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Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 NFL Combine - Day 4

Friday night I was networking again. I had a great conversation with the Executive Vice President of the NFL, Ray Anderson. Once again the topic was the future of kicking specialists, rosters spots and development programs for specialists.

Ray asked me to send him my ideas because he said, the time is right for this type of discussion.

So, next week I will draft up a letter and a list of ideas and get it off to the NFL office. Just trying to be a voice for the kicking specialist and the kicking game.

I moved around the stadium and I saw my friend and former Baltimore Ravens Head Coach, Brian Billick working a NFL Network broadcast with Mike Mayock. I've known Brian since 1979 and believe me, he's a natural when it comes to talking.

In the photo below is the NFL Network crew doing a live broadcast. Rich Eisen, Brian Billick and Mike Mayock. They are broadcasting the entire NFL Combine until next Tuesday.

This morning, I was up early and at Lucas Oil Stadium to continue networking. It was a busy day for me with some top brass people.

I had a great conversation about Coach Zauner's NFL Free Agent Camp with the General Manager of the New York Giants, Jerry Reese. He seemed very receptive to sending someone from his organization.

Next, I ran into the Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh. I showed my list of players and plan. He said the Ravens will be there. John broke into the NFL and was the Special Teams Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles for many years. He has done an outstanding job as the Ravens Head Coach and his success may open up the doors for other Special Teams Coaches... go John!

The above photo is of the inside of Lucas Oil Stadium and a group of offensive linemen getting ready to run their 40 yard dashes.

As I moved through the stadium I finally saw my good friend and new Head Coach of the New York Jets, Rex Ryan. Rex and I coached together for four years with the Ravens. We had some great times on and off the field. I wish Rex the best of luck in his new position with the Jets. Rex said the Jets would have somebody at my April 6th Free Agent Specialists NFL Combine.

After four long days and nights in Indianapolis I'm ready to get back home to Fountain Hills, Arizona where the temperature is in the mid 70's. As you can see in the photo below as I left the Lucas Oil Stadium it was snowing and the temperature was in the low 20's.

I believe my trip to the NFL Combine was very successful. I met, talked and networked with a lot of NFL people. The secret to any one's success is sometimes not what you know but who you know.

As I am sitting at the Indianapolis airport finishing my blog, Russ Grimm, Arizona Cardinals offensive line coach has just sat down next to me and we are going to talk more football. We were on the same flight up to Indy and now on the same flight back home. Go Cardinals!

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