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Monday, March 30, 2009

Garrett Maloney Marquette H. S.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Garrett Maloney (Marquette High School) and his father Terry were in Scottsdale Arizona for some One on One Punting Lessons.

Garrett was a two sport standout athlete at Marquette High School back in Milwaukee Wisconsin my home town. Garrett came here to refine his punting technique and get my evaluation of his college potential.

Garrett is a good looking athlete and punter at 6'4 205 pounds. He has the potential to play both basketball and punt at the next level depending on the college he attends. Garrett received All-Conference 'Player of the Year' this past season in addition to several articles written in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin papers. The key will be to get him into the right situation to exhibit those skills.

Last summer I first met Garrett and I could tell right away he had punting talent. My goal then and still now is to make him fundamentally sound. When he hits a good punt it goes, however he must hit those punts more consistently.

The two things we worked on this weekend was for Garrett to eliminate crunching down (photo below) when punting and to improve his drop and make it more consistent.

In the photo above you see Garrett punting and crunching down and in the photo below you see Garrett punting up and through the ball. You will see punters doing it both ways and maybe being successful, however, I like my punters getting up and through the ball with full extension and not crunching or hurdling down.

The biggest change I suggested Garrett make is to change his drop. He was using what I call the torpedo drop. I really hate for anyone to change their drop however in Garrett's case his drop was killing him.

I showed him a couple of options and he tried them with success. But he was not comfortable with the change. I told him it would take time and a lot of practice.

On Sunday, Garrett came out to watch a couple of other kickers workout. During the break he started to hit some punts. As I watched Garrett from a distance he was turning over almost every punt with excellent distance. I went over to him and asked what drop he was using and he told me the new one. He smiled!

Garrett is now a believer in what a good drop can do for any punter. After working with Garrett again I believe this young man has the potential to be an excellent college punter. All he needs is chance and the right situation.

It was a pleasure working with Garrett again and I wish him the best of luck in his college career. I hope he finds a good home for next years football season.

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