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Friday, October 28, 2011

Lombardi was right! It 'IS' the Only Thing!

Famed Packers Head Coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY THING”.

Lombardi was a great a coach in his day. He was also a huge force of encouragement to his players. Lombardi knew that the more focused a player was on his mental game, the better his physical game would turn out, which directly led to game winning points on the scoreboard.

All athletes need mental preparation. If their focus is off, their game is off. This is especially true for pro and college football kickers, punters, snappers and other special teams’ athletes, who often play a key role in tightly contested games at crucial moments. How does one mentally prepare for those moments? Those who are truly willing to, ‘do whatever it takes to make it to the top and stay there’ turn to a proven expert. Someone who can show them how to keep their head in the game even if they feel ticked-off, upset or completely frustrated. They turn to Elite Performance Expert  Deborah Dubree.

Top football kicking specialist and former NFL Special Teams Coordinator Coach Gary Zauner and ELITE Performance Expert Deborah Dubree have teamed up in a joint consulting capacity to bring top-level consulting and coaching to college-level and pro-level football kicking specialists and special teams players.

This new alliance combines Coach Zauner’s recognized excellence in the physical aspects of football kicking, punting and snapping with Deborah Dubree’s proven ClearEDGE emotional strength and mental conditioning routines for special teams athletes. The duo’s combined service offers a wealth of competitive sharpness to kickers and punters to help them bridge the gap between winning and losing.

Read more about this new elite consulting duo for football kickers, punters and snappers on Coach Zauner.com.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Kicking Specialist’s Mental Conditioning for Game Time

Former NFL Special Teams Coordinator, Coach Gary Zauner has seen much over the years … the good and the bad, along with the amazing and the ordinary. He’s even marveled at watching decent football players with extraordinary ambition achieve much more than naturally great players with low inner drive.

Why does this happen? We decided to ask Coach Zauner directly. Here’s what he had to say.

“The reason most guys don't make it into the NFL is because they don't know how to handle the mental side of the kicking game, or the extreme stress that’s involved in dealing with coaches, other players, or specific game situations. Knowing exactly how to handle each of these situations is hugely important. I believe that not nearly enough time is spent preparing our young kickers, punters and snappers for all the pressure they face both on and off the field.”

“That’s why I’ve teamed up with ELITE Performance Expert Deborah Dubree. Her amazing expertise offers the talented specialists I work with some very specific ways to more easily deal with the mental focus issue. Deborah Dubree’s level of expertise around the mental and emotional side of the game offers kicking, punting and snapping specialist’s something more than they would get from just working with me on the physical component of their kicking game. Together, we feel that our coaching will make specialists even better than they already are in their game.”

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Josh Scobee Ties NFL Record vs Ravens

Josh Scobee tied an NFL record with three field goals of at least 50 yards. He became the sixth kicker to hit three 50-yarders in a single game and the second to do so this season.

Most 50-Yard Field Goal in Game
NFL History

  Player                       50-yd FGsYear
     Josh Scobee                         32011
     Sebastian Janikowski                         32011
     Connor Barth                         32009
     Kris Brown                         32007
     Neil Rackers                         32004
     Morten Andersen                         31995

Jaguars 12 - Ravens 7

Above, Josh Scobee (Jacksonville Jaguars) working on his field goal and kickoff technique during a (3) Day One on One Kicking Lesson in Scottsdale, AZ with Coach Zauner in June of 2011.

Josh first came to Coach Zauner in the spring of 2010 after a so,so 2009 season. Josh started out very hot in 2010 in preseason not missing and then stringing together 13 straight during the regular season.  As he mentions in his testimoial below, after the bye he missed a couple of kicks and felt he had gone back to his old kicking technique.  He came back again this year for a three day workout and we also worked to improve his kickoff technique.

After watching Monday Night Football Game, Baltimore Ravens vs Jacksonville Jaguars it looks like Josh is kicking and kicking off at a very high level and maybe having one of his best seasons.

Matt Nelson (Louisiana Tech) who is the current kicker at Tech participated in his own two day One on One Kicking Lesson.

Louisiana Tech Kicker Matt Nelson Holds for Josh Scobee

Click below to listen to Josh Scobee's Testimonials after working One on One Kicking Lessons with Coach Zauner the last two off seasons of 2010 and 2011.

Great game Josh and continued success!  It's very gratifing for any Coach to see a player he has worked with doing well.  But as I always say - 'Coaches Coach and Players Play'.  And all the credit goes to Josh or any kicking specialist because they're the ones that have to perform under the pressures of the game.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 PRO Development Camps a Success

Coach Zauner's PRO Development Camps
Provide Small Group Instruction
For College & Free Agent Kicking Specialists

Coach Zauner Instructs January Campers 
Phoenix, AZ
Coach Zauner, LLC originates with One on One Kicking, Punting & Snapping Lessons... As a kicking coach consultant in 2008 I started Coach Zauner, LLC and at that point in time I was only giving One on One Lessons. My goal was to expose as many college seniors, free agents, and PRO specialists to Coach Zauner's coaching philosophy of teaching 'A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'.  

I was anticipating that the coaching and teaching philosophy which was proven to be successful early in my career as a kicking coach consultant and later as an 11 year college and 13 year NFL Special Teams Coordinator with the Vikings, Ravens and Cardinals would continue to help me with these young aspiring kicking, punting and snapping specialists.

As a side note:  To date I have coached, consulted or been associated with 20 PRO Bowl specialists throughout my consulting and coaching career. However, most young high school and underclass college kicking specialists coming through these massive kicking camps, talent search, placement and showcase competition camps knew nothing about Coach Zauner.

First, I googled and checked for kicking camps and kicking coaches, the lists went on.  Kicking coaches appeared to be everywhere.  Names of kicking camps and coaches all around the country and names I had never heard of.  Right or wrong many of these kicking coaches were still coaching specialists from the old school manual or coaching them they same way they were coached growing up. 

I decided during my retirement years that I wanted to give back to kicking and the game of football that had given me so much enjoyment, satisfaction and memories.  I wanted more specialists to at least get exposed to Coach Zauner's 'Natural Style of Kicking and Punting' and find out if it would work for them.

A coaching and teaching philosophy that had worked for me throughout my consulting and coaching career with many high school, college and NFL specialist.  I now wanted as many younger specialists to also have an opportunity to take their kicking games to the next level and achieve their dream or goal to play professional football. 

Idea For College Senior and Free Agent Specialist's Combines

In 2008 while attending the NFL Combine, I went to the NFL Special Teams Coaches Dinner to honor the Special Teams Super Bowl Coach of the year.  At this dinner which is paid for by the Coach of the year, all the Special Teams Coordinators and their assistant coaches talk about who's attending free agent kicking combines in the spring and who's going where. 

New Orleans Saints Special Teams Coordinator, Joe Marciano one of the senior special teams coaches  running the meeting turned around and asked me why I wouldn't organize and run a Combine.  He said you know exactly what we want and look for.  I figured with their endorsement and backing I had the opporuntity to be successful.  After consulting with my wife Michelle we decided to move forward with our game plan.

Next, upon request from a group of NFL Special Teams Coaches I started my College Senior and Free Agent Specialist's Combines 'A Field of Dreams' to not only help professional coaches discover free agent talent but also give deserving specialists exposure to NFL, CFL, UFL Special Teams Coaches and Pro Personnel Directors.

The success of the Coach Zauner's First Free Agent Specialist's Combine was contributed to  networking, contacts and good talent.  In 2009 41 specialists qualified and 17 signed NFL and CFL contracts.  Billy Cundiff a free agent at the time, pretty much rebooted his career in front of 26 NFL teams.  Billy is now with the Baltimore Ravens and earned 2011 PRO Bowler honors.  Billy's agent Paul Sheehy was the man responsiable for getting Billy to attend this combine.

Success breeds more success!  Some of the specialists that were taking One on One Kicking, Punting and Snapping Lessons and performing well at Combines were also signing NFL, CFL and UFL contracts.  The word was spreading amongst kicking specialists and agents.  Each year the number of specialists trying to qualify for Combines increased.  Despite the increasing number of specialist trying to qualify the key was for Coach Zauner, LLC to keep the high standard of 'QUALITY' participants showcasing their talent to attending NFL, CFL and UFL Coaches and Scouts.

Why? PRO Development Kicking Camps:

Drew Butler (U. of Georgia) wins Ray Guy Award and Rob Maver (U. of Guelph / Calgary Stampeders) becomes a First Round Pick in Canadian Draft.  Both took One on One Lessons and attended Coach Zauner's first and trial PRO Development Camps at Macalster College in 2010.  Snapper, Morgan Cox (U. of Tennessee / Baltimore Ravens) and Kicker, Nick Novak (U. of Maryland / NFL Veteran Kicker) were also in attendance.  The word was spreading down throughout the college and into the high school ranks.  Thank goodness for Google and Facebook.

Morgan Cox Snaps To Drew Butler
As request grew from underclass college and now high school specialists for One on One Kicking, Punting and Snapping Lessons I needed another avenue to satisfy the growing requests from top college and free agent specialists to get their One on One Lessons. More and more kicking specialists wanted coaching instruction from Coach Zauner.  However, some families could not afford One on One Lessons while other specialists, families or agents could afford One on One Lessons.

So, Coach Zauner, LLC moved forward from a 2010 trial to a series of 2011 PRO Development Kicking Camps. Keeping true to the idea of quality instruction versus quantity of campers in mind during each kicking camp.

These PRO Development Kicking Camps now provide college and free agent specialists Coach Zauner style One on One type instruction within a small group camp environment at a more affordable fee.  The three (3) day weekend camps at $575.00 also include hotel accommadation and meals. These PRO Development Camps are conducted in two locations -Phoenix, AZ and Milwaukee, WI- and various times -January, May and July- for specific reasons.

Since 2007 the bottom line of Coach Zauner, LLC is for One on One Kicking, Punting and Snapping Lessons, PRO Development Kicking Camps, College Senior and Free Agent Speciaist's Combines to provide kicking, punting and snapping specialists at all levels  'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'.  

And it appears to be working!

Coach Zauner Provides All Instructions For PRO Development Camps
January's two PRO Development Camps prepare specialists for spring football, Indoor Arena tryouts, NFL Combine, Senior College PRO Day workouts and Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Specialist's Combines held in February and March.

January Camps in Phoenix, AZ:
Fabrizio Scaccia (No College) Prepares For Training Camp
Signed with S.F. 49ers
Reid Forrest (Washington State) Prepares For NFL Combine
Signed with Buffalo Bills 
John Gold (U. of Texas) Prepars for College Senior Combine
Signed with Seattle Seahawks
Coach Zauner's PRO Development Camps were started for two reasons.  My, first goal was to give specialists a chance to work with me that could not afford One on One Lessons.  The second goal, was to design a limited small group camp that would still offer a specialists a lot of individual Coach Zauner coaching or a One on One coaching atmosphere, while also providing competition.

This year, I decided to divide the punters and snappers into one camp with kickers and kickoff specialists in another in order to reinforce this concept. Also, by keeping the number of kicking specialists limited, it helps young men coming through to develop new friendships and measure the competition if they are pursuing ‘A Specialist’s Path To PRO Football’.

Neil Rackers (Houston Texans) Demonstrates Field Goal Technique

Nathan Whitaker (Stanford University) Prepares for Tryouts
Signed By Minnesota Vikings
May and July PRO Development Football Kicking Camps are designed for College Specialists preparing for the upcoming season and for Free Agent Kicking Specialists to prepare for PRO workouts and/or training camps.

The first of the two camps held July 15-17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Wisconsin Lutheran College were designed for snappers and punters.

Brandon Hartson (U. of Houston) Testing on Sunday
During the weekend, I introduced new drills to kicking specialists to improve techniques and emphasize a natural style of punting while the snappers work to improve speed, accuracy and consistency. In addition, there is also a pooch punt or 'Aussie Drop Punt' contest, long punt contest, and a final competition that introduce the specialists to the testing format of the College Senior and Free Agent Specialist's Combines.

Coach Zauner Teaches Aussie Drop Punt Technique
The kickers PRO Development Camp was held on July 22-24. Kickers were charted on each of 
their kicks throughout the weekend to see where improvement needs to be made while also learning proper technique for kickoffs and onside kicks.

Matt Hogan (U. of Houston) Holds
For Thomas Lynch (St. Xavier)
Mike Salerno, Matt Hogan, Lirim Hajrullahu & Will Snyderwind

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Coach Zauner & ClearEdge Team Up

Coach Gary Zauner & Deborah Dubree Team Up To Offer
Kicking Specialists Technical & Mental Conditioning

Phoenix, AZ ( Kazor ) October 12, 2011 – Professional and college-level kickers, punters and snappers now have an elite coaching team to help them master the technical, mental and emotional aspects of their game. Top football kicking consultant and former NFL special teams coordinator Gary Zauner and Elite Performance Expert Deborah Dubree announce that they have aligned their service offerings to bring specialists the unique blend of top level kicking, punting and snapping techniques, along with the emotional strength and mental conditioning that is necessary to outperform their competition and have the competitive edge by developing the correct muscle memory under pressure and or in game like situations.

This new alliance combines Coach Zauner’s recognized excellence for teaching ‘A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting’, with Dubree’s keen mastery of training players how to be remain calm, confident and focused even when they feel ticked off, upset or completely frustrated. Together their expertise develops highly skilled special teams players who are consistent, clear-headed and confident during critical plays.

“Constantly improving your technical skills and mental conditioning should be the number one priority for pro, college or high school level kickers, punters and snappers,” said Zauner, a former NFL special teams coordinator for 13 years with the Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals. “There can be no bad days for kickers, punters and snappers; they have to be so mentally and physically focused on their game. That’s why Deborah and I are thrilled to be able to combine our talents into one amazing consulting service for kicking specialists.

As a leading authority on kicking in the football industry, Coach Zauner offers One on One Kicking, Punting and Snapping Lessons, PRO Development Camps, a College Senior and Free Agent Specialist’s Combine for athletes looking to improve their skills, and get exposure to NFL, CFL and UFLSpecial Teams Coaches, scouts and Personnel Directors in order for them to have ‘A Specialist’s Path To PRO Football.

Deborah Dubree ( http://yourclearedge.com ) specializes in teaching highly committed and competitive athletes how to be “THE ONE.” The player who remains calm, confident and clear headed during critical plays; the player who is at his competitive best consistently, because he has conditioned and strengthened his mental game to manage the pressure on demand.

“All too often, I see highly talented players thinking way too much. They become their own worst enemy. Stress goes up and performance goes down,” said Ms. Dubree. “And that’s unacceptable to coaches in today’s ultra-competitive landscape of professional and college level football. I’m excited to join Coach Zauner in training theses talented players on exactly how to take their game to the next level … and beyond.”

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Tom Mante Looking For "Just One Shot"

BG grad can’t kick his pursuit of NFL career

Nashua Telegraph.com

They say punters and placekickers in professional football are only as good as their last kick.

Tom Mante is fighting the good fight to prevent his next kick from becoming his last.

“All he needs is a shot,” his former coach, current Bishop Guertin High School athletic director Tony Johnson said. “Just one shot.”

Click here to continue the original article in its entirely.

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