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Monday, February 23, 2009

Specialists from Northern Alabama

On Sunday and Monday I had two of the Blues Brothers look a likes here in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Lessons. The two kicking specialists from Northern Alabama, Will Batson (Punter) and Kenny Spencer (Kicker) were here for two days of One on One Punting and Kicking Lessons. The weather both days was in the low 80's.

The weather in Alabama has not been the best this year and the guys wanted to get some training and One on One instructional help so they can have a good senior season.

Kenny Spencer, Norther Alabama's Kicker, is about 6' and about 225 pounds and showed me a pretty strong leg. During the two days we worked on getting his foot to ball contact more consistent.

We also made a slight adjustment with his approach angle. Kenny had a tendency to get his foot wrapped a little around the ball causing him to pull or draw the ball left. A minor approach angle adjustment was all he needed for him to start kicking the ball straight down the middle.

At the end of the workouts Kenny showed me some good technique and leg strength on his directional kickoffs.

It was a pleasure working with Kenny and I wish him the best of luck this upcoming season.

Will Baston, Northern Alabama's Punter, is about 6'4 and about 205 pounds and has good size for a punter. Will has a lot of upside but like most punters is a little fundamentally unsound. Will has learned some bad habits and fundamentals during his career and is here for some One on One Punting Lessons to get better. Basically refining his punting skills.

As you can see in the photo below Will has been taught to drop the ball with the nose up. Some players might drop the ball with the nose a little up but Will had the ball tilted dramatically up. The ball must eventually get flat or nose down to achieve a (SNO) spiral nose over punt.

For two days I just worked basic fundamentals with Will. I taught him my Drop Progression and One Step Drills. By the end of the second day Will was getting his drop right and turning over a lot more balls.

With a better flat or nose down drop Will started to hit more power zone punts with regular consistency.

Northern Alabama is blessed to have two kicking specialists with talent. I wish Will the best of luck in this upcoming season.

At the end of the lesson all three Blues Brothers look-a-likes took a photo. These guys made me look good!

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