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Monday, February 2, 2009

Coach "Z" Speaks at S.F. Clinic

This past weekend I was a speaker for the San Francisco All Sports Clinic at the San Francisco Hyatt Regency. This clinic had about 900 High School Football Coaches in attendance.

It was fun for me not only speaking about Snapping, Holding, Punting and Kicking but also about Special Teams Drills and Schemes.

On Friday I had three, (1) one hour sessions. Below I gave a presentation on Kickoff Cover - Stop Middle Wedge and Wedge Left & Right Returns. My clinic presentation started with a power point presentation consisted as seen in the photo below.

After my power point presentation I followed with video's of my Bag Drill. In each video I highlighted players alignment, assignments and techniques used at each positions.

I also had a video of my famous Gauntlet Drill that I used for 13 years as a Special Teams Coach with the Vikings, Ravens and Cardinals.

In my second clinic presentation I talked about the Art of Punting. I stressed the coaching points I emphasize when teaching my Power Zone Punting Technique to punters.

In the photo below I am talking about the common errors that many punters have when punting a ball. One of the biggest problems with young punters is dropping the ball with the nose up.

Another problem is punters trying to wipe a spiral. In the photo below, I am showing an instructional video with a demonstration with ball hitting on the 2nd or 3rd eyelets on top of the punting shoe.

During this one hour clinic presentation I tried to talk mostly about fundamentals. In the photo below, I'm talking and demonstrating a flat or nose down drop.

In my last clinic presentation I spent one hour talking about the Art of Snapping, Holding and Kicking. The key to any kickers success is having a good snapper and holder.

In the first part of my presentation I covered the fundamentals of snapping. I covered snapping for both field goal and long snapping.

Next, I covered coaching points for teaching a snapper not only to learn to hold but also to refine his skills if he's a capable holder already.

Last, I talked about the fundamentals for a soccer style kicker. A consistent approach, perfect triangle, perfect plant, body position, locking of the ankle before impact, locking of knee after impact and the follow through.

In the photo below, I am talking and showing the coaches future Hall of Fame Kicker, Gary Anderson's technique.

In the photo below, I am emphasizing the importance of a consistent approach and it's correlation to having a perfect plant.

Finally, I closed my clinic presentation showing the Bay Area Coaches a video of my One on One Kicking Lesson with Sebastian Janikowski last summer.

I have been working hard giving a lot of One on One Lessons lately and I must say it was fun getting back up on stage talking about the kicking game with coaches and answering questions.

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