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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tyler Vogds One on One Lesson

On Monday and Tuesday I had Tyler Vogds in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Snapping Lessons. Tyler and his father, Dan flew in from my home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Tyler last year finished his college eligibility at Carroll College (Wisconsin) and is looking to make the jump to the NFL.

Dan was an offensive line coach at Slinger High School and has coached his son on his snapping technique. He's done a good job.

In our two day One on One Lessons I watched and analyzed Tyler's snapping technique. Tyler is about 6'4 and about 250 pounds and a good athlete. He actually was a wide receiver during his playing days at Carroll College but at a lighter weight.

I watch and analyzed Tyler's technique and during our video session pointed out a couple of flaws that I thought were causing him to be inconsistent. He and his father were in agreement with my assessment.

During the two day lesson we worked several drills. Perfect laces, Balls & Strikes, Snap & Vertical Set Drills. I put Tyler through various drills to reprogram his muscle memory. Tyler was taught some snapping techniques that might of made his snap times a little faster but also inconsistent.

Consistency, Consistency and more Consistency is the name of game with me. When Tyler snaps his best ball he has good speed but needs to do it more often. Any snapper that is trying to make it into the NFL must be accurate and consistent. Snap time is a factor but accuracy is the most important single factor.

At the end of our two day session I explained to Tyler what he needs to do to get more consistent. Drills and mass practice to establish a new muscle memory that will give him the consistency he needs to impress and NFL Scouts or Special Teams Coaches.

Click below to listen to Dan Vogd's Testimonial on a parents perspective of Coach Zauner's One on One Teaching Lessons.

It was a real pleasure working with Tyler and I wish him the best of luck in his pursuit of a career in the NFL.

I myself enjoyed listening to Dan Vogd's testimonial because when you get another coach assessing and evaluating your teaching and coaching style it means a lot more than just a parent who maybe doesn't understand teaching methods and progressions. I believe Dan also left a better snapping coach.

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