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Monday, September 18, 2017

Tyler Ott Seattle Seahawks Snapper

Tyler Ott Seattle Seahawks Snapper
Tyler Ott at Coach Zauner's 2014 College Senior Combine
I first met Harvard University Tight End and Long Snapper Tyler Ott in January of 2014.  His agent had contacted me about doing a ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson to prepare him for the 2014 Reeses's Senior Bowl.
Tyler Ott Tight End & Snapper at Harvard University
During the lesson we worked on a couple of minor changes in his snapping technique but really focused on his consistency and blocking technique.  We also focused on the Art of Snapping "Perfect Laces" on his field goal snaps. 

Tyler Ott works his Punt Snapping Technique During ONE on ONE Lesson
Tyler Ott at 2014 Reese's Senior Bowl
In January Tyler attended the 2014 Reese's Senior Bowl and performed very well in front of the 32 NFL teams attending.  The Senior Bowl is a show case event for the top college prospects at all positions.

Next, Tyler attended Coach Zauner's 2014 College Senior Specialist's Combine in Gilbert, Arizona in late February.  This show case event was designed by Coach Zauner for best College Senior Specialists NOT invited to the NFL Combine.  

During this combine all the snappers are tested on their ability to not only punt long snap and field goal short snap but also their athletic ability as a football player.  Tyler competed and received Coach Zauner's recommendation as a NFL prospect along with several other specialists.

Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine has produced exposure and results for many College Seniors and especially Snappers.  Below are just a few. 

After the 2014 NFL Draft Tyler was signed by the New England Patriots. He has had opportunities in the last three years with the Patriots, Rams, Giants, Bengals and now the Seattle Seahawks.  He finished the 2016 NFL season with the Seahawks when Nolan Frese was injured.  

In 2017 he competed for the starting job with the Seattle Seahawks and won the battle.   Congrats to Tyler for Ott for his hard work and dedication.  I wish Tyler and the Seahawks the best of luck this season. 

Coach Zauner's Programs are "A Specialist's Path To PRO Football"

Note:  In the last 9 years Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs have now produced 23 Snappers on NFL and CFL rosters.  
Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs Are Producing Results for Snappers.

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