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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Evaluations Lindstrom & McHone

On Saturday Gabe Lindstrom (University of Toledo) and Garon McHone (University of Arizona) were in Scottsdale, Arizona for evaluations of their NFL potential. As my 2009 Coach Zauner Free Agent Specialists NFL Combine draws closer I will be evaluating more and more prospects.

First up was Gabe Lindstrom. Immediately I could see Gabe had good size at 6'4 220 pounds and a strong leg. At 32 years old he has had lots of experience with NFL teams like the New York Giants, Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, and Seattle Seahawks.

I noticed during the evaluation that Gabe had a 'nose up' drop. We worked on making a few corrections and he hit the ball much better.

Gabe hit some booming punts with hang times as high as 5.1 and 5.2 seconds, but also had a couple of 'stray bullets'. He is definitely an intriguing prospect who showed some potential.

The next man up was Garon McHone. I could see that Garon had a good frame at 6'4, 232 pounds and could easily add another 20 to 30 pounds as he once weighed 270 in college.

Garon had some good snaps and showed good potential, but was also inconsistent at times. I gave him some different drills to work on and he will be back on April 4th to see if he qualifies for my Free Agent Specialists NFL Combine scheduled for April 6 in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was great working with Gabe and Garon and I want to wish them the best of luck in their pursuit of an NFL career!

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