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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Younghoe Koo 2016 Lou Groza Finialist

Younghoe Koo (Georgia Southern)
2016 Lou Groza Finalist
Michael Geiger / Younghoe Koo / Hayden Hunt
 At Coach Zauner's 2016 July Specialist's Camp in Milwaukee, WI
Congrats to 2016 Lou Groza Finalists, Younghoe Koo (Georgia Southern).

Last year I received a phone call from Younghoe Koo inquiring about attending my July PRO Development Camp for Kickers and Punters.  Snapper, Jake Banta One of his teammates had attended several of Coach Zauner's events an gave him a strong recommendation to reach out for guidance as he approached his Senior Year.
Younghoe Koo Working to Refine His Kicking & Kickoff Technique
When we talked he mentioned that he had aspirations to take his game to the next level and wanted to  work on and improve certain aspects of his game.  So, this summer he attended my July PRO Development Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with many other top College Kickers and Punters. 
Coach Zauner's 2016 PRO Development Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
During this three day camp I noticed this young man had some excellent kicking potential.  He and Michael Geiger (Michigan State) won the Sunday Field Goal Contest.  
Michael Geiger (Michigan State) and Younghoe Koo (Georgia Southern) Win Field Goal Contest
In his senior year, as of November 22, 2017  Younghoe Koo is 19 for 20 after 10 games.  His only miss I believe was from 54 yards two games ago.  
Coach Zauner's Award Winners
Once again, Congratulations to Younghoe Koo for his nomination to the 2016 Lou Groza Finalist List.  The two other 2016 Groza Finalists are: Daniel Carlson (Auburn) and Zane Gonzalez (ASU). I wish all three kickers the best of luck in quest for the prestigous 25th Lou Groza Award.

Younghoe Koo Makes 2017 Final NFL Roster Cut With Los Angeles Chargers

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