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Monday, September 18, 2017

Matt Gay (Utah) and Jace Christmann (Mississippi State)

Coach Zauner's ONE on ONE Kicking Lessons Produce Results for Soccer Players.

Coach Zauner Teaches 'A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'

Jace Christmann and Matt Gay - ONE on ONE Coach Zauner Students
About five years ago I first met Jace Christmann and in April of 2017 I met Matt Gay.  Both of these young men were excellent soccer players in high school.  Both wanted to be football kickers.

Jace was a freshman at Houston Memorial High School in Houston Texas and Matt was a junior at Utah Valley University playing on the soccer team.

Coach Zauner a former NFL Special Team Coach with the Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals and current kicking consultant is known for his philosophy of teaching and coaching a 'Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'.  

Matt Gay During A ONE on ONE Kicking Lesson With Coach Zauner
Coach Zauner Teaches and Coaches 'A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'

Jace Christmann During A ONE on ONE Kicking Lesson With Coach Zauner
During his 40 plus years as a coach and consultant  he has now coached, consulted and trained over 120 plus NFL and CFL kicking, punting and snapping specialists, including 25 PRO Bowlers.

Today as a kicking consultant I really enjoy working with young men at any level.  It doesn't matter if their high school, college, free agent or  professional specialists as long as they are looking to get better.  As a teacher and coach my gratification comes from the improvement and success my students or players achieve. 

Matt Gay and Jace Christmann are a perfect examples of ONE on ONE students that have put a big smile on my face because of their success so far this year.  These two soccer players have embraced Coach Zauner's Natural Style of Kicking.

Matt was a walk-on this year at the University of Utah for Head Coach Kyle Whittingham and is presently after three games 11 for 11 or 100% on his field goal attempts.

Jace was a preferred walk-on last year at Mississippi State for Head Coach Dan Mullen.  Jace for the last month was in a battle with three other kickers for the starting spot.  He started 4th on the depth chart the opening week of training camp.

He has worded hard and moved up the depth chart each week.  He has stayed confident and matured each week as a person and player.  He has competed, stayed focused and believed in his technique. 

This past weekend Jace got his first start against LSU.  I am happy to say Jace was 3 for 3 on his field goal attempts and perfect on extra points. 

Congrats to both Jace Christmann and Matt Gay for their success so far this season.

Jace Christmann - Mississippi State Kicker
Coach Zauner's Programs are 'A Specialists Path to College and PRO Football.

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