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Friday, January 8, 2010

Weeks, Doerfler & Ernster

During this past week I have given some evaluations and One on One along with punting and snapping lessons with some very talented kicking specialists.

Jonathan Weeks (Baylor University) is a 5'10 248 pound long snapper. He was the snapper at Baylor University for two excellent punters. Derrick Epperson is the current punter at Baylor and Daniel Sepulveda (Pittsburgh Steelers) was the former punter.

It has been my experience that the reason most kickers and punters are successful is because they have excellent snappers. Jonathan is an excellent snapper. He can do it all. He can snap with speed and consistency and can also block.

Also this past week, Derek Doerfler senior kicker at Baker University is again in Scottsdale, Arizona for some extra kicking lessons and training. Derek has drawn the attention of several NFL scouts the last two seasons because he has booted a bunch of long 50+ and 60 yard field goals.

Last year Derek sustained an injury in the weight room and had surgery. He is working hard to get his body in top shape and his kicking technique flawless.

This week we have worked to eliminate crunching on both his field goal and kickoff technique. When Derek kicks up and through the ball he hits his field goals high and far.

Derek is in town for two weeks working to be the best he can be.

Former NFL Punter, Paul Ernster was also here this week working on his punting technique. Paul has been with the, Broncos, Browns and Steelers.

Paul first came to me back in November after taking some time off trying to decide in what direction he wanted his life and career to go.

After two punting lessons I felt this young man has a strong leg but just needs to get some better fundamentals. He had a couple minor flaws in this technique but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

After our first two lessons he has continued to work hard on drills. The drills are working and Paul's fundamentals are becoming more consistent. He is trying to eliminate a nose up drop and punting and falling back off the ball. His is now punting up and through the ball.

After working some drills Jonathan Weeks came over to snap for Paul. Once a punter gets his fundamentals down he needs to work on timing, tempo and rhythm.

Jonathan snapped, Paul punted and Derek was the punter returner.

The good thing about coming to Arizona for One on One Lessons in January, February, March and April is there are usually many other kicking specialists in town also working to get better. There is nothing like working and training with other top kicking specialists.

One on One Lessons are working for (left to right) Paul Ernster, Derek Doerfler & Jonathan Weeks.

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