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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Matt Gay University of Utah Kicker

Matt Gay University of Utah - Soccer Player To Football Kicker
Matt Gay April 2017 ONE on ONE Kicking Lesson with Coach Zauner
In March of 2017 I received a call from a football coach that said he knew of a soccer player who wanted to be a football kicker.  He mentioned that this young man had had a big leg but needed to refine his football kicking skills and technique. 
Matt Gay - Utah Valley University Soccer Player
Next, later in March, Matt gave me a call to discuss options.  He had played two years of soccer at Utah Valley University and was hoping to play football some where this fall but had no college or Universities interested.   He had no college football kicking experience, no video and no contacts.

With the clock running, Matt headed to Arizona on April 14 and 15th for a ONE on ONE Kicking Lesson. In just a couple of warm up kicks I immediately noticed this young man had a big leg but lacked consistency because of technique. 

Coach Zauner teaches and coaches 'A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting'.  As I explained to Matt on the phone, many soccer players that want to make a transition from soccer to football like the Natural Style Kicking Technique I coach. 

I told Matt that it would take maybe a month or two to make the change from a more mechanical style of kicking he learned or was taught and using to Coach Zauner's Natural Style of Kicking.  

Matt was a quick study. In two days he made some major improvements.  He liked what he learned and needed to work on changing his muscle memory to a Natural Style of Kicking.  
University of Utah Head Coach - Kyle Whittingham
Later in May, Matt a attended a summer kicking camp at the University of Utah.  The University of Utah wasn't really looking for a scholarship kicker but was putting feelers out for a walk-on. Needless to say Matt impressed the coaches running the camp.

In June I called Coach Whittingham and mentioned that a kicker I had worked with was attending one of his summer camps and he should take a good look at him. 
Coach Zauner with Chase Dominguez (Left) and Andy Phillips (Right)
For three years I had worked and trained the University of Utah's previous kicker, Andy Phillips.  Andy was not only a Lou Groza finalist but after the 2017 NFL Draft signed as a Free Agent with the Chicago Bears.  

After summer workouts in June and July he impressed the coaches enough to be invited to fall camp. 

This past weekend he suited up for his first football game when the University of Utah hosted the University of North Dakota.  He was not the starting kicker.  However, when the starter missed his first attempt Matt was called on.  

The rest is history.  Matt was 3 for 3 on his field goal attempts.  He made kicks of 33, 32 and 49 yards.  

If your a high school, college or free agent soccer player that thinks he has football kicking skills, then check out Coach Zauner's kicking programs.  It worked for Matt and it may work for you.

I want to congratulate Matt on his recent success.  Also, I want to wish Kyle Whittingham, Head Coach at the University of Utah and one of my former players at BYU in 1978 to 1980 the best of luck this upcoming season. 

In closing I would like to say as a teacher and coach, my gratification comes from seeing my students specialists or players achieve success.  

Matt's success makes me very happy.  Check out 'The Power of Coaching" video below!

Click for Video - The Power of Coaching 

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