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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fabrizio Scaccia Kicking Lessons

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Doug Bercu an old University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Alumni friend brought SI.com 'Faces in the Crowd' Fabrizio Saccia to Scottsdale, Arizona for some individual Kicking Lessons.

SI.com 'Faces in the Crowd' - Fabrizio Scaccia PORT ST. LUCIE, FLA.

Scaccia, a 24-year-old kicker for the Port St. Lucie Bobcats of the semipro Florida Football Alliance League, booted a 68-yard field goal that is believed to be the second longest in organized-football history -- and the longest without a kicking tee. The kick was one yard short of the record set in a 1976 NAIA game.

Doug Bercu many years ago was a straight-on kicker from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and the old USFL league.

As Doug, I also graduated from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse many years ago. Doug knew about me and has followed me through my college, NFL and kicking coach career. Doug was an excellent straight-on kicker but admits he knows nothing about soccer style kicking.

So a couple of months ago Doug called me and told me about a kicker that had just kicked a 68 yard field goal and asked about bringing Fabrizio Scaccia out to Scottsdale for some football kicking lessons. Doug mentioned that Fabrizio had a big leg but had never been formally coached.

For three days we kicked, analyzed video and worked drills. As I coached implementing my technique of A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting, Fabrizio was like a sponge he listened to everything I was telling him. He was taking notes and practicing drills in his hotel room anytime he was not kicking.

During the three days I made sure Fabrizio was fundamentally sound. Once he was able to get consistent steps, draw a target line and kick up and through the ball he was kicking with much better consistency.

The last day I had Fabrizio work on slowing down his approach and kicking with better tempo and rhythm. Like all kickers with big legs Fabrizio needs to learn to kick under control.

After three days of One on One training Fabrizio and Doug were very happy with the results. Fabrizio's leg was a little tired, but he was drilling almost every kick right down the middle.

Click and listen below to Doug and Fabrizio's testimonials about coming to Arizona an working with Coach Zauner.

I want to thank Doug for bringing Fabrizio to Scottsdale. Plus, it was a real pleasure meeting and working with Fabrizio Scaccia. He will be back March 27 - 28 to attend my free agent workout.

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