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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Football Coaching Clinic in Seattle

During my trips to both San Francisco and Seattle this past weekend to speak at their State High School Football Coaches Clinics both Philip Grams and Rick Anderson, Reps for Digital Sports Video played a big part in my success as a speaker.

Both Phil and Rick took my video and Power Point Presentations and made me look like a star. Their Digital soft wear package for me as a speaker made my transitions from power point to video and back again so smooth.

I probably will now invest in their product because they made me a believer.

Once again I spoke on kickoff coverage and kickoff coverage drills. In the above photo I went over my favorite Gauntlet Drill. A drill that always assisted me and other coaches in selecting special teams and athletic players.

The second presentation was on snapping, holding and kicking. There was full room of coaches wanting to know how to improve their kicking specialists.

The third session was strictly on my Power Zone Punting Technique. I covered fundamentals, drills and technique. Once again the group of coaches in attendance was excellent.

I really enjoyed my time in Seattle and appreciate the time the Digital Video Guys spent helping me to give an organized and professional presentation.

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