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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alex Steigerwald Kicking Lessons

On Sunday and Monday University of Toledo kicker Alex Steigerwald was in Scottsdale, Arizona for Kicking Lessons.

Alex was very excited about coming to Arizona because he was interested in hearing my evaluation and opinion about his kicking technique . He said he has watched many of the videos on my website; www.coachzauner.com

The next two photos will paint a perfect picture.

In the photo above Alex warmed up and starting kicking with a major "Crunch". He told me that was the one thing he learned a long time ago when he started to kick. The coach told him at a kicking camp. When you really feel the "Crunch" you know your kicking well.

During the two days of individual kicking lessons we worked on Alex getting a more consistent foot to ball contact and a better rotation on his kicks.

Next, we worked on eliminating the "Crunch". Alex was a quick study. He liked what I was saying and more importantly he felt like he could kick up and through the ball better. Alex starting kicking the ball higher and straighter with less effort.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Alex. He has a lot of natural kicking talent. I feel that in a couple of weeks his kicking will get even better with less thinking.

Unfortunately I missed my opportunity to get a photo of Alex and myself...sorry Alex!

However, I will have the chance as Alex will be participating in my College Senior Specialists Combine February 20-21 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Kicking Lessons

Football Kicking Coach

C.J. Santiago Punting Lessons

On Saturday and Sunday former BYU punter C.J. Santiago was in Scottsdale, Arizona for a One on One Punting Lesson. C.J. graduated last year and is interested in attending my Free Agent Specialists Combine March 27 -28 here in Phoenix, Arizona.

The first day I watched C.J. go through his warm up and immediately noticed his outside drop. He was taught to drop the ball outside his hip! He had no idea until he saw the photo's and video that his drop was dramatically outside his hip.

After the first lesson I introduced C.J. to my Drop Progression, Modified One Step and Catch and One Step Drills. He went back to a friends house and practiced for hours.

C.J. came back on Sunday and was bound and determined to get his fundamentals right. He improved quickly and noticed results. His drop was nose down and directly in front of his punting leg.

He was also punting up and through the ball much better and was hitting a lot more (SNO) Spiral Nose Over Punts to his Power Zone!

It was a real pleasure meeting and working with C.J. and I wish him the best of luck.

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Coach Z College Senior Combine




As they said in the movie Field of Dreams, "If You Build It...They Will Come!"

DATE: February 20-21, 2010

If you are a College Senior Kicking Specialist and have aspirations for kicking, punting or snapping in the NFL, your path should start with Coach Zauner's College Senior Specialists Combine being held February 20-21, 2010 (Paradise Valley High School).

This 2-day event is designed for the Top College Senior kickers, punters and snappers who 'WILL NOT' be invited to the NFL Combine February 24 thru March 2 in Indianapolis.

It is against NFL rules to have any NFL coach or scout at an event like this, so following this College Senior Specialists Combine, video of the best potential NFL prospect will be posted to my website (unless a participant makes a request to not have their video posted).

In addition, I will personally take a DVD which includes the results and highlight video of the top specialists who have NFL potential, and ‘hand deliver’ this information to many of the NFL Special Teams Coaches, and Directors of Pro or College Personnel in attendance at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

In 2008 I spent five days at the NFL Combine and talked to a representative from every NFL team. I plan to do the same this year.

However, whether it is by personal contact at the Combine, or by mail, every NFL team will receive a copy of the results and the video.

These kicking specialists will also be featured on a special College Senior Specialists Combine section on my website along with the other 2010 NFL draft prospects.

*Also, every participant will receive a DVD copy of their performance.


I am hosting a College Senior Specialists Combine as it is my experience the best kicking specialist talent is not seen at their College Pro Day or showcased at the NFL Combine.

An example of this is when I attended the NFL Combine in 2008.

At the event, I was immediately struck by the lack of quality kicking specialists talent that had been invited. And when the NFL Combine was over, I left thinking about all the quality kicking specialist talent available throughout the country that should have been invited but were not.

In fact that Spring I was working and training two kicking specialists who I believed had much more talent than anyone I had seen at the NFL Combine; punter Brett Kern (U. of Toledo, Denver Broncos,Tennessee Titan) and This years Super Bowl Kicker Garrett Hartley (U. of Oklahoma, New Orleans Saints).

And the 2008 NFL season proved this to be true.

During that season, the Denver Broncos called and asked me to find them a young punter and kicker. I recommended both specialists to GM, Jim Goodman and the Broncos signed both Brett Kern and Garrett Hartley to Free Agent Contracts.

Kern made the team and Hartley was released before training camp due to the 80 man roster rule. Hartley later signed with the New Orleans Saints and played 8 games in which he was a perfect 13 for 13 in the 2008 season.

Today, both are still on NFL rosters. Brett Kern with the Titans and Garrett Hartley with the Super Bowl Bound New Orleans Saints.

And they weren’t the only kicking specialists who were not invited to the NFL Combine but were signed to the NFL that year. In fact six kicking specialists who were not invited to the NFL Combine were either drafted or signed as Free Agents and made NFL rosters.

And it’s important to note that only two kicking specialists invited to the 2008 NFL Combine made an NFL roster that year! And neither made it through the season or are playing today.

I don’t know why so much kicking specialist talent is overlooked and therefore not invited to the NFL Combine, but perhaps it is because there is a general lack of knowledge of what qualities, technique and personality it takes to be an NFL Kicking Specialist.

It seems often times a players ability is determined on ‘kicking distance’ or a 'stop watch' reading rather than on a kicking specialists skills and technique.

Regardless the reason, many excellent kicking specialists never get invited to the NFL Combine and therefore never get drafted or signed to the NFL.

I have attended the NFL Combine for the past 18 years and I am very familiar with the quality of talent showcased there. It is my opinion that the ‘top’ College Senior kicking talent has not been invited to the NFL Combine. There is no 'consistency' in the talent represented from year to year. Therefore NFL teams have not seen the best kicking specialists available.

The other troubling issue is many college seniors kicking specialists expect to be seen on their ‘Pro Day' by NFL Special Teams Coaches and Scouts. But the fact is, that does not always happen.

The big universities with the most NFL potential football players will have a big Pro Day, but far too often, many College Senior Kicking Specialists will have no NFL Special Teams Coaches or Scouts at their workout either because the scout needed to get to the next College ‘Pro Day” -and didn't have time to look at the kicking specialists- or no scout showed up at all.

My College Senior Kicking Specialists Combine is designed to ensure the best college kicking specialist talent at all divisions of college football, are not overlooked by NFL teams just because they weren’t invited to the NFL Combine or were not seen at their College Pro Day.

It is my goal to make sure the best kicking specialist talent IS seen by NFL Special Teams and Directors of Pro or College Personnel, so these specialists also have a chance to be drafted or signed as a NFL free agent.

My background and experience have shown I can make this happen for College Seniors.


1) Participants will be able to showcase their ability to Coach Zauner and results seen by NFL teams.

2) Participants will be competing against other Top College Senior Specialists.

3) Participants will have an opportunity to evaluate their standing amongst other college specialists and will have an excellent opportunity to evaluate their ability and potential to be an NFL kicking specialist.


During my career as an 11 years as a college coach and 13 years as an NFL Special Teams Coordinator I have coached or trained 19 Pro Bowl kickers, punters and snappers and have worked with over 75 NFL kicking specialists.

* All College Senior Specialists Combine participants will be video taped and will receive a 'one-angle, raw and un-edited' version of their workout.



Brian Billick / former Head Coach of the Baltimore Ravens said, “I’ve known and coached with Gary for 28 years! As a College and NFL Head Coach I have seen him not only find kicking personnel but also coach and develop many kicking specialists to be more consistent! He is the best when it comes to finding, evaluating, analyzing and coaching kicking specialists. Gary Zauner is the best in the business!”

Frank Gilliam / former Minnesota Vikings Vice President Player Personnel said, “Gary was responsible for targeting, evaluating and signing many of our kicking personnel. His knowledge and evaluations of kicking personnel were in-valuable to myself and my scouting staff especially when it came to free agency and the draft. I’ve been in the NFL with the Vikings for 36 years and nobody knows kicking personnel and how to coach them better than Gary!”

Dennis Green / former Head Coach of the Minnesota Viking and Arizona Cardinals, and Current Head Coach of the CA Redwoods UFL Team said, “I have hired Gary two times in my Head Coaching career – Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals. Gary is one of the top Special Teams Coaches in the Country. He has a thorough understanding of how to help a player become better. Gary has developed and coached some of the top kickers in the history of the NFL, yet some of his best work is when he is teaching young kickers who are eager to learn. If your organization is looking to find and or develop any type of kicking specialist than Gary is the best person for you!” Comments: 6 / 2007


Bill Polian, Indianapolis Colts President said, “With regards to Coach Zauner’s Free Agent Specialists and College Senior Combines being a ‘clearing house’ for NFL teams’ Coach Zauner has demonstrated he has a reputation for evaluating and finding kicking specialist talent of NFL caliber. His Combines certainly have the potential to discover or rediscover quality kicking specialist talent that might otherwise go unnoticed by Professional Football Teams”

Mike Smith, Head Coach Atlanta Falcons said,
“Coach Zauner's kicking, punting and snapping combine is the best opportunity for players to be evaluated by NFL personnel. The camp is the largest gathering of quality kicking specialists of who are either veteran or rookie free agents. This does not come as a surprise to me. I've known Coach Zauner for over 28 years, and he is, without question, the best there is in evaluating and coaching kicking, punting and snapping talent."

Bobby DePaul, Senior Director of Pro Personnel for the Chicago Bears said, "This was the best run Free Agent Combine I have participated in during my 21 years working as a coach or scout in the NFL. This effort clearly demonstrated that Coach Zauner has the knowledge needed to run an efficient Combine and effectively evaluate specialists. I will be looking forward to an expanded field of specialists next year."

Jim Fassel, Former Head Coach of the N.Y. Giants & Current Head Coach of the Las Vegas UFL Team said, “Recently my UFL staff attended Coach Zauner’s Free Agent Specialists Combine in Phoenix, Arizona. Me and my staff have participated in many free agent Combines throughout the years searching for football talent and all agreed this was the best run Combine any of us have attended. The field of talent was handpicked and of the highest caliber. This is 'the' Kicking Combine to attend if you’re a professional football team or aspiring kicking specialist.”

Joe Marciano, Special Teams Coordinator Houston Texans said, "Coach Zauner has coached in the NFL as a Special Teams Coordinator for 13 years. Coach Zauner knows the standards that NFL Special Teams Coaches want and need of their kicking specialist's. His Combine was run extremely efficiently for the coaches, Pro Personnel and players. I believe if you're an NFL Special Teams Coach, Director of Personnel or kicking specialist, Coach Zauner's Combine is 'the' event to attend.”

Ray Rychleski, Special Teams Coordinator Indianapolis Colts said,“As a coach I can really appreciate how well and precise the entire event was run. Many of the other special teams coaches and personnel people in the stands who have gone to other combines remarked that this was the best run free agent camp they had gone to and will be back again next year. Coming from the college coaching ranks I would think any college or free agent kicking specialists that wants to get exposure to the NFL should make Coach Zauner’s combine a must to attend."


Billy Cundiff 6 Year Veteran NFL Kicker said, "After being out of the league for two years Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine gave me a chance to showcase my skills in front of a big gathering of NFL Coaches and Scouts. The quality of kickers I competed against was excellent. Because of my performance at the event, the Lions brought me in for a workout during the preseason and signed me for the last two games. After my break in Detroit, other teams had to take notice. From there, I was signed by Cleveland and Baltimore teams that also noticed me at the combine. It feels great to playing again. If you’re a kicking specialist and looking to highlight your talent, Coach Zauner’s event is the place to be." Signed by Lions, Brown and Ravens.

Scott Player, 10 Year NFL Veteran Punter (Cardinals & Browns) said, “I feel that in only the first year of putting together a special teams combine, Coach Zauner has already established that his combine is the major league's of kicking, punting and snapping. There is not another combine or camp out there that even comes close to this with the exposure a player can receive from all the various professional leagues. Coach Zauner is the premier kicking, punting and snapping authority in the country and that is why he has been able to attract some of the best players out there who trust him to help them improve their kicking technique and take their game to the highest level!"

Shane Andrus, Free Agent Kicker said, "Coach Zauner's free agent showcase was a great experience. Some of these showcases always have everyone guessing as to which teams will show up. I knew with Coach Zauner’s reputation, that he would bring the coaches out and did. I thought it was extremely organized, and would recommend it for any kicker who wants to get looked at by an NFL team." Signed Colts, Tampa Bay and 49ers.

Eddie Johnson, Idaho State and Vikings draft pick said, Coach Zauner's camp was organized, efficient, and a great opportunity to showcase one's ability. The follow-up with the workout's #s and other information has been great as well. Not too long after I was offered a tryout with the Cleveland Browns as a direct result of being seen at Coach Z's Free Agent Combine. I've also been offered an opportunity to compete for the P/K job for the Toronto Argonauts. Without the exposure from Coach Zauner's combine, I have no doubt in my mind, that I'd still be sitting at home..."waiting" for somebody to call me. I highly recommend this combine for any aspiring punter/kicker who's looking to create a positive "buzz", and get their name out there." Signed by Toronto Argonauts

Parker Douglass, South Dakota State University said, “I felt that the Combine was a great opportunity to display my talent in front of NFL, UFL and CFL scouts and personnel because there were twenty-four NFL, four UFL and two CFL teams represented at the event. In addition, there were a lot of talented specialists at the Combine. This allowed everyone to compete with other high level players as well as give the scouts an idea of how you stack up among the other specialists. I would definitely recommend this Combine to any specialist who is serious about getting into the NFL, UFL or CFL." Signed by Browns, Jets & UFL California Redwoods

Alex Romero, Free Agent Kicker said, “The Coach Zauner’s Showcase was the best that I have attended. The organization was very professional. Everything had a system and everyone was following it. The quality of competition was unmatched. It is easier to gage your performance when you know that the competition is first class. Also the amount of coaches and scouts was amazing. There were coaches from every league that were willing to sign the people they liked. I would like to thank Coach Zauner for the opportunity to use his showcase as a platform to show my abilities." Signed by 49ers.

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Brady Beeson Kicking Lessons

On Thursday and Friday Brady Beeson from St. Thomas University (St. Paul Minn.) and his family were in Scottsdale, Arizona for Kicking Lessons and evaluation. Brady like many graduating seniors would like to know if they have the talent to make and have a career in the NFL, CFL or UFL as a kicking specialist.

College players coming from smaller colleges and Universities usually have the biggest concerns and most questions marks by NFL, CFL and UFL Coaches and Scouts.

The first factor is their talent level, the second is the level of competition and third, playing in a smaller venue or crowd noise and pressure of the big game.

To me kicking, punting and snapping is a little different than the other positions in professional football. Like in the movie 'Hoosier' where the coach tells his under dog team in the final games that the rim is 10 feet high for both teams. Kicking, punting and snapping the ball is pretty much the same.

How high, far, fast and accurate are you with your skills level compared to other kicking specialists in the same draft year. Other football positions have a concern about the level of competition.

Brady like many kicking specialists that come to me for kicking lessons or evaluations all have talent. What separates one kicker, punter or snapper from the others besides leg strength or speed is "Consistency".
Kickers have no height or size restrictions. Teams just want to see a kicker with a good leg that is accurate. The wooooo factor helps. "The Big Leg!" Some professional teams like punters that are taller. Many professional teams like snappers with more size so they don't get dominated at the line of scrimmage.
The stop watch, distances and statistics are the only factors that most scouts use to evaluate kickers. The bottom line is "Consistency".

Brady showed me a good leg. However, he had a couple of mechanical flaws that we needed to address. Brady has not been coached a lot and therefore needs to become more fundamentally sound. We addressed his plant foot, foot to ball contact and kicking up and through the ball.

I think the two kicking lessons with a kicking coach where an eye opener for him. I told him to go home and work on the two or three fundamentals for a couple of weeks and see how much he improves. He will be able to evaluate himself by how consistent he is kicking the ball at that point.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Brady and I wish him the best of luck in the future pursuing an NFL kicking career.

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Kicking Lessons

Football Kicking Coach

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Senior Bowl - Day 2

Tuesday night I went to dinner and met with several coaching associates and former players. Mike Smith (Head Coach Falcons), Marvin Lewis (Head Coach Bengals) and Jack Del Rio (Head Coach Jaguars).
I coached with Mike Smith many years ago at San Diego State and at the Baltimore Ravens.
Marvin Lewis and I coached together many years ago at the U. of New Mexico and again crossed paths briefly at the Ravens. Jack Del Rio was one of my former players at the Minnesota Vikings.

On Wednesday I saw Rex Ryan (Head Coach Jets) and congratulated him on a great season. Rex and I coached together at the Ravens for four years.

I also saw many of my Special Teams Coaching friends Al Everst (Pittsburgh), Bobby April (Eagles), Russ Purnell (Jaguars), Alan Lowery (Titans) Brad Seely (Browns) and John Bonamego (Dolphins). All said they would like to attend my Free Agent Specialists Combine in March. If they couldn't they will have someone from their organization be there to evaluate the talent.

Wednesday was my designated day to evaluate the snappers and kickers.

Mike Windt Snapper University of Cincinnati North Team

Brett Swenson Michigan State University Kicker

Morgan Cox Snapper University of Tennessee South Team

Leigh Tiffin University of Alabama Kicker

In all the 2010 Senior Bowl was a success meeting, greeting and networking. I not only talked to a lot of coaches, scouts and player agents but had an opportunity to talk at length with several GM's and get their opinions on what I am doing and the direction I am heading with my College Senior and Free Agent Specialists Combines.

I also saw and evaluated the Senior Bowl kicking specialists and will compare them to all the kickers at my College Senior Specialists Combine February 20, 2010 and those attending the NFL Combine the following week in Indy.

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2010 Senior Bowl - Day 1

After my weekend of kicking and punting lessons in Scottsdale, Arizona I was on a plane Monday afternoon to the 2010 Senior Bowl. I arrived in Mobile, Alabama later that night. Tuesday morning I was at the Senior Bowl practices evaluating the kicking specialists. The Senior Bowl has always had the tradition as being the elite bowl that always invited the top college seniors. Because of its reputation most of the senior players accepted the invitation.

Every team in the NFL, CFL and UFL were in attendance with clip boards, stop watches and recorders evaluating the talent. The press core was getting interviews from the top players. Agents for players were watching their clients or trying to sign new talent. And coaches that were fired were looking for new jobs and teams.

Needless to say there was a lot of activity with everyone's own self interest at hand. Mine was watching and evaluating the kicking specialist talent.

In the first practice I watched the North specialists: kicker, Brett Swenson (Michigan State), punter, Mesko Zoltan (U. of Michigan) and snapper, Mike Windt (U. of Cincinnati)

Zoltan Mesko #42 a left footed punter from the University of Michigan was a pre-season All-American selection. Brett Swenson the kicker from Michigan State had a excellent college career. I really didn't know much about Mike Windt the snapper from Cincinnati but he looked pretty good in both practices I observed.

The South Team was comprised by kicker Leigh Tiffin (U. of Alabama), punter Matt Dodge (East Carolina University), and snapper Morgan Cox (U. of Tennessee). In 2009 Morgan attended my PRO Development Camp in Minnesota and he had two solid practices.

In the photo below Matt Dodge punts during the South punt team period with a live rush.

During the practices GM's, Head Coaches, Position Coaches, and Scouts lined the field and sat in the stands to critique the players from the two teams.

While everyone was evaluating the position players I was working the stands for Directors of College, Pro Scouting and Special Teams Coordinators to give them information about my College Senior Specialists Combine and Free Agent Specialists Combine.

All the practices were covered by ESPN and Sirius NFL Radio.

In all I must say my first day at the Senior Bowl was a success. I talked to Special Teams Coaches and Directors of Personnel from the NFL, CFL and UFL teams. They all seem very interested in my two combines and look forward to get the results and video from both events.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nick Pertruit Kicking Lessons

On Sunday and Monday Nick Pertuit a former professional soccer player and arena kicker from Texas was in Scottsdale, Arizona for some Kicking Lessons.

Nick had played professional soccer early in his career and is now trying to kick footballs for a living. He would love to attend my Free Agent Specialists Combine in March. From his first kick I could tell this young man had some explosion in leg. I could also see that he lacked some football kicking fundamentals.

However, that is why he came to me in Arizona to get an evaluation on where he was in football kicking career and how he can get better.

In the two days we kicked watched and analyzed the video and came up with a game plan for Nick to become a more consistent field goal kicker and kickoff man.

We address several fundamentals with drills. His foot to ball contact was a little inconsistent.
He was not kicking up and through the ball the same way on every kick.

After two intense days of kicking and video work Nick was improving and hit some excellent kicks. I told him to go home and work the drills for three weeks and see how much improvement he can make. Having a big leg is only a part of being a good kicker.

The key to every one's success is 'Consistency'. That comes from good sound fundamentals.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Nick and I wish him the best of luck in pursuit of an NFL career.

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Kicking Lessons

Football Kicking Coach

Batson & Spencer North Alabama

On Saturday and Sunday punter Will Batson and kicker Kenny Spencer both from the University of North Alabama. They are both here in Scottsdale, Arizona working Kicking and Punting Lessons to improve their fundamentals and become more consistent.

Will Batson is a 6'4 and 215 pound good looking big legged punter. During the two days of punting lessons he worked my drop progression drill to get a more consistent nose down drop. And also, worked on punting up and through the ball. Will is what I term a 'Cruncher'. As his leg moves up his head and shoulder move forward and down.

In the photo above Will is working a drill to stay more upright and punting up and through the ball. Will has a lot of potential as a punter. The biggest thing he needs is drill work and the proper fundamentals. When Will executes a perfect drop and hits the ball on top of his punting foot the ball is long and far. Like all kicking specialists the key to his success is 'Consistency'!

Kenny Spencer is a 6'1 and 215 pound big legged kicker. The University of North Alabama was fortunate to recruit and land two kicking specialists that have PRO potential talent. Now, that they are seniors and are draft eligible the University has some big shoes to fill.

Last year when Kenny came to Scottsdale for kicking lessons I remembered he had a good strong leg. He warmed up and still showed he has a big leg. I noticed a couple of minor swing flaws and during the video review we address those flaws.

During the two kicking lessons we worked on foot to ball contact. Kenny hits a big ball but at times his foot position on the ball is a little inconsistent. When he makes 'Perfect' foot to ball position the ball goes high, far and straight.

Also, at times Kenny was rolling on his plant ankle and was cutting his kicks. I tried to get him to kick up and through the ball better.

We finished both days working on Kenny's kickoff technique. Again, when he hit the sweet spot of his foot to the ball he hit several touch backs. The key to his success kicking and kicking off will also be consistency.

It was again a pleasure working with the two kicking specialists from the University of North Alabama. I will see them again February 20 & 21 for Coach Zauner's College Senior Specialists Combine.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Josh Arauco Kicking Lessons

On Friday and Saturday Arkansas State University Kicker, Josh Arauco and his father were in Scottsdale, Arizona for Kicking Lessons.

Josh came to see me in preparation for his Texas vs The Nation Game in February. Josh had some concerns about his technique and wanted me to evaluate his kicking technique because he was feeling pain when he kicked a lot.

Josh is what I term a 'Cruncher'. Most coaches only know one coaching point to tell their kicker 'Keep Your Head Down'. What they don't realize, the effect it can have on a kickers technique and the stress it puts on their kicker's body.

After the first kicking lesson we reviewed Josh's video and I came up with a game plan to get Josh to open up his swing and kick up and through the ball better. Josh was a quick study and made the adjustment with no problem.

Next, we addressed the elevation Josh was getting on his field goal kicks. Once again Josh made a quick adjustment and the balls where taking off and still flying straight but with better height.

We finished each day going over Josh's kickoff technique. Josh did not kickoff in college so we spent some good technique time on this part of his game.

Click below to listen to Josh Arauco Testimonial about working with Coach Zauner:

It was a real pleasure meeting and working with Josh and his father. During two days of kicking Josh hardly missed a kick. He is a very accurate kicker and now if he can kick accurately with more distance he brings more to his resume. I wish Josh the best of luck in his upcoming game (Texas vs The Nation) in February and the NFL Draft in April.

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Kicking Lessons

Football Kicking Coach

Abrams, Ackley, Baumann & Doerfler

Over the weekend I had four kicking specialists in Scottsdale, Arizona for kicking, punting and snapping lessons. The four players also put their expertise together and worked on their timing as a kicking and punting unit. It was an excellent teaching, coaching and learning situation for all the kicking specialists.

The four players in Scottsdale, Arizona were kickers Britt Baumann (University of Minnesota - Duluth), Derek Doerfler (Baker University), snapper Zack Abrams (Northeastern University), and punter Breck Ackley (Southern University).

All players received their own individual One on One time and as a bonus also received extra time as they serviced the next player.

Above photo, Zack Abrams is working a snapping technique drill while Breck Ackley is working a punting drill for catching, molding and dropping the ball.

After Derek Doerfler worked on his individual kicking technique, Zack snapped and Breck held while Derek worked on his timing and technique with a snap and hold.

Once again after Britt Baumann got his individual kicking technique work in he had an opportunity to work with a snap and hold. As Britt and Derek alternated kicks working on their tempo and technique the other used a stop watch to time the get-offs.

For two days Breck got in some excellent work refining his holding technique. Next Breck had his own One on One time working on his individual punting technique. Once he was finished working his drop progression and one step drill Zack came over and snapped so he could work on his timing catch, molding and punting the ball.

All four of these kicking specialists are working hard to refine their skills and technique to take their games to the next level. Everyone got better this weekend and had fun doing it.

It was a real pleasure once again working with Breck, Britt, Derek and Zack. I wish them all the best of luck getting ready for either my College Senior Specialists Combine or Free Agent Specialists Combine.

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Kicking Lessons

Punting Lessons

Long Snapping Lessons

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