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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oklahoma State Matt Fodge

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week Matt Fodge, Oklahoma States Punter was in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Punting Lessons. Matt won the 2008 Ray Guy Award for excellence in punting.

Matt came to Scottsdale to prepare for the NFL Combine workout which is held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, February 18 - 24.

Matt mentioned before the first lesson he wanted to get more consistent. As I watched Matt warm up and start punting I noticed a funky drill he did to work on his drop. Immediately, I could see he was practicing some bad habits and acquiring some bad muscle memory.

During Matt's three day visit we had some unusual windy days. Wind and a bad drop do not go hand in hand. In the photo below, Matt is working my drop progression drill.

Matt enjoyed the video review sessions because he could see the problems his funky drills were causing not only with his drop but also with his punting technique and leg swing.

Like many punters every year coming out of college Matt has the potential to be an NFL punter however, the key is consistency. I believe the key to consistency is to be fundamentally sound in all phases of your kicking or punting game.

During Matt's three day session I just tried to introduce Matt to fundamentals and drills that would would give him the correct muscle memory to be more consistent.

At the end of the three day session Matt's drop had become much more consistent and he started booming some excellent power zone punts consistently through the wind. In the photo below, you can see Matt punting straight up and through the ball.

It was a pleasure working with Matt. He was very receptive to coaching and making adjustments. Matt was a little hesitant making adjustments this close to the NFL Combine, but after working three days his concerns went away.

He liked the power zone punting techniques and various drills I taught him. Matt saw a vast improvement from the first day to the third day and knew the adjustments he was making were the correct adjustments to make.

Click below to listen to Matt Fodge's testimonial working with Coach Zauner:

I wish Matt the best of luck in three weeks at the NFL Combine and during the April 2009 NFL Draft.

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