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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Todd Boleski & Brian Mimbs

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday University of Georgia Punter, Brian Mimbs (left) and Michigan State University Kicker Todd Boleski (right) were in Scottsdale, Arizona for three days of One on One Punting and Kicking Lessons. Also in the photo above is University of Cal. Berkeley Snapper, Nick Sundberg (center) who came out all three days to snap for the kicking specialists and work on his technique.

About a month ago Todd Boleski contacted me about coming to Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Kicking Lessons mentioning he had a strong leg but needed to work on fundamentals. My thought after watching Todd for just a few kicks was, he's exactly right.

As Todd continued to kick I could see he had a big leg but needed work on his fundamentals. In the photo below I am showing Todd the sweet spot of his foot that is suppose to hit the sweet spot of the ball. Todd was making contact too many times on the end of his foot. When Todd made contact with the ball the sound was more of a slap than an explosion.

Todd is about 6'5 and 215 pounds with long levers. We started working on his 'Perfect' Triangle trying to get both consistent steps and approach. As that improved so did his 'Perfect Plant' and contact with the ball. He hit some booming field goal kicks of 60 yards or better.

The mistakes that I pointed out on the field became crystal clear in the video review sessions. Todd was a quick fix and in day two he started making even more progress.

He ended the second day with some booming kickoffs into the end zone. I started to think this guy just might have the leg to be a kickoff specialist in the NFL.

The third day Todd showed me with a snap, hold and kick he could nail some long field goals. He made a series of field goals from the 48, 52, 56 and 58 yards.

We finished the third session working again on his kickoff technique. We tried to get his foot to ball contact more consistent by working on his approach and perfect plant. Even after three long days of kicking and with a tired leg I could see this young man has some NFL potential.

Click below to listen to Michigan State Kicker, Todd Boleski's Testimonial on his working a three day One on One Kicking Lessons with Coach Zauner.

Todd said he enjoyed the One on One Lessons and will be back to work more on his fundamentals. It was a pleasure working with Todd Boleski and I wish him the best of luck at his pro day in March and in his pursuit of an NFL career.

Next up is University of Georgia Punter, Brian Mimbs.

Last year at the beginning of the 2008 football season Drew Butler who is the son of former Chicago Bears all time great kicker, Kevin Butler contacted me on FaceBook and also called a couple of times to talk. Drew was the backup punter to Brian and mentioned to me that Brian had a big leg and had some NFL potential and I should keep an eye out on him.

I watched Brian punt when the University of Georgia played Arizona State out here in Tempe during the season. Brian hit some excellent hang time punts.

During the first session I pointed out to Brian a couple of minor flaws I saw in his technique. In the video review the flaws also became crystal clear to Brian. Brian knew he needed to make some adjustments.

Like most punters Brian's biggest two problems were his foot work and drop. I introduced my drop progression which Brian worked in the hotel room each day and night.

By the end of the second session Brian was placing the ball directly in front of his punting leg and was dropping the ball a little more consistently. His hard work was paying dividends. He was hitting more (SNO) spiral nose over punts to his power zone. He was starting to smile.

In the third session I put Brian through a full NFL type workout. He started with 4 or 5 open field punts in each direction. Next, I had him directional punt 4 or 5 balls to or outside the numbers. Next, he Pooch Punted several balls and tried to land them inside the ten yard line. We finished the workout checking out his ability to hold for both right and left footed kickers.

In my opinion, Brian made a lot of improvement from the first session to the last. Even after three long days of punting and with tired legs he was booming the ball between 43 and 50+ yards with excellent hang times. He was finally hitting some excellent coverage kicks with hang times between 4.6 and 5.0 seconds.

Click below to listen to University of Georgia Punter, Brian Mimb's Testimonial on his working three days of One on One Punting Lessons with Coach Zauner.

Brian told me he was very happy with the results of his visit and knows with more practice he's going to keep improving. He wants to come back in a couple weeks and keep improving on his fundamentals.

It was a pleasure working with Brian and seeing his progress. I wish him the best of luck at his pro day in March and his pursuit of an NFL career.

Todd flew in from Michigan and Brian from Georgia. They decided to room and rent a car together. After spending three days rooming and training together they sure seem to get along pretty well. Maybe this game of football can keep these three guys friends for life. Because all three, Todd, Brian and Nick all have the potential to be playing football on Sundays.

I also want to thank Nick Sundberg for coming out and snapping for the guys during their drills.

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