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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Kasey Redfern Detroit Lions Punter

Kasey Redfern Detroit Lions NFL Punter

I first met Kasey Redfern (Wofford College) when he attended my February 2014 College Senior Combine here in Gilbert, Arizona.  This combine was designed to give any College kicking, punting or snapping specialists that thinks he has NFL potential a platform to show case their talents in front of Coach Zauner. 

When I was a NFL Special Teams Coordinator I always wondered why many of the College Seniors that made NFL rosters never got invited to the NFL Senior Bowl or NFL Combine.  So, when I retired from the NFL and became a kicking consultant I decided not not only do ONE on ONE Lessons and Pro Development Camps but also created both the College Senior and Free Agent Combines. 

Why?  Because throughout my high school, college and NFL careers I had a reputation for not only having an "Eye" for talent but the coaching skills to develop talent.  

ONE on ONE Lessons and PRO Camps for specialists to refine their technique and take their games to the next level and Combines for specialists to get exposure to NFL and CFL teams. 

This College Senior Combine has produced exposure and results for the likes of NFL Punters Johnny Hekker (Rams), Sam Martin (Lions), Tress Way (Redskins) and Matt Darr (Dolphins).  
Kasey Redfern Signs with Jacksonville Jaguars after 2014 NFL Draft
During the 2014 College Senior Combine, Kasey performed well and was recommended to all the NFL and CFL teams that attended my Free Agent Combine that he had NFL potential as a combo kicking specialist. 

After the 2014 NFL Draft Kasey signed as a Free Agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  He was later released.  

If we fast forward Kasey's next two years he signed with the Chargers in 2015 and was cut.  In 2016 he was signed by both the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns and was again released.

As I watched this young man sign contracts and get release I always felt he had NFL potential but had some flaws in his punting technique.

In the fall of 2016 I reached out to both Kasey and his agent, Casey DiMeo "I believe I can help refine Kasey's punting technique and make him more consistent".  They responded with a yes and asked when can we start.  We scheduled his ONE on ONE Punting Lesson for November 14th and 15th of 2016.  We wanted him to have a couple of months to work on some changes to his technique to prepare for my 2017 Free Agent Combine in March.  
Kasey Redfern Works Drop Zone Drill During ONE on ONE Lesson
During our ONE on ONE Punting Lesson I introduced Kasey to several of my punting drills. I also introduced him to Coach Zauner's 'Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'.  

During our lesson we took a lot of sequential photos and video to show Kasey how he compared to many of the past and current NFL Punters. We also worked a little on his kickoff technique but he was pretty efficient with that part of his game. 
Kasey Redfern Works on on Kickoff Technique
As I told Kasey and his agent, "With your kickoff leg and better punting consistency you will only raise your stock with NFL teams".  Kasey left and told me that he liked the drills and changes and was going back home for the next four months to work on the changes.
Coach Zauner Show Case Free Agent Combine
In March Kasey attended the 2017 Free Agent Combine along with 92 other specialists.  This combine attracted 122 free agent specialists but only 93 qualified for this two day show case event. 
93 Punting, Kicking and Specialists Attended the 2017 Free Agent Combine
During the event I watched Kasey perform amongst the group of 32 highly talented punters.  Many of which had already played or have been on NFL or CFL Teams.  All the punters were tested on the ability to Open Field, Directional and Pooch Punts.  They were also given a chance to show their ability to kick field goals and kickoff.
Kasey Redfern At Coach Zauner's 2017 Free Agent Combine
Once again Kasey performed very well and caught the eye of several teams.  Kasey and his agent decided to sign with the Detroit Lions because they guaranteed him playing time in all four preseason game.   It turned out to be a excellent choice.  

Congrats to Kasey for his hard work and passion with regards to punting a football.  I also appreciated Kasey giving me a chance to Coach him and introduce him to a 'Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'.  

I wish Kasey the best of luck this season and also in the future.  

NOTE:  I believe more kicking, punting and snapping specialists that have NFL potential should have another eye evaluate them, like Kasey did, if they have not made a team because of the lack of consistency. Sometimes one coach may not see the problem another coach or expert might point out.  "The Power of Coaching"

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