zauner has started doing high school camps for snappers, punters and kickers in Arizona and Wisconsin.  Coach lives in Fountain Hills, Arizona but was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 
2013 Inductee Into the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame
Coach Zauner attended Milwaukee Hamilton High School and also attended the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse.  Every summer coach comes back to Wisconsin to visit family and carry on his ONE on ONE coaching lessons and Camps.

Coach Zauner's High School Camps will be held at Wisconsin Lutheran College in June and the camps for College and Free Agent Snappers will be held in July.  If your a Elite High School Snapper you may qualify to attend this college camp. 

Coach Zauner believes the snapper is the 'VITAL MAN' in your kicking game.  That is why Coach Zauner's in the last two years has started his Snappers ONLY 'VITAL MAN' Training Camps in Arizona and Wisconsin.  
Coach Zauner's Snappers 'VITAL MAN' Training Camp 
Many of the 24 NFL or CFL snappers have attended these Training Camps or taken ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons or both. 

If your a snappers looking to get into College there are several snapping coaches and national camps that assist snappers with a ranking and rating service.  These camps are highly attended and are used by many college to recruit specialists.

Coach Zauner philosophy is if you want better rankings or rating at Show Case Events then improve your consistency with better technique.

Many of the best college snappers are now attending Coach Zauner's 'Vital Man' Training Camps so they can get a leg up on having a chance to play in the NFL.  

Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Combines have produced exposure to NFL and CFL teams for many college snappers.  Check out the group of snappers below:

Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs Are
'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'®

Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine Snappers In The NFL
Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine Snappers In The NFL or CFL
Sports Illustrated Video 'The Power of Coaching' with Coach Zauner

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