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Friday, December 31, 2010

Coach Zauner, LLC Year End Blog

Coach Zauner's feeling of accomplishment is no longer associated with wins and loses like it was as a Special Teams Coordinator for 11 years in College and 13 in the NFL. Now as a kicking coach consultant my success is measured by how many young specialists I help get a chance to make it to an NFL, CFL or UFL roster:
In 2010 Coach Zauner, LLC marketed the slogans 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football' and 'Opportunity For One on One Training' Program.
This season's success was (5) kicking specialists made NFL rosters (3) specialists make CFL rosters and (13) of 15 specialists make opening day rosters on UFL rosters. Two specialists have success with the 'Opportunity For One on One Training' Program.
However success is not only measured by Coach Zauner alone...
With reviewing the end of yet another year , and the end of the third year for Coach Zauner, LLC.
It would have been hard to imagine three years ago that my consulting business could have come so far in such a short period of time. But it has.
I recall those early days in the first few months of the business -just three short years ago- wondering why the phone wasn’t ringing ‘off the hook’, and why kicking specialists weren’t ‘beating down the door’ to have me coach them.
And now that I look back, I see that is just part of the uncertainty one feels when starting a new venture. It seems there is always a bit of angst that goes along with the vision and the dream. And looking back, I can appreciate and value those feelings. In a sense, they’re what makes you feel alive (as I’m sure many of those kicking specialists pursuing their ‘new’ dream will understand).
However the phone ringing is no longer an issue. It rings quite a bit now, thank you!
And I do mean it when I say thank you for calling. It is the clients who keep us in business.
And I expect the phone is going to keep on ringing into the New Year. And we are grateful for that.
But the thing I am most grateful for, is the person who has stood by me during this last three years while I have been building my business, and that is my wife Michelle. There is no question that without her help and support, my dream and vision would have been just that, a dream and a vision.
Starting a ‘coaching’ business was -and is- my dream; not Michelle’s. There is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing that making a living as a coach. This was true when I was a high school and college coach; it was true when I was an NFL Special Teams Coach; and it is true now that I am a kicking consultant / coach.
It is what I am meant to do.
However, being the key support for a Football Kicking Coach is not necessarily what Michelle would say was what she was ‘meant’ to do in life. She has quite a few interests in life other than my work, including being a VERY good golfer.
However, she unselfishly takes time away from her world to make sure I can be in mine. And she handles all the business aspects of Coach Zauner, LLC so I can pay complete attention to my coaching and my clients. And I am not exaggerating when I say she handles ALL the business aspects of Coach Zauner, LLC. She does.
And that is exactly what she will be doing as we move into the New Year; she will be supporting my dream and vision, and allow me to focus completely on my coaching and my clients. And I want to thank her for that.
Especially since I believe it is going to be yet another extremely busy year for our business, especially in the first few months of the year.
In January there will be a PRO Development Camp which focuses on college kickers. The goal is to make it a ‘tune-up’ of sorts for the College Senior Specialist’s Combine which will be in February.
Following that, of course, will be the Free Agent Specialist’s Combine which will be held at the end of March. I’m looking forward to another great year, with a solid showing of both NFL, CFL and UFL teams, and again having some of the best kicking specialists in the country show these team representatives what the best look like.
After the Combines, there will be more PRO Development Camps –both in Arizona and in the mid-west- and of course all during this time I will be doing One on One Kicking, Punting and Snappings Lessons with individuals who are looking to improve their technique and performance.
Also in the wind (so I am told) is a Coach Zauner book on kicking, punting and snapping.
I’ve always wanted to publish a book on kicking. And now, with all the new technology that is available, the idea of publishing a book with audio, and video and other interactive elements in it intrigues me.
I am exhausted just thinking about all the possibilities for next year!!!
Which again is why I think it is so important for me, at the end of a very successful year and the beginning of what I hope will be another successful year, to take this moment to thank my wife Michelle, for all she has done, and does every day, that allows me to live my dream.
A person couldn’t ask for more in a partner.
So thanks Michelle. I couldn’t do this without you.

2010 Highlights Begin With;
'Opportunity For One on One Training' Program: Fabrizio Scaccia
Coach Zauner's Programs: One on One Lessons, College Senior and Free Agent Specialist's Combines or Coach Zauner's recommendations to NFL Teams: 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'; Nick Sundberg, Jonathan Weeks, Morgan Cox and Justin Drescher make NFL final rosters.

College Senior Specialist's Combine in February gets 13 Kicking Specialists signed to professional football contracts or mini-camp tryouts.

Free Agent Specialist's Combine in March gets specialists signed to several NFL teams.

Josh Scobee Travels To Arizona for One on One Lessons In March To Improve Technique: Achieves much success with improved 2010 season. Click To Read Article; 'Josh Scoee's new swing feels like a sure thing'.
Rob Maver One on One Punting Lessons and College Senior Specialist's Combine: 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football' successful first season with the Calgary Stampeders.

Matt Katula veteran NFL snapper gets released after training camp. Matt comes to Arizona for One on One Snapping Lessons to get his form back and refine his technique. Click On Video For Matt's Testimonial.

Washington Post's writer Michael Leahy comes to Arizona to observe Coach Zauner's One on One Training. Click To Read Article; 'Kicked around: Inside footballs loneliest position'.

Clint Stitser comes for One on One football kicking lessons in October and signs with Cincinnati Bengals in November.

In 2009 Billy Cundiff takes individual kicking lessons and attends the 2009 Free Agent Specialist's Combine. Today he is playing for the Baltimore Ravens. He led the NFL in touchbacks and also had an outstanding year kicking field goals. Billy Cundiff is named to the 'PRO Bowl'.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Billy Cundiff Voted to Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl voters got it right with Billy Cundiff
Blog by: Matt Vensel - December 29, 2010

Too often we concern ourselves with perceived snubs when the Pro Bowl rosters are announced every year. It's a flawed system, one that doesn't always send the most deserving players to Honolulu (or Miami or whatever they play it nowadays). But the Pro Bowl voters -- fans, players and coaches -- nailed it when they selected Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff to his first Pro Bowl...
Click here to reach blog in it's entirety

Read my November 26, 2009 'Billy Cundiff Back in NFL' blog.
Congratulations to Billy Cundiff on being selected to the AFC Pro Bowl roster!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas from Coach Zauner

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Coach and Head Coach 'Team Zauner'

Christmas is quickly approaching, and Michelle and I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you who read this blog -and who celebrate December 25th- a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

And for those of you who either don’t celebrate Christmas, or celebrate it differently, we would like to wish you a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON!

Michelle and I realize how difficult this last year has been for so many other Americans, and we realize just how fortunate we have been.

We also realize we are in a business (football) that has not been affected the way that so many other businesses have been affected and we are especially appreciative of that.

However, most importantly, we also realize that in the ‘larger’ scheme of things, football is-after all is said and done- still just a game. We also realize that sometimes, in the midst of all the excitement that football generates, it’s easy to lose sight of that.

So perhaps Christmas -the season of giving- is the right time for Michelle and I to take a moment to look beyond the ‘game’ of football to thank some of those who are giving so much of themselves, so we can have the opportunity to be building a business -professonal kicking coach- for ourselves.

In particular, we want to thank all those young American men and women in the military who are, every day, risking their lives to protect the freedoms that allow us to build our business; coachzauner.com around this wonderful game of football.

My nephew Eric is a Marine who served in Iraq, and will shortly be re-deployed to Afghanistan. And I can’t tell you how concerned I am for him and for his safe return.

Eric & Jill Zauner

When I think about it, it’s almost too far a stretch of the imagination to realize that, while I am on a football field, coaching a 20ish college kicking specialist whose biggest hope and dream is to get signed to an NFL team, there is another 20ish young man, who is not on a football field, but is on a battle field in Iraq or Afghanistan, whose biggest hope and dream is to get through the day alive, unharmed, with the goal of being one day closer to being home with the people they love.

It’s almost too far a stretch of the imagination to realize this is the reality of the world we live in. But it is.

Michelle and I are painfully aware this is the way of the world, and we are also embarrassingly aware that sometimes, in the midst of all the excitement and ruckus that surrounds professional football, it is easy to lose sight of this.

This is why we wanted to take our Christmas blog to thank all the young men and women who are on a battle field somewhere in the world making it possible for all the other young men to be on a football field here in the United States.

If Michelle and I could speak to them directly we would say ‘Thank You for your bravery and your sacrifice, and ‘Thank You’ for giving so much of your life, so we can have ours. YOURS is truly the gift of giving, and there could be no better time to thank you for this gift then at Christmas.'

So thank you. And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Coach and Michelle Zauner.

Coach (Uncle Gary) Coaching Eric on the Golf Course

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tom Lynch Wins Fred Mitchell Award

Posted by Jason Dannelly
CHICAGO - Saint Xavier University junior place-kicker Tom Lynch (Frankfort, Ill./Southern Illinois University/Joliet Junior College/Lincoln-Way East) is the recipient of the 2010 Fred Mitchell Award. The Award is provided to the nation's top place-kicker in FCS, Division II, Division III and NAIA for excellence on the football field and in the community. Over 600 place-kickers are eligible for the Award.
The Award is named for Fred Mitchell, the All-American place-kicker from Wittenberg University and longtime sports columnist for the Chicago Tribune. Mitchell said, "I am pleased to congratulate Tom Lynch as the recipient of the 2010 Fred Mitchell Award. It is significant to note that Lynch's field goal percentage (13 of 15 for .866), extra point total (82) and total points (121) stack up very well to the equally impressive numbers of this year's Lou Groza Award winner, Dan Bailey (.857, 65 and 137) of FBS school Oklahoma State, who is that school's all-time leading scorer after his record-breaking season. Lynch also averaged 60 yards on his kickoffs and had 11 touchbacks for Saint Xavier University. I am equally proud of Lynch's sincere commitment to school and community service, which helps set him apart from an incredibly strong field of finalists in the eyes of our Selection Committee."
Click here to read the article in it's entirety.

Congratulations to Tom Lynch on winning the 2010 Fred Mitchell Award!

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Clint Stitser 'Kicked Around' Article

December 12, 2010 Washington Post Article:
'Kicked Around' by Michael Leahy

Another kicking specialist featured in Michael Leahy’s great article; Kicked Around: Inside footballs loneliest position in the Washing Post, is Clint Stitser, an All-American kicker from Reno and next a star kicker at Fresno State.

Michael’s spent a good amount of time with Clint, and when Michael left Arizona, Clint was still looking for a team. Here is a little bit of how Michael Leahy talked about Clint Stitser in his article:

“Stitser has told Zauner that he would be willing to kick anywhere for the time being, including in the Canadian Football League or the United Football League, and Zauner has tried to get a read on the job market for him. When a CFL coach called Zauner for recommendations, Zauner mentioned Stitser. The coach responded that somebody connected with the Jets had told him that Stitser hadn't fared well at their camp. Zauner called Stitser and said, "Clint, when that kind of rumor starts going around, that's not good.' "

"I just had a bad day with the Jets," Stitser protested.

"Clint, you know how I feel about a bad day," Zauner replied. "What have I said? You can't afford a bad day."

Well, since that time Clint has also had some good days. And he recently had one good day in particular.

After Michael left, and shortly before his article came out, Clint was signed to the Cincinnati Bengals.

I first met Clint Stitser when he attended my 2010 Free Agent Specialist’s Combine March 27, 2010.

Before that Combine, I had heard about Clint’s kicking ability but had never seen him kick live. During his evaluation with me -to qualify for the Combine- and again at the Combine- in front of all the NFL, CFL & UFL coaches and scouts- Clint had an excellent day.

As a matter of fact Clint kicked well enough for the New York Jets signed him about a week later.

As Michael points out in his article, Clint signed with the Jets and gets cut a couple of weeks later. What Michael didn’t write was in August, Clint also signs with the Seattle Seahawks during the preseason to fill in for injured Olindo Mare.

He was waived when Mare got healthy.

I try to follow the career paths of kicking specialists that attend my College Senior or Free Agent Specialist’s Combines. Once they have attended my events (or One on One Kicking, Punting or Snapping Lessons) I feel I have a better sense of who they are as a kicking specialist.

I went back to review Clint’s video I saw a couple of things that I thought I could help him with improving his consistency on field goals and kickoffs. In September we talked and he agreed there were a few of things that he could improve.

Tom Mante, Coach Zauner and Clint Stitser

Coincidently Michael Leahy was coming to Phoenix at the same time Clint, and former Yale punter/kicker Tom Mante were coming in for One on One Kicking and Punting Lessons.

Sequential Camera Shots To Analyze

Sequential Camera Shots & Video From All Angles

Tom Mante Holds As Clint Stitser Works Technique

During my kicking lesson with Clint I asked him a lot of questions and he gave me excellent feedback.

After the lesson we went back to my office to analyze Clint's video. As we reviewed the video I pointed out areas I thought he could improve.

We also watched video of several other NFL kickers I had worked with over the last two years including Billy Cundiff (Baltimore Ravens), Josh Scobee (Jacksonville Jaguars), Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland Raiders), Garrett Hartley (New Orleans Saints).

When I conduct lessons, I think it’s important for kicking specialists who are working to improve their technique to watch other kicking specialists who have gone through the same process.

On Tuesday I gave Clint a set of drills that I thought would help him improve his technique. The drills were designed to help Clint eliminate an arm bar and crunch. The key for any kicker is to get the proper muscle memory, so proper drills are extremely important in a kicker’s path to improvement.

I told Clint, it would take two to three weeks for him to become more comfortable with his new swing but it would be well worth it.

Clint said he was pleased with the results of our time working together. He said he now knew exactly what he needed to do to get better; which to me that meant he would never again tell me he was having a ‘bad day’.

He might have a bad ‘kick’, but never a bad ‘day’.

And it seems Clint’s days just keep getting better.

On Monday November 29, 2010 I received a phone call from the Cincinnati Bengals asking about kickers. I recommended three or four specialists, and the Bengals flew in three of the kickers I recommended. Clint worked out Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon he was signed.

In Clint’s first game he was 3 for 3 on field goals and he made a pressure 47 yard field goal with the score tied at 27. The Bengals took the lead in the last couple of minutes but lost to the Saints 34 -30 on a last minute touchdown.

The life of a kicker changes week to week. The second game he had one PAT. The Bengals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 23 to 7.

This past Sunday, Clint kicked four field goals, helping his team get a victory over the interstate rival Cleveland Browns 19 to 17.

Michael Leahy quoted me in his article as saying "Clint has a chance to be a good steady kicker”. Well, I believe he does. And as I do with all the kickers I work with, I will be watching to see how Clint fares as he transitions into the NFL.

So far he is off to a very good start to what I hope will be a great NFL career.

Click below to listen to Clint Stitser’s Testimonial after working his kicking lessons with kicking coach Coach Zauner.

It was a pleasure working with Clint Stitser and it feels good to help someone achieve their dream of playing football in the NFL.

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Billy Cundiff; The human side of kicking

Billy Cundiff; The human side of kicking

As I mentioned in my last blog, in which I wrote about Michael Leahy and his article; about kicking; 'Kicked around: Inside footballs loneliest position' , it was really great to see a writer write about the ‘human side’ of a kicking specialist.

Billy Cundiff was certainly a good choice for his article.

I have a lot of respect for Billy as a kicker, and I enjoyed working with him and it is clear he deserves all the success he has achieved.

I also really enjoyed reading how Michael portrayed him.

My own experience with Billy Cundiff goes back a few years. We both live in Arizona, and after a few casual meetings and conversations on different practice fields, Billy gave me a call because he thought it might benefit him to have another set of eyes look at his kicking technique.

This idea was reinforced by his agent Paul Sheehy, who believed more teams should be looking at Billy then were calling him at that time.

I knew Paul previously as I had produced results for a couple other of his kicking clients including Dave Rayner (Green Bay Packers & Kansas City Chiefs) and Rian Lindell (Buffalo Bills).

From the first day I liked Billy. He was always professionally both on and off the field.

After the first day of kicking, we went back to my office to analyze Billy’s kicking technique. I meticulously went through the video we shot that day and we discussed that days kicking session. It’s important to note Billy is not only an active kicker, but he also runs his own kicking camps and is very knowledgeable about kicking.

However having knowledge about a subject, and being able to apply it to yourself, are often two different things. I know this from my own experience.

Years ago I was an aspiring kicker and punter trying to make it in the league with the Minnesota Vikings & Houston Oilers, and I learned very quickly it is very hard to coach yourself no matter how much knowledge you have on kicking.

That is why most pro golfers –including the most successful golfers on the PGA tour- have a swing coach!

After I analyzed the tape Billy and I thought we had a handle on a few things he should address to improve his technique. So I went about looking for a ‘solution’ for him to implement.

It’s important to note, that when implementing any solution to a kicking issue, a kicking coach is only as good as his student. And Billy was a quick fix.

He attacked each drill and mastered it in a very short period of time, and soon he was on his way to getting the muscle memory needed to have the best swing for his style of kicking.

After two days of individual kicking lessons I believe Billy was feeling better about the direction of his kicking.

Billy Cundiff Attends 2009 Coach Zauner's Free Agent Specialists's Combine

A couple of months later I invited Billy to my first Coach Zauner’s Free Agent Specialist’s Combine in Phoenix, Arizona. Billy attended, and it was clear to everyone there -especially the coaches- Billy was the best on the field.

He was signed to an NFL contract a couple of months later by the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns. During the latter part of the 2009 season Billy signed with the Baltimore Ravens and ended the season strong. In 2010 Billy is not only having a successful field goal season but is leading the NFL in touchbacks and is on track to set an NFL Kickoff Touchback Record.

Billy was the perfect subject for Michael Leahy’s article on kicking. His story is a very good story, and Michael portrays it as a very ‘human’ story.

And the reality is, all kicking specialists have a ‘human’ story to be told. Unfortunately few kicking specialist’s stories ever get to print the way Billy’s has.

And that’s too bad, because there are some really good stories out there.

Though I can’t say I know the stories of all the kickers I’ve worked with as well as Michael learned about Billy’s story (for example I never knew how quickly Billy’s wife’s heart pounds during Billy’s kicks) I have learned a great deal about the kicking specialists I have worked with.

And one thing I have learned about them -as Michael so eloquently pointed out- is every kicking specialist has a human side. And part of that human side is about all the other humans they are connected with; their wives, their children, their friends and their parents.

And my guess is, that just like Billy Cundiff’s wife, every single one of those ‘connected’ human hearts is furiously pounding when 'their' kicking specialists is attempting a field goal, a kick or a punt.

Because that’s’ the human side of kicking.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Washington Post 'Kicked Around'

It was great to see the Michael Leahy’s article ‘Kicked around: Inside football's loneliest position’ in the Washington Post this weekend. Kickers rarely get any ‘serious’ media attention, and to have a publication as prestigious as the Washington Post give it so much space in their magazine is incredible.

It is really is a fine article, and I am honored to have been included in it. Not only because the Washington Post is such a great publication, but because Michael Leahy is such an esteemed writer.

As a writer, Michael usually spends his time stalking the Halls of Congress looking for a good political story for the Washington Post. However he has, on occasion, focused his writing on sports, just as he did in 2005 when he published his book on Michael Jordon titled ‘When Nothing Else Matters - Michael Jordon’s Comeback’.

Now I haven’t had the time to read the book, but a recent review I read seemed to sum up the power of Michael’s writing. This reviewer said:

“This is the finest book I've ever read on Michael Jordan. It is one of the best sports books written in many years, I think. What Michael Leahy has done so magnificently is wipe away the stardust from our eyes and enable to see what the Jordan comeback meant to the star, a city and a struggling team. It is sympathetic in parts, and tough in parts.

It is unflinchingly honest and brilliantly written. The way he writes about basketball games was reason alone for me to devour the book. The writing is so vivid and powerful. And I thought I was seeing Jordan for the first time. I finished the book thinking I finally understood the measure of his psyche, and the pressures bearing on him, and the stresses felt by his teammates and others who seemed to chafe under his incessant demands that they either win or satisfy his other demands.”

I believe Michael has brought the same insight to his article.

I read with fascination how Michael described Billy Cundiff’s journey through both his success and his failures as a kicking specialist. And yet at the same time, Michael takes the reader off the football field and into Billy’s personal life, showing him not just as a kicking specialist’, but as a husband and a father.

I know Billy Cundiff, I’ve worked with Billy Cundiff, and yet I still learned about Billy Cundiff by reading Michael Leahy’s article. Michael showed that kickers are people too. And that’s something you don’t always see in sports articles.

That’s good writing! (I will be posting a blog about Billy later this week).

When Michael first called me about doing the article, he also asked if I would introduce him to an ‘up and coming’ kicker who would fit well into his article.

Well coincidentally, I had just started working with former Fresno State kicker Clint Stitser who, at that time, had been given a try-out with the Jets, but had not been signed to a team.

I believed in Clint’s ability to make an NFL roster, so I invited him to a workout where Michael would both observe, and interview him.

Watching Michael at work is a treat in itself. To be honest, I think I saw the ‘top’ of his head more than any other part of his body. Every time I’d look up to see where he was on the field, all I would see was his head down, eyes intently focused on his notebook and his pen scribbling at a frantic pace.
Notes, notes and more notes. He was ALWAYS taking notes.

Driving to the practice field, in-between bites at a meal, Michael was always taking notes.
How he managed to make all the astute observations he made, while taking all the notes he took, I don’t know. But I was beginning to think he had ‘eyes’ in the top of his head.

But I know Michael was observing what was going on. That’s obvious from the questions he asked during, and after every session. And if there was one thing Michael did more than scribble on his notebook, it was ask questions.

Questions, questions and more questions. I have never been asked so many questions.

And they were good questions. And from the questions he asked, it was obvious Michael had a great deal of knowledge about kicking. And though the article doesn’t necessarily reflect it, he did spend quite a bit of time interviewing Clint Stitser, and asking him quite a few questions as well.

Now I don’t know if Michael asked Clint how quickly he thought he would make it into the NFL, but I think it would have surprised both of them had known the answer to that question. Because shortly after Michael left (he was here for four days), the Bengals called me asked for my recommendations on kickers. I recommended three -including Clint- who went for a work out and was signed the next day.

In his first game he was three for three on field goals with a long of 47 yards. (I will be posting a blog about Clint later this week).

Now you can call it just good timing -or perhaps you can call it good coaching- but it was great to have Michael’s article published, and have Clint make it into the NFL both in the last few weeks.

Pretty good Christmas gifts if you ask me!

But the real gift here is the one Michael Leahy has given to all kickers.

By taking his time, and using his brilliant writing talent to write such a wonderful article about kicking, he has shed some serious media attention on what it means to be a kicking specialist.
And if you are a kicking specialist, you realize what a gift this is.

The Lonely Writer
Kicking is not only football’s loneliest position; it is also one of football’s most ‘ignored’ position when it comes to media attention; this, even though kicking specialists play such an important role in the game.

Perhaps when other sports journalists read Michael’s article, they will realize there are many of good stories to be told about kicking specialists.

I just want to thank Michael for telling this one.

Click to read Michael Leahy's article 'Kicked Around: Inside Football's loneliest position' in Sunday December 12, 2010 edition of the Washington Post - Sports Section.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Michael.

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Will Snyderwine Earns All-American

"Will Snyderwine has earned first team All-America honors from the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), the organization announced on Monday."

By Duke Sports Information
Press Release
Posted Nov 29, 2010

DURHAM, N.C. – Duke redshirt junior kicker Will Snyderwine has earned first team All-America honors from the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), the organization announced on Monday.

Snyderwine, a native of Potomac, Md., becomes the 17th player in Duke football history and the first since 1989 to receive first team All-America recognition.

In 2010, Snyderwine made 21-of-24 field goals and all 32 of his PAT attempts for 95 total points. He set school single-season records for field goals, consecutive field goals made (18) and field goal percentage (.875) while posting the second-highest single-season point total behind Clarkston Hines’ 104-point campaign in 1989. His 52-yard field goal against Georgia Tech matched the ninth-longest successful kick in school history.

For his career, Snyderwine has made 38-of-44 field goals and all 56 of his PAT attempts for 170 points. On Duke’s career lists, he ranks first in PAT percentage (1.000), first in field goal percentage (.864), second in field goals, tied for third in field goals of 50+ yards (2), sixth in total, eighth in field goal attempts, tied for ninth in PAT attempts and 10th in PATs.
Click to read 'Will Synderwine Named 1st Team AA' article in it's entirety.

"It was a real pleasure meeting and working with Will and wish him the best of luck next season at Duke. Will earned his PHD in kicking in just two days. I would think anyone for Duke, Stanford or any Ivy league University would be a quick study and Will was."

Congratulations to Will Snyderwine, Duke University!
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bailey Accepts Lou Groza Award

"College Football Awards: Dan Bailey Accepts 2010 Lou Groza Award"
Article posted by: SB Nation, Holly Anderson

The Lou Groza Award is bestowed once a year on the nation's most precious college football place kicker. The 2010 winner is Dan Bailey of Oklahoma State, who in addition to being the Pokes' all-time leading scorer leads the nation in total points on the season with 137. He trails only LaMichael James (who, we remind you, is a running back of considerable skill) in points per game, by just over half a point.

Click here to read article in it's entirety.
Congratulations to Dan Bailey on winning the prestigious 'Lou Groza Award' and achieving a successful kicking career at Oklahoma State University!
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Congratulations Chas Henry

Congratulations to Chas Henry on winning the 2011 Prestigious 'Ray Guy Award' and achieving a successful college punting career with the Florida Gators.
'College Football Awards: Chas Henry Takes Home 2010 Ray Guy Honors'
Article by SB Nation, Holly Anderson
The 2010 Ray Guy Award, honoring the nation's best punter, goes to Chas Henry of the Florida Gators, a team that made frequent and excellent use of the position this season. Henry is the first Florida player to receive this particular honor, bestowed by the Greater Augusta Sports Council. This is the second consecutive year an SEC player has been so awarded; Henry follows Georgia's Drew Butler.
Click here to read article in it's entirety.
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Cundiff Crushing Kickoffs

ProFootballWeekly.com - Cundiff crushing kickoffs, nailing field goals

When Ravens PK Billy Cundiff got his NFL break with Dallas in 2002, routinely crushing kickoffs was not within his scope.

"I got in the league, I'm used to kicking off from the 35, with a two-inch tee," said Cundiff, who played collegiality at Drake, "and I weighed about 190 pounds. So I had a lot of things going against me."

He chuckled as he told the story. Look at statistics now and it's hard to stifle a laugh, too, one of amazement. In the first 12 games in 2010, Cundiff, 30, had more than three times as many touchbacks (a league-high 34) as he had in his first 70 NFL games (11), leaving him just seven short of setting a record for touchbacks since the NFL moved kickoffs back to the 30-yard line in 1994.

How does a placekicker not known for a powerful leg suddenly become the NFL's king of touchbacks? According to the 6-1, 212-pound Cundiff, it was something he never set out to do. He had tinkered with his kickoff form for years, but he began to have sustained success kicking long this summer, as he competed with Shayne Graham to be the Ravens' kicker. Cundiff won the job, with his kickoffs a deciding factor, and he has proceeded to have his finest season to date, both on kickoffs as well as field goals.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coach Zauner's Gifts and Giving


You can tell it’s the Holiday Season. Everyone is bustling about looking for the best shopping deals and trying to decide where they’re going to spend their holiday money.

It’s also the time when people all around the world send their holiday cheer to people they really care about.

With that in mind, I thought I would share this very interesting anonymous e-mail I recently received. Although it’s not filled with the spirit of ‘joy’, it does ‘repeatedly’ talk about gifts and giving.

It’s apparent the person who wrote this e-mail was angry when they wrote it. And that’s really unfortunate. But the really sad part is, I would have loved to have talked to this specialist about the issue he had with my pricing. And I would have wanted to talk with him not only because I try to be sensitive to the needs of kicking specialists, but also because he said he is someone I have worked with.

In all the years I have been coaching, I have never received an e-mail like this. So I have to say I was honestly surprised when I received it. I pride myself on my ‘open-door’ (ok…make that open phone) policy. And anyone who knows me knows that to be true.

So it’s unfortunate this kicking specialist decided to cloak his comments -and his anger- in anonymity. Because by doing that, he took from me any opportunity I might have to discuss his concerns with him.

If I had been able to talk with him (or perhaps if he is reading this) I would have told him I understand the price of my One on One lessons may be out of reach for him - and for other kicking specialists. However, I would have also told him that is exactly the reason I created my PRO Development Camps and the Coach Zauner 'Opportunity For Training Program'.

I created both of these programs with the intention of being able to work with kicking specialists who could not afford private lessons. And this is especially true for the Coach Zauner Opportunity For Training Program.

This Program is built around the concept of helping kickers who have a financial need. It is a program where I ‘invest’ my time (and in some cases a great deal of time) in kicking specialists who would not otherwise be able to pursue their dreams of playing professional football.

And today, some of the specialists in the Coach Zauner Opportunity Training Program are already, after a very short period of time, living their dream of playing professional football. And I think that’s pretty great.

In my PRO Development Camps, a kicking specialist is able to spend three (3) days, four (4) sessions in a small group environment (approximately 20 specialists), receiving instruction from me on fundamentals and drills to take thieir game to the next level. These camps are designed specifically for specialists who cannot afford two (2) days of One on One training.

However, I was not given the opportunity to discuss these things with whoever sent the anonymous e-mail. So I didn’t have the chance to tell him about all of the ways I am making myself available to kicking specialist who cannot afford my One on One lessons.

But hopefully he’ll somehow stumble upon this blog, or perhaps someone will point it out to him.

But most importantly, I hope this specialist -if he is passionate about playing professional football- will find someone who can help him on his journey to fulfill his dream.

And with regards to his suggestion on how I should use my gift? Well, if he’d call me, I‘d be happy to share with him the names of many of the kicking specialists who believe I am already using it wisely.

P.S. In trying to contact this anonymous individual, the e-mail I sent was returned saying it was undeliverable. Perhaps this was because he realized what he said was disrespectful, vulgar, untrue and truly not in the spirit of the holidays! And because he realized this was the case, he closed his e-mail account out of shame.

Or, perhaps he closed his account because he used my name in his e-mail address (zaunerkick@yahoo.com) and realized there could be possible legal consequences if he posted this kind of message on a public forum.

I’m not sure which is the case, but either way it was smart of him to close it down.


This is a anonymous email for coach zauner....

I have worked with you before to help me get better to play at the next level. I thought your prices were a little high but I wanted to take my chances on getting better. I recently looked at your prices now and I cannot believe that you have raised your prices.

I know you make a insane amount of money already doing what you do, but to raise your prices even more is just B¬¬****HIT! this makes its okay for current NFL players to pay and afford, but it makes young athletes struggle to find $1200 for just two workouts. ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING!?

Why dont you use your gift as a teacher, coach, consultant and enjoy what you do instead of stealing money from those who want to succeed. I will never come work with you if your prices will remain the way they are and I will damn sure recommend people to stay away from you.

There are cheaper ways of getting better and being noticed.

HAVE FUN WITH YOUR GIFT INSTEAD OF TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT!!! Wouldnt you want more clients to come and become successful and become regulars to your work?? You are scaring people away and they are going else where. You are one of the most popular consultants out there and you are also known as the most expensive one possible.

I dont know what your reason was for raising your prices but it is complete b****hit and shady of you to do to the athletes who WANT to come work with you. Make things easier and make yourself busier and respected by young athletes.

Just letting you know from my own and others opinion. I am not the only one who is having a problem with this. I have had multiple calls from other players I have met who have thought about working with you.


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Novak Earns UFL Award

Sacramento Mountain Lions running back CORY ROSS (offense), Las Vegas Locomotives cornerback ISAIAH TRUFANT (defense) and Florida Tuskers kicker NICK NOVAK (special teams) have been voted the 2010 United Football League Players of the Year...

'Novak thrived in his first season in the UFL, hitting 15 of 18 field goals and all 24 extra point attempts for a league-record 69 points. He connected on a league-record 54-yard field goal in Week 1 vs. Las Vegas, and had a league-record four field goals and 15 points in Week 4.

During the season, Novak announced that he was pledging $50 per made field goal to the American Cancer Society, so $750 total has been raised so far this fall. He also challenged fans to donate and so far more than 1200 have pledged.

A well-traveled professional veteran, Novak also has played with the Washington Redskins (2005-06), Arizona Cardinals (2005) and Kansas City Chiefs (2008) and the Cologne Centurions of NFL Europe (2007).'

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Congratulations to Nick Novak on his committment to working hard in achieving his goals!

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