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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Senior Bowl - Day 2

Tuesday night I went to dinner and met with several coaching associates and former players. Mike Smith (Head Coach Falcons), Marvin Lewis (Head Coach Bengals) and Jack Del Rio (Head Coach Jaguars).
I coached with Mike Smith many years ago at San Diego State and at the Baltimore Ravens.
Marvin Lewis and I coached together many years ago at the U. of New Mexico and again crossed paths briefly at the Ravens. Jack Del Rio was one of my former players at the Minnesota Vikings.

On Wednesday I saw Rex Ryan (Head Coach Jets) and congratulated him on a great season. Rex and I coached together at the Ravens for four years.

I also saw many of my Special Teams Coaching friends Al Everst (Pittsburgh), Bobby April (Eagles), Russ Purnell (Jaguars), Alan Lowery (Titans) Brad Seely (Browns) and John Bonamego (Dolphins). All said they would like to attend my Free Agent Specialists Combine in March. If they couldn't they will have someone from their organization be there to evaluate the talent.

Wednesday was my designated day to evaluate the snappers and kickers.

Mike Windt Snapper University of Cincinnati North Team

Brett Swenson Michigan State University Kicker

Morgan Cox Snapper University of Tennessee South Team

Leigh Tiffin University of Alabama Kicker

In all the 2010 Senior Bowl was a success meeting, greeting and networking. I not only talked to a lot of coaches, scouts and player agents but had an opportunity to talk at length with several GM's and get their opinions on what I am doing and the direction I am heading with my College Senior and Free Agent Specialists Combines.

I also saw and evaluated the Senior Bowl kicking specialists and will compare them to all the kickers at my College Senior Specialists Combine February 20, 2010 and those attending the NFL Combine the following week in Indy.

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