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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Improving Mental Focus for Football Kickers, Punters and Snappers

Football players, especially make-or-break field goal kickers along with punters and snappers probably have one of the highest stress jobs in sports. Imagine: once a kicker enters a game, he is expected to hit it squarely through the uprights. Every time, only getting one chance. Imagine if your job was like that - jump into a meeting, say the absolute right words, and create a new sales deal. Stressful, right?

Now, pro and college-level football kickers, punters and snappers have an elite consulting team to help them master the physical and mental aspects of their game. Top football kicking coach consultant and former NFL Special Teams Coordinator Coach Gary Zauner and ELITE Performance Expert Deborah Dubree announce that they have aligned their service offerings to bring top-level consulting and coaching to college-level and pro-level football kickers, punters, snappers and special teams players.

This new alliance combines Coach Zauner’s recognized excellence in the physical aspects of football kicking specialists, with Deborah Dubree’s keen mastery and practical application of neuroscience, NLP training, human behavior and focused mental conditioning to special teams athletes. Together, their services will give football special teams players a sharper competitive edge to help them bridge the gap between winning and losing.

Read more about Deborah Dubree’s and Coach Zauner’s work for football kickers, punters and snappers at their website.

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