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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Taybor Pepper Green Bay Packers Snapper

Congrats To Taybor Pepper (Michigan State) and Green Bay Packers Snapper.
Taybor Pepper at Coach Zauner's 2016 College Senior Combine
I first met Taybor Pepper Michigan State University snapper at my January 2016 Snapper's ONLY 'Vital Man' Training camp in Fountain Hills, Arizona.
Taybor Pepper - Michigan State Snapper

Taybor was one of the 34 College, Free Agent and Elite High School Snappers attending this camp to prepare for either Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine in February or Free Agent Combine in March here in Gilbert, Arizona or for their next upcoming season.

Taybor was attending to prepare for Coach Zauner's 2016 College Senior Combine.  During this camp Taybor was exposed to Coach Zauner's philosophy of snapping and blocking in a PRO Style kicking game.  

During this camp snappers get exposed to Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine testing.  They learn Coach Zauner's Perfect Laces and Balls and Strikes Drill.  They also practice Coaches Coverage Agility Drill.  NFL Special Teams Coordinators like NFL prospects that can not only just snap, but also snap, block and cover.  Get down field and make a tackle.  
Taybor Pepper at Coach Zauner's 2016 College Senior Combine
Every year in February Coach Zauner hold his College Senior Combine in Gilbert, Arizona at Campo Verde High School.  In 2016 76 specialists attended this combine and Taybor was one of 27 snappers in attendance competing for Coach Zauner's recommendation.

This three day combine was designed by Coach Zauner for College Seniors looking to get exposure to NFL and CFL professional football teams.  Seniors from all over the country and from all divisions of college football head to Gilbert, Arizona to attend Coach Zauner's Combine to show case their talents and get Coach Zauner's endorsement and recommendation as an NFL Prospect. 

Throughout Coach Zauner's coaching career he has earned a reputation for having an "Eye" for talent and also the ability to develop kicking, punting and snapping talent.   Actually throughout his coaching and consulting career he has now worked with 120+ NFL and CFL kicking specialists, including 25 PRO Bowlers.

After, the College Senior Combine, Taybor along with nine other snapper received Coach Zauner's recommendation and endorsement as a player that has NFL potential.  After the 2016 NFL Draft Taybor attended a couple of NFL mini camps along with 10 other snappers.  Several signed NFL contracts.
Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine Produces Results For Snappers
After the 2016 NFL season I received a call from Taybor in late December and he wanted to refine a couple of things in his snapping game and came to Fountain Hills, Arizona for a ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons in January of 2017.  

Taybor Pepper at ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson with Coach Zauner
A couple of weeks later Taybor was in Green Bay, Wisconsin for a workout and signed a futures contract with the Packers.  A couple of months later he was released.  Just like a couple of other snappers that attended my camps and combines that signed futures contracts, they get released sometimes because of roster moves for other position players.  Taybor was one of those casualties.

Taybor Pepper Signs NFL Futures Contract with Green Bay Packers
Later in the summer,  Taybor signed with the Baltimore Ravens.  He played in a couple of preseason games but again was released.  The life of a free agent kicker, punter or snapper is many highs and many lows. 

Taybor was like many other free agent specialists that were final cuts, home watching Sunday Football. 

Keeping the dream alive, Taybor kept training.  Hoping for that next call and workout with any NFL team looking to replace their snapper or in case of an injury.  On Sunday the Packers veteran snapper was injured on put on injured reserve.  Nobody likes to see a player get injured but when there is an injury you just hope your one of the players brought in for a workout. 

Sunday night Tabor got that call from the Packers.  It helped that the Packers were familiar with Taybor and liked what they saw earlier in the year.  This weekend Taybor will be fulfilling a dream to be an Snapper on an NFL Team.

Congrats to Taybor for all his hard and accomplishments.  Taybor Pepper Green Bay Packers Snapper. 

This year Taybor Pepper becomes the 7th Snapper from Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs to make and NFL roster.  In the last 9 years Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs have now produced 24 snappers on NFL & CFL rosters.  Other snappers are: Reid Ferguson (Bills), Zach Wood (Saints), Kameron Canaday (Steelers), Tyler Ott (Seahawks), Thomas Hennessy (Jets) and Rick Lovato (Eagles).  Congrats to all these snappers and continued success!

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Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs Have Now Produced
24 Snappers on NFL & CFL Rosters

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