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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Rigoberto Sanchez NFL Punter

Rigoberto Sanchez (U. of Hawaii) at Coach Zauner's 2017 College Senior  Combine

I first met Rigoberto Sanchez at my 2017 College Senior Combine February 24-26, 2017 in Gilbert, Arizona.  However, I new about him much earlier because of Mayur Chaudhari, University of Hawaii Special Teams Coach.  Coach Chaudhari had a lot of praise for his combo specialists and felt with the right exposure he could make an NFL roster.

I mentioned to Brooks Henderson an NFL Agent about this Rigoberto's NFL potential.  After checking Rigoberto out, Brooks signed him as a client.
Next, Brooks sent him to Coach Zauner's 2017 College Senior Combine to compete with other top College Seniors Specialists to show case his talents and get Coach Zauner's recommendation. After the three day event Rigoberto was one of the top NFL prospects. Like most specialists attending Coach Zauner's Combines, they want exposure to NFL teams and  Coach's recommendation. 

In past years the likes of punters, Johnny Hekker (Oregon State & Rams), Sam Martin (Appalachian State & Lions) and Tress Way (U. of Oklahoma & Redskins) came to the Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine for his recommendation and NFL exposure and got it.  All are on NFL rosters.
The real question for many of the NFL Coaches and Scouts was, is Rigoberto an NFL Kicker or Punter?   He had some of the same punting and kickoff attributes as Sam Martin (Appalachian State) and Matt Bosher (U. of Miami) when they were NFL prospects coming out of college. 
He had an excellent career at Hawaii kicking field goals but also showed some excellent potential as a punter. After seeing him perform at my College Senior Combine I thought his best chance to immediately make and NFL roster was to promote him as a Punter / Kickoff Specialist.  

During the College Senior Combine he did a nice job kicking field goals, but really caught my eye when he it two kickoffs deep into the end zone with 4.58+ hang times and also his several punts with 5.0 second hang times.  
After the three day College Senior Combine I had a chance to learn more about this young man when we worked a ONE on ONE Kicking, Punting and Kickoff Lesson. 
In March at my 2017 Free Agent Combine I gave all the NFL teams in attendance a list of kicking, punting and snapping specialists that I felt had NFL and CFL potential.  Rigoberto was one of the top players mentioned to the NFL Coaches, Scouts and Directors of Pro Personnel because of his ability to hit a really big ball.  

After the 2017 NFL Draft, Rigoberto because of his versatility was pursued by several NFL teams.  He and his agent decided on the Indianapolis Colts because of the retirement of Pat McAfee.  It looks like that was a very good decision and right choice.

I wish Rigoberto the best of luck this upcoming season with the Colts.  Below listen to Rigoberto's testimonials about Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine and ONE on ONE Lessons.
Rigoberto Sanchez's Testimonial About Coach Zauner Programs

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