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Monday, September 18, 2017

Kameron Canaday Pittsburgh Steelers Snapper

Kameron Canaday Pittsburgh Steelers Snapper

I first met Kameron Canaday (Portland State University) at Coach Zauner's 2016 College Senior Combine.  He along with 26 other College Senior Snappers attended this show case event in late February in Gilbert, Arizona.

Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Combines have been excellent venues for specialists, especially snappers to get exposure to NFL teams.  Why?

Throughout Coach Zauner's high school, college and NFL coaching career has always had a reputation for having an "Eye" for talent.  Not only finding talent but also developing talent. 

At first glance Kameron passed the eyeball test.  He is a big good looking athlete that can snap a football. 

During the College Senior Combine each snapper is tested on Coach Zauner's "Perfect Laces" and "Balls and Strikes" Drills. 

Also, during the punt snapping test they are graded by Coach Zauner on their ability to block.  Many college snappers are excellent snappers but lack the size and footwork to block an NFL size rusher.

Each snapper is also tested in Coach Zauner's Coverage Agility Drill.  This tests an athletes ability to snap, block, start, stop and change direction.  Kameron competed and did well in all phases.

After the 2016 NFL Draft Kameron signed as a Free Agent with the Arizona Cardinals.  He competed in camp and won the snapping job.  Unfortunately, he had a couple of poor, miss timed snaps that caused him to be release. 

To his credit he bounced back and signed a free agent contract in the off season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  In September he was named the starting snapper for the Steelers.

Congrats to Kameron and best of luck this season!

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