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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aaron Barret One on One PK Lesson

Aaron Barret was in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday and Sunday for a One one One Kicking Lesson and evaluation.

Aaron is former University of Hawaii and New Mexico athlete. He also has played for the Bakersfield Blitz in the arena league and was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007.

Aaron is 26 years old and is a teacher in California and has some tough decisions to make. Should he keep teaching and move on with his life and career or still chase a dream?

Aaron drove to Scottsdale on Saturday and wanted my opinion or evaluation of his talent.

We started the first session with Aaron kicking and me watching and analyzing. I could tell right away he had good pop! He also got excellent elevation on his ball.

However, he was erratic on his starting position and his consistency. He was not happy with the way he was kicking. I could tell he needed some help.

We talked for a while and he wanted some help. Being a full time teacher and coach he had not been kicking a lot and that was part of the problem.

Aaron is an excellent athlete and has kicking skills however has never been coached on kicking. He has gotten by on talent. To make it in the NFL you need talent and consistency.

I started to teach Aaron my system.

First we got Aaron to mark off his steps more precisely. Below we made sure he was the correct distance on every approach.

In the photo below, starting every kick from the same distance is so important!

Below, If you have a consistent approach you will have a consistent perfect plant!

Below, If you have a consistent perfect plant you will make consistent contact!

Below, If you have consistent contact on the ball with the same leg swing and follow through...

and end up on balance just like Aaron is below. You have a chance to be consistent!

We finished our two days of kicking and evaluating. I believe Aaron has the potential and talent to be an NFL kicker. He started the first day erratically. However, after being coached he started to hit the ball much better. I could see potential.

Part of being a good evaluator is also having the ability to project.

If Aaron takes the system I taught him and uses his talent and potential. His chances of getting into the NFL will be greater.

I told him to go back home and practice. Like all clients he will see more improvement in two to three weeks. If he continues working the drills and emphasizing the teaching points I gave him his new muscle memory will kick in.

Aaron will be able to make the correct decision for his future. Should he take one more go at the NFL or hang up the spikes.

Check out Aaron's kicking technique in the short video below:

I think Aaron is young and has talent. I would like to see him try it one more time!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coach Zauner Kicking Camps 2009

Coach Zauner's Kicking Specialist Camp at River Falls coming in 2009.

This specialists camp will be for junior and senior high school football players. Dates and fees will be announced in December.

If you want to take Your Kicking Game to Your Highest level, then come work with me at this kicking camp in River Falls, Wisconsin. I have now consulted or coached 19 Pro Bowlers and many other NFL Kicking Specialists throughout my career. Click here for my One on One Lessons.

Coach Zauner (above) giving a One on One Punting Lesson in Scottsdale, Arizona with Jon Ryan, former Green Bay Packers Punter and currently with the Seattle Seahawks.

The River Falls Kicking Camp was the original kicking camp in the country. It was started by the former Head Football Coach at the University of Wisconsin River Falls, Mike Farley. Approximately 38 years ago (give or take a year).

Head Football Coach at River Falls, John O'Grady is still the camp organizer and director. John and I have decide to combine our forces and run the camp together. It will now be named Coach Zauner's Kicking Specialist Camp at River Falls.

At the River Falls Kicking Camp we have always brought in top notch NFL players as head liners.

Last year we had punter Derrick Frost working with our punters. Derrick this season started with the Washington Redskins but ended up with the Green Bay Packers (below).

For the last four years former University of Wisconsin and current Baltimore Ravens Long Snapper, Matt Katula worked with our group of snappers. He will most likely be on hand again this year for a return performance. He is a native of Brookfield, Wisconsin.

In the photo below, (right to left) Derrick Frost, Garrett Palmer (San Diego State), and Steve Hauschka former kicker at North Carolina State and a free agent kicker signed by the Minnesota Vikings and now on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad, talk to the campers.

NFL Head Liners and College Counselors:

In 2009 the final schedule has not been set yet. The NFL Head Liners and the College Kicking, Punting and Snapping Counselors have not been selected.

I have now worked the River Falls Kicking Camp for 34 years and You the Kicking Specialist always comes first. I promise that if you attend the Coach Zauner Kicking Speciality Camp in 2009, you will have the highest quality instruction from some of the best instructors in the country.

Also, if you are a college kicking specialist and would like to work the River Falls Camp or any of my camps this summer please contact me and send your resume by email to: gzauner@aol.com I will put you on a list of candidates.

Campers will be individually video taped and analyzed in a classroom setting.

Click below to view and listen to Coach Zauner's teaching style on the field and in the classroom. You will also hear the NFL Head Liners working with their respective groups of campers: Derrick Frost (punters), Matt Katula (snappers) and Steve Haschuka (kickers).

Coach Zauner & Derrick Frost working with Punters

Straight-On Kicking Specialists:

The River Falls Kickers Camp is still one of the only camps around that still works and trains Straight-On Kicking Specialists

Other Kicking Camp Site Options:

Due to the summer heat, the length and cost of travel to Arizona or for many kicking specialists that have expressed an interest in working with me but can't afford the cost of One on One Lessons I am exploring several other locations and options during the summer months in 2009

Sometime before and after the River Falls Camp in June, July and August of 2009 I will be in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota areas. During my stay I will be organizing Smaller Group Kicking Camps or Sessions for College and Free Agent Kicking Specialists. Also during this time I will still be available for One on One Lessons.

So, if your a college kicker, punter or snapper and want to work with me in a small group setting stay tuned for more information that will be posted on my website: www.coachzauner.com.

I am also exploring other areas?

"You, the Kicking Specialist, Come First!"

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A.J. Schable One on One Snapping

's For the last four days former University of South Dakota and Arizona Cardinals
A.J. Schable was in Fountain Hills, Arizona for some One on One Snapping Lessons.
In 2006 when I was the Special Teams Coach with the Arizona Cardinals, I not only scouted but also personally worked out A.J. back in Vermilion South Dakota before the 2006 draft. A.J. is a very impressive 6'3 280 pound athlete. During his playing days at the University of South Dakota he was a defensive standout.

During my career in the NFL as a Special Teams Coach, I had a pretty good eye for talent. I always looked for sleepers in every draft. Every year before the draft I would always call College Head Coaches and Special Teams Coaches around the country and try to find good football players that were flying under the radar from NFL Scouts and Personnel Directors.

Some of the players I signed as free agents after drafts that turned into pretty good football players on Offense, Defense or Special Teams were: Robert Griffith, Femi Ayanbadejo, Brian Russell and Will Demps all from San Diego State. B.J. Sams (Mc Neese State) Matt Katula (University of Wisconsin).

In 2006 A.J. Schable was my choice. The Cardinals needed a big fullback or blocking tight end. I heard through my sources about a kid in South Dakota and it was A.J. Schable. A.J. was flying under the radar as a defensive linemen.

Even the Cardinals did not have draft able grades on A.J. as a defensive end. However, that never stopped me before. I envisioned A.J. as a utility player. Fullback, Tight End, Defensive End or Linebacker and Special Teams Player.

The Cardinals would not pay for me to go on a scouting trip to work out A.J. in Vermilion. I had a feeling about A.J. talent, just like many of the other players I named earlier. So, on my own dime, I paid my own expenses to go see A.J. and work him out.

A.J.'s workout was very impressive. The young man at 6'3, 280 pounds could run, block, and catch passes. He was everything I thought we needed with the Cardinals. Dennis Green agreed with me. After the draft we signed A.J. to a free agent contract.

In 2006 A.J. made the Arizona Cardinals team as a utility and special teams player. A.J. spent one and a half seasons with the Cardinals. Last year he was signed and release by the Eagles and Jets after a injury in preseason.

A.J.'s agent, Ron Slavin called me a couple of weeks ago and asked my thoughts about working with A.J. to develop his snapping skills. I thought it was a great idea. A utility player that can play offense, defense, special teams and snapper. That has to raise his stock!

Just think, if the Pittsburgh Steelers would of had a utility player like A.J. on their roster a couple of weeks they might not have lost that game to the Eagles. When their snapper went down during the game due to an injury, their back up snapper, threw the ball over the punters (Mitch Berger) head for a safety. That play led to an immediate score plus changed field position and the complexion of the game.

During the first two One on One Snapping Lessons we worked a lot on fundamentals and drills. A.J. is an athlete and throwing a ball is not a problem. Every practice he started with throwing drills. Below A.J. is doing a two handed overhead snapping drill.

Below A.J. works and masters my Windmill Pitching Drill.

During the lessons we worked on A.J.'s stance, weight distribution, grip of the ball and technique. We videotaped A.J. everyday. The video evaluation and breakdown after practices were very important to A.J.'s progress. A.J. was a quick study in the meeting. The things I told him on the field became crystal clear during the slow motion video review. He saw the mistakes he was making and corrected them the next day.

We worked every fundamental from A to Z. Repetition, drills and more repetitions. A.J. was picking up the technique and getting more consistent every practice. He was acquiring the correct muscle memory. Pick up the ball, elbow thrust, release point and follow through.

A.J. was starting to get a smoother and more consistent delivery on his field goals snaps. He was now improving each day on my 'Perfect Laces' Drill'.

As A.J. progressed and became more consistent on his punt snapping technique I introduced drills for snapping and vertical setting back off the ball and protecting. In the photo below he's working a drill on snapping and vertical setting straight back off the ball and blocking a rusher.

After four days of working on his field goal and punt snapping technique A.J. has a good base of snapping fundamentals and a host of drills. I believe in drills for everything. Drills and muscle memory go hand in hand.

I was very impressed with the progress A.J. made and I believe so was he. Below you can hear A.J. Schable's Testimonial.

Click below to hear A.J. thoughts about his One on One Snapping Lessons with Coach Zauner:

It was great to recruit and sign A.J. three years ago with the Arizona Cardinals. However, it was really gratifying to work with A.J. now and maybe have an affect on his future in the NFL again from a different prospective.

I wish A.J. the Best of Luck in the Future!

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fountain Hills (9-1) Wins Region

Last night my wife, Michelle and I plus two other couples went to support our local Fountain Hills High School Football Team. The Falcons have had a very successful year under Head Football Coach Jim Fairfield and his staff.

The Fountain Hills Falcons played the Florence Gophers before a Halloween dressed up crowd of about 1,300 fans, vampires and goblins.

The Falcons defeated the Gophers 35-0 to finish their season with 9 wins and 1 lose. The Falcons are 2008 Region Champs and will go into the playoff ranked 3rd in the states power ranking behind Payson and Blue Ridge Mountain. Wickenburg is ranked fourth at 10-0.

There was also another reason I went to the game, and it was because Steve Langston, Fountain Hills Falcon's senior kicker, invited me to the game.

Last year I went and introduced myself to Coach Fairfield and asked if I could donate some of my time to work with his kicking specialist. He welcomed my help.

Steve and I started to work together last season and all I can say is he was really raw. He lacked fundamentals. He was tall and skinny and had a pretty good leg but was very inconsistent.

Steve has made a remarkable transformation in kicking technique from last years initial meeting and work to this past weeks practice. "It's like day and night!" Steve has grown and filled out. He is now about 6'3" and 185 pounds. He has fundamentals and a much better style of kicking.

Matter of fact, he might have a future playing college football. I believe he has a passion for kicking but it comes down to hard work and dedication. Also, does he have the grades and test scores.

Getting back to last night's game. It was Senior Night for Steve and his father plus 16 other senior players and their pound parents were introduced to the crowd before the game.

It was a beautiful evening in Fountain Hills, Arizona. During the National Anthem the temperature at the 7:00 PM game time was about 80 degrees with a very mild breeze.

The only thing the Florence Gophers won last night was the opening coin toss and elected to receive. Steve knocked the opening kickoff into the end zone for a touch back.

During the course of the game Steve not only handled the field goals, PAT's and kickoffs but also the punting duties. Steve was not scheduled to be the punter this season but has ended up with the punting responsibility.

We worked on his punting one day early in the season and he has potential but like most young punters has a very erratic drop. All I can say is that he did an adequate job punting but kicking field goals is his strength so to speak.

The game was winding down and Fountain Hills scored their fifth touchdown for a 35-0 margin. Steve drilled his last two extra points high and far right down the middle of the uprights. Both of my neighbors were very impressed with Steve's kicking ability.

A footnote to the football game. I have attended many high school football games throughout my high school and college coaching career. I must say that the Fountain Hills Marching Band is Good. Real Good! They put on a half time routine dressed in Halloween costumes. It was a very entertaining and impressive performance.

After the game Coach Jim Fairfield and players took a team photo. Congrats to Coach Fairfield and his 9-1 Falcons and I wish them the best of luck next week in the playoffs.

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