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Thursday, January 6, 2011

AZ PRO Development Camps


In my Year End blog, I announced I would be doing a number of PRO Development Camps in 2011. The first of these will be my Arizona PRO Development Camps being held January 21-23 and January 28-30, 2011.

These kicking camps are designed to help College Kickers, Punters and Snappers at all levels -including those entering college- develop and refine their skills, techniques and become more consistent kicking specialists.

The first PRO Development Camp, being held January 21-23, is specifically for College Seniors, Underclassman and College Bound Snappers, Punters and Kickoff Specialists to refine their individual techniques and skills to become more consistent.

Also, this kicking camp welcomes combination specialists with the emphasis primarily on punting technique and secondly on field goal technique.

The second PRO Development Camp, being held January 28-30, Kickers, Kickoff Specialists and Combination Kickers/Punters to refine their individual techniques and skills to become more consistent. Also, this kicking camp welcomes combination specialists with the emphasis primarily on kicking technique and secondly on punting technique.

Included in each camp will be:

* Four (4) Practices with Meetings and Video Review Sessions
* Coach Zauner’s Video Analysis of Individual Techniques
* Emphasis on Kicking, Punting and Snapping Techniques
* Fundamentals and Drills to Improve Your Consistency and Technique
* Skill Competition
* Coach Zauner - What NFL Coaches and Teams Look for in a Specialist

These are 3 day camps will be conducted in Phoenix, AZ and will cost $575. This fee includes five meals and lodging at the Embassy Suites Hotel (double/triple occupancy).

All information about the camps can be found on my coachzauner.com website; or click on this general information PDF.

I look forward to seeing you in Arizona in January.


Rob Maver, Top Canadian Combination Kicking Specialist in 2010 CFL Draft said: “The Pro Development camps are the best way that college and free agent specialists can prepare themselves for the next level. In these three-day camps, you go over specific fundamentals/drills. On top of the fundamentals, more importantly the camp tells you exactly what the NFL standards are, and what exactly will be expected from you in the NFL.

This includes charts (handed out in hard copy plus gone over on PowerPoint) of snapping times, handling times, hang times, and expected field goal percentages. The meetings make it clear what these standards are and show you how to practice properly. This includes how to film yourself, and when a camera is not available how to chart yourself properly so that you can monitor each practice.

The kicking camp also shows you how you stack up against other top kicking specialists. The camp includes full operation: snap to punt, and snap to hold to kick. Beyond this is the sports psychology presentation. With 99% of the guys in the league, what separates them from one another is not their leg, but what is between their ears. These last two key elements are great for preparing you for upcoming competition in training camp.”

Morgan Cox, Currently Baltimore Ravens Long Snapper and former University of Tennessee Long Snapper and Senior Bowl participant said: "Coach Zauner's Pro Development Camp was a great chance for me to compete against other top long snappers. It gave me an opportunity to pick up tips and techniques that other guys are using to be successful. Also, I was able to develop relationships with guys that have very similar backgrounds and personalities. The atmosphere was competitive but friendly at the same time.

Coach Zauner also offered his professional advice on snapping as well as his insight into the NFL process, which was invaluable in my development seeking his knowledge during college, I was able to be ready for what the NFL will expect. Coach Zauner's most helpful moments often came in his video review when we went over my technique and footwork.

While learning the physical aspects of snapping, Coach Zauner also offered preparation mentally in a manner that applied to my game personally. Coach Zauner's Pro Development Camp is the complete package for any kicker, punter, or snapper seeking to take their game to the highest level."

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