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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Specialists Evaluations

On Thursday I had two kicking specialists formerly from Western Washington University fly down from Seattle for an evaluation.

In the last month and going forward I have added evaluations to my program. Because I have had so many players and parents calling, emailing and FaceBooking me about their son's potential and future as a kicking specialists in high school, college or NFL I added a option for people to get my professional kicking evaluation of their potential to move on to their next level.

During this one hour evaluation I watch, analyze and even coach the players to find out what their true potential could be at the next level for them.

Everyone has dreams for receiving a scholarship or signing an NFL contract. However, there is also reality. I just try to be honest and evaluate their potential. I will also recommend maybe a plan of action to get to the next level.

About a month ago Robby Smith a kicking specialist from Western Washington University called about my NFL tryout camp in April. I mentioned it was by invitation only. He and his friend Matt Overton decided to fly down and get an evaluation rather than take a One on One Lesson.

In the photo above, Matt Overton who is a long snapper was up first. Matt warmed up and went through his progression. I watched, analyzed and asked a lot of questions. Part of my evaluation is the mental part of his game not just the players skill level and potential.

I made Matt do several of my snapping drills. In the photo above we worked my perfect laces drill. Matt passed my perfect laces drill with flying colors.

We went on and checked out his long snapping technique. I introduced Matt to my line and ball and strikes drill. I later put Matt through a couple of my other drills to see how well he could snap, block and cover.

After an hour I had a good idea of Matt's ability and his potential as an NFL Snapper.

Robby Smith was up next.

Robby warmed up and started to kick. He showed me some pop and explosion during his field goal kicking period. We finished the evaluation with Robby showing me his kickoff potential.

Both of these two young men have talent and potential. The key is consistency. Potential is nothing without performance. It is sometimes a fine line separating the two.

Robby and Matt have dreams to play in the NFL. Talent, consistency and exposure all play a part in everyone success in life. I hope my coaching tips during my one hour evaluation will pay dividend for these two young men. I wish them the best of luck in their pursuit of an NFL career.

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