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Saturday, February 28, 2009

LSU's Colt David & Brady Dalfrey

On Thursday and Friday two of LSU's Kicking Specialists were in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Kicking and Punting Lessons. They both are graduating and trying to get ready for their pro day in March. Kicker, Colt David (left) and Punter Brady Dalfrey (right) are in the above photo. The weather once again was excellent and in the low 80's.

LSU's Brady Dalfrey caught my eye right away. After his warm up he launched a couple of booming punts that were 4.9 to 5.0 second hang times.

As you can see in the above photo Brady has excellent flexibility and extension. However, even though Brady was booming some big time punts I saw that his drop technique needed a tourniquet.

Brady has attended several kicking camps and has been in division 1 football for four years. It is really too bad that during his time in college, nobody has helped him or made him improve his drop technique or mechanics.

For two days we worked on Basic Fundamentals and my Drop Progression Drill. Drills that that I felt would help Brady become a more consistent punter. The road to success if you have a big leg is consistency.

In above photo Brady is working my drop progression drill.

When Brady actually dropped the ball rather than tossed the ball to his foot he hit some great (SNO) spiral nose over punts with regularity. Brady was making progress.

If he gets his drop right he has a good chance to be playing on Sundays. If he doesn't he will be watching T.V. on Sunday's with millions of other football fans.

At the end of the first session we worked on kickoffs. I must say he has a pretty good kickoff leg.

Click to listen to LSU's Brady Dalfreys Testimonial on Working with Coach Zauner:

I wish Brady the best of luck in March on his pro day and also in his pursuit of and NFL career.

Next Man Up is LSU's former Kicker, Colt David. Great Name!

LSU's Colt David started his One on One Kicking Lessons and I must say this young man also caught my eye with the pop, explosion and the trajectory he hit his first couple of balls.

He reminded me of last years One on One stand out student, Garrett Hartley. Garrett was from the U. of Oklahoma, and is now the current N.O. Saints Kicker. As a side note, Garrett will be in town on Sunday to work on his kickoff technique.

When I mentioned that to Colt, he said Garrett and him played and competed against each other in high school. He had that look of fiery competition in his eyes when I mentioned Garrett's name. I hoped he took my comments as a compliment.

As Colt kicked I asked questions and took some sequential camera shots to study his technique. After the first session we had a great video session in which I pointed out a couple of flaws. Colt agreed and we went to work the next day refining his technique.

In the above photo we worked on Colts target line and perfect triangle. His steps were a little inconsistent causing him to push or pull some of his kicks.

Last year Colt injured himself early in the season. Many times kickers after a ankle, hip or groin injury unknowingly change their swing or technique. Colt during the video session noticed he was not kicking the same as previous year. The eye in the sky never lies.

In the above photo we are working some drills to get Colt to kick up and through the ball and come to balance.

By the end of the second session Colt was kicking more consistently up and through the ball and skipping down field. However, I told him it is going to take time to do it naturally. Drill work and repetitions in front of a mirror would help him tremendously.

At the end of both sessions we worked on kickoffs. Colt did not kickoff last season because of his injury and wants to show NFL Scouts he can do it.

We ran out of time. However, both Colt and Brady said they wanted to come back as soon as possible to work on more fundamentals and technique.

Click below to listen to LSU's Colt Davids Testimonial on working with Coach Zauner:

I wish Colt the best of luck on his pro day in March and also in his pursuit of a job as a kicker in the NFL.

In the above photo with the the kicking specialists from LSU is my new assistant, James Wilhoit former University of Tennessee Kicker. There was some real jawing going on for two days.

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