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Monday, September 4, 2017

Sergio Castillo Hamilton Tiger Cats Kicker

I first met Sergio Castillo when he was a freshmen at West Texas State University.  He came to Fountain Hills, Arizona for a ONE on ONE Kicking and Punting Lesson after looking for some instructional help. 

Sergio was a very talented young man and kicking specialist, but was a product of camps that teach a more mechanical style of kicking.  I introduced Sergio to Coach Zauner's 'Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'.

Many specialists around the country go to Kicking and Punting Camps that teach what I call an Old School or mechanical style of kicking and punting.  Early in my career I also had that same teaching philosophy.  

However, through the years as I coached more and more Free Agent and NFL Kicking and Punting Specialists I adopted what I call 'A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'.

During Sergio's college career at West Texas A & M he achieved many accolades.  He became an All American Kicker and won the Fred Mitchell Award. 
Sergio Castillo Wins the 2014 'Fred Mitchell' Award
After his senior college season he attended Coach Zauner's 2014 College Senior Combine in Gilbert, Arizona.  He was one of the top combo specialists that attended this prestigious event in 2014.  After the 2014 NFL Draft I recommended Sergio to Head Coach Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons and he was signed as a Free Agent by the Falcons.

He went to mini camp, training camp and played in a couple of pre-season games but was released by many free agent specialists. 

Next,  I recommended Sergio to the CFL.  For the next couple of years he attended try out camps and played in a couple of CFL games.  The biggest knock by CFL General Managers on Sergio was is punting consistency. 

For the last two years Sergio has come to Fountain Hills, Arizona for both PRO Development Camps and ONE on ONE Punting Lessons.  Sergio has worked hard and improved his both his punting consistency and technique.  In 2016 and 2017 he attended my January PRO Development Camps for Kickers and Punters. 

In March of this year, Sergio attended Coach Zauner's 2017 Free Agent Combine and performed very well in front of a full crowd of NFL & CFL Coaches, Scouts and Pro Personnel Directors.  He showed many of the NFL teams he has Potential as a NFL Kicker but also showed all the CFL Teams he has become a very good Kicker / Punter Combo specialist. 

The Canadian Football League term Americans as International Players.  Each Canadian team gets only so many international players allotted to their rosters. So, if your an American looking to make a CFL roster you better be a very good kicking and punting specialist.   
93 Free Agent Kicking, Punting & Snapping Specialists Attended Free Agent Combine

Congrats to Sergio Castillo for all his hard work and passion in becoming a professional athlete.  In June of 2017 Sergio has now made the Hamilton Tiger Cats final roster.   
Sergio Castillo - Coach Zauner After a ONE on ONE Kicking & Punting Lesson

Testimonial by Sergio Castillo About Coach Zauner's Programs

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